20 Nov 2012

The End of Religion As We Know It

20 Nov 2012

Army tankHere is the transcript for the latest Mercredan session.

It starts a little vague but moves on to some fascinating topics including the war between Syria and Israel, the Human addiction for “more”, how without stress we could live an average of 150 years (that’s average, not the top end), giving up indulgences, fluoride in our water and some awesome advice for workaholics and overachievers which was meant for me but I’m including it because I know it applies to a lot of you too.

If this beginning part is too heavy, skip a few paragraphs and continue on. It’s worth the read. If you have any questions or want to discuss it at all fill in the “Leave a Reply” box under that part of the transcript.

I don’t always have all the answers but will do my best to clarify.

A = Annabelle
M = Mercredan
19 November 2012


M: Good morning. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Rather than giving you a lead I want to begin our conversation with the questions you had in mind.

The End of Religion

A: Mm! OK. I remember you had said earlier in another session that the book of Daniel in the great books (Bible) holds much reference to what is happening right now. I read that book a few days ago and noticed there were things in there about Syria and Egypt together and about “The Time at the End” as explained by an angel to Daniel. Can you explain more about that?

M: Let us say first of all, one often has to look into the nature of your words. And I want to say the word “Daniel” in that context is translated as “a Gift from God” and one has to understand that such a word gives the identity of the leadership and giving the impetus, the guidance for what is to become. As you are well aware the Holy Land, as it was originally noted, is at the crossroads of your planetary system. The balance then, of what you would say land masses, comes into that area of the planet and is such a focal point of all religious orders. For such a long period then, one has been dominated by old fashioned ideas and in the final, shall we say the closing chapters of what is called the Great Teachings, one must arrive at the conclusion that is the closing of the old references. This is such an important understanding because there is the transitory phase in what is called the Book of Revelations. You understand?

A: Yes

M: One is often misguided in what that term means. That is, “that which is to be revealed” and as such the closing phases puts all of it to rest. The final ending as it were of Religion as you understand it. That is, the power of Domination by any specific group and the coming together of Humanity. You understand what I mean?

A: I do indeed, yes.

M: And it appears on the surface as if that coming together is more difficult than it actually presents because one has arrived at the tipping point. When one shifts the pivot point of a balance to any particular phase then that which seemed obvious in the beginning is brought into balance, weighed against Truth. That is against the agreements of all living insentient beings (unfeeling beings) and in that framework one has to consider the sentient beings that comprise of the planets in your dimension as such. Each one holds within it not dead matter but the consequences of vast concepts of approval. That is then, that each one holds a level of consciousness so that it interacts one against the other. Then your planet as such houses the more local sentient beings. Does that make some sort of sense?

A: I think so. I guess if this is an agreement, does this mean that before human beings were on Earth, let’s say in the Dinosaur age, did the planets behave in the same way?

M: Let us say always there was some influences. One has to remember that often elements can increase beyond what is safely regarded and, in such a fashion, the sentient ideas become parasitic. Like into the framework of existence and as such humans then have a difficult case of parasites.

A: (laughs)

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