Who is Mercredan?

Mercredan is the name given to the voice channelled by Francis Evans in New Zealand.

What is channelling?

The Dictionary says:
a medium for communication or the passage of information.verb ( channels, channeling , channeled ; Brit. channels, channelling, channelled ) [ with obj. ]
1 direct toward a particular end or object: advertisers channel money into radio.
• (of a person) serve as a medium for (a spirit).

What is Francis doing when he is channelling?

Francis learnt around 30-40 years ago to relax himself down to a state which is similar to when someone receives hypnosis therapy. It feels like those few moments you experience when you’re about to go to sleep. Very relaxed, you forget your body. You’re calm and peaceful. Francis takes this one step further where he can set his own conscience and ego aside to allow messages from a higher plane to come through using his body and voice to communicate with us.

How do we know it’s not the voice of the Devil?

Generally you can use your common sense for this one. Listen to the words. Do they sound wise? Do they sound like they are for your good? Are they encouraging you to live a better life? Francis says he has had other voices come through before and if they didn’t sound wise enough he asked them to go away. This voice has been coming through Francis for some years now and it is a happy partnership. There’s a sense of humour there which makes the learning fun and he will often use our Figures of Speech to help us understand better.

Why is his voice weird?

Mercredan has told me he is here to give us knowledge, help us improve our way of living and thinking. As far as I can see, the thoughts come into Francis’ head, then they are formed into English to match the thoughts. This is not instantaneous so the words can sound slurred.
As I listen to recordings of sessions other people have had with him I see how very different the style of communication can be. This is apparently because the entity Mercredan becomes your higher self! That’s right, you are learning from your own higher entity.
It’s good to remember how much power you have within. You don’t need to rely on devils or angels to push you around or guide your life. You have all the answers inside and as you learn to meditate, all those wise answers become clearer to you without the need for a channeller.

Where did the name Mercredan come from?

Mercredan gave us this name simply as a point of reference so we have a label when we talk about the lessons. It’s easier than talking about “that voice coming out of Francis”. Even though none of our souls have a gender outside Earth, I call Mercredan “he” simply because the voice is coming through a male channeller.

How do we know it’s not just Francis making it up?

Listen to the video. The words and voice are different from Francis in his way of communicating, forming sentences and expressing his personality. Francis is human, here to learn his lessons like the rest of us. The voice of Mercredan is wiser than your regular Human Being with beliefs and lessons beyond what we can contrive, including Francis.
There are many channelers who do their work in a conscious state. Problems can arise with this method because the channeler’s own beliefs, opinions and judgements can bend the interpretation so you don’t get a “pure” lesson. This can be misleading and potentially dangerous if mis-interpreted. Mercredan has described this as like receiving water through a dirty water pipe. The water gets tainted on the way through.
To prevent this happening, Francis does his channelling in an unconscious state to give you the purest learning. As a result, he doesn’t remember what was said during the session.

Francis Evans is available for private sessions

Francis offers Skype sessions to those interested in learning more about human behaviour and the current changes happening to our planet.

How does a session run?

Generally Francis will come on to Skype with you and say hi. Time is of the essence in these sessions so you don’t want to spend too much time discussing things with Francis. Try and get all your questions about Francis’ service out of the way by email prior to the session.
Make sure you will not be interrupted. Have some water on hand and be in a quiet environment. I recommend you record your session so you can go back to it and make notes later. I find it’s best not to make notes during the session because when you’re writing/typing, you can miss what’s being said. It needs your full attention and most sessions I find my brain full by the end so it’s great to go back and listen to it again a few days later.
There’s a really great little add-on feature about $20 for Skype which will record for you:
PC computers freeware:
If you miss a what he is saying with fluctuations in the quality of the call, you’re welcome to ask Mercredan to repeat the words.
When the session starts, Francis will quieten himself down, close his eyes, clear his throat. He is sitting but appears to be falling asleep. As he allows Mercredan to come through you will see him perk up even though his eyes are still closed and remain closed throughout the session.
Don’t speak yet. Mercredan will speak giving an introduction to the session followed by something along the lines of “I think that is enough for us to begin” and now you can ask your first question.
Once you have done a few sessions you’ll notice that often the introduction contains the answers to the question you have on your mind anyway and he will relate back to it as you move further into the session. Either that or he will start the conversation by telling you something of the big picture. The state of our planet and what is going on with us at the moment.
Once the time is up, Mercredan will thank you for your time and sign off. It will take Francis a few minutes to come to – a bit like waking up at 3am in the morning. Don’t say anything during this time as he is a bit blurry. He will speak to you again when he is fully awake and you can book your next session if you need.
Don’t ask Francis to explain what Mercredan has said because his conscious self will not remember the conversation. In the first few sessions I found it very odd talking to Francis afterwards. It’s clearly a different personality.

What can I ask Mercredan?

To get the best value out of your session you want to ask what is most important to you at the moment, be it personal or worldly. Keep the questions simple and concise. Feel free to write them down before the session if you think you’re going to babble. (I still do this now.)
If you ask big questions be prepared for an equally big answer. Mercredan often asks “Do you understand what I mean?” and you are free to say “No, I don’t understand this bit…” Then he can give you further explanation or an example. He has unlimited patience for us!

Can I ask about people in my life?

You can though you have to remember that the names of people in our lives mean nothing outside of Earth. Also, each of us has been here many times while we learn our lessons and we have a different name each time. So Mercredan doesn’t really relate names to souls. However, if you explain more about the relationship you have with this person, the more you think about them the more Mercredan can see the soul you are speaking of and can give you the most appropriate information.
It can be so very informative to ask to understand why someone behaves the way they do. You are better not to judge that person (eg – “they made me feel bad”) but by asking for an explanation that helps you understand why they behave that way, you’ll find your increased knowledge helps you to deal with them in a wiser and easier way in the future.

Can I ask about Jesus or other religious figures?

Yes, you can. Jesus has popped up in our conversations before. He was indeed a real man on Earth. Mercredan calls him the “Master of Teachers” and far advanced from all the men and women of that age. Mercredan has said to me there is no longer need for Jesus to return to Earth now and it sounds like we will eventually learn all the “miracles” he used to do such as healing, duplicating items (such as bread and fishes) or walking on water which Quantum Physics has already proven in theory. You will find current channelled sessions of Jesus and other well known personalities on

Can I learn about my past lives?

Sure can. However, as Quantum Physics scientists are proving more and more, the past is inextricably linked to the present. So as you learn more and improve yourself here and now, you actually change your past lives and history too.
After studying with Mercredan for some months I’ve found that past lives can be quite entertaining. It’s interesting to learn how a bad habit or unexplainable thinking pattern has emerged but, it’s far more important to simply become aware of that thinking pattern so you can override it with a new way of thinking to heal yourself. You don’t actually need to know which past life it came from and how it got there.

Can I learn about the December 21, 2012 world change?

Yes absolutely, though from looking at what the many channelers around the world have to offer, I would say our guides who talk to us cannot give the show away on everything that is going to happen or exactly how life will be. The unanimous message is that the World Shift of Consciousness is inevitable but the future cannot be predicted as to what date it will happen or what will prompt the moment.
We can get some great guidelines but I expect we can only truly learn about it by living it. Patience! We’re almost there.
Mercredan has said “We all look on and are in awe of what you are about to go through.” This is not something to fear. This is a change for the better. An advancement. “A graduation prize” is another way he’s put it. So enjoy the ride!
Please don’t hassle any psychic, medium or channeller because you disapprove of what they do or how they do it. If you don’t believe in what they are doing move your focus on to something else. Authentic enquiries only please.


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