21 Nov 2012

Getting Priorities Right

21 Nov 2012

Here is Part Four of the latest Mercredan session. I’m separating it into different topics. We got through a lot in this session but I’ll link to the other parts at the bottom of each post so it’s easy to navigate.

If you have any questions or want to discuss it at all fill in the “Leave a Reply” box under that part of the transcript.

I don’t always have all the answers but will do my best to clarify.

A = Annabelle
M = Mercredan

19 November 2012

Part Four – Getting Priorities right

A: So what are we better to focus our time on if we are to give up all our addictions?

M: Let us say then, if one were to be in balance, then you would find the solutions where one is managing one’s life giving equal time and resources to those things which are inherently important. That is one’s family, one’s relationships, one’s society, that is one’s community and one’s environment.  You understand?

A: Mm

M: All of those are the important things and in the meantime, there is plenty of opportunity for one to use one’s physical body skills, one’s mental body skills, one’s creativity and so on in many different fashions so that you are building a sustainable community. That is one that honors and looks after all of it’s members no matter what their specific abilities are.

A: Mm mm

M: Then one will begin to see the lack of purpose in war. Then one will no longer support the industry of war.

A: Mm

M: And so it goes on. You cannot fight without the armaments that are necessary to kill one another.

A: yes

M: Someone has to make them and somebody profits from them and somebody uses them and others order the use of them. And each one benefits because they gain more. Whether that is territory, whether that is power, whether that is money, whether that is acclaim as so on it goes.

A: Yes

M: Everybody blames everybody else while each one benefits from the ongoing nature.

A: At a cost though, isn’t it.

M: Let us say the planetary costs cannot be added up. Your whole social and international system is in collapse because of the same opportunities, the same outgoings. So you have to see that all of it is tied up together. You cannot separate one thing from another.

A: Yes

M: Your planet stands of course on the brink. The question is how it will turn out? And not that it in the end makes all that much difference because unless choices are made that are sustainable, you understand?

A: Yes yes

M: That everything begins to turn. So you have upset your environment and you think you can get away with it? Of course not. So while you think you might dominate other people, even your own people, of course that is impossible because in the end you are all dependent on all and every body.

A: Yes

M: So you have created imbalance and nature begins to balance up. That force has of course been labelled “Demonic”.  You understand? “Destructive” But of course it will be destructive. It has to balance up the destruction that you apply.

A: Yes, I understand. So that is the weather patterns we are starting to see more frequently now.

M: Of course. And the shift in everything can only be taken so far. Then there is no alternative, shall we say, but to eliminate most of the trouble areas.

A: The whole areas?

M: Shall we say the trouble areas. That is if one eliminates major populations (??) then a re-think will naturally occur. Separate units then will re-build if that were the case. But Humans are not that silly any longer. So you are entering into a new age.

A: An intelligent age!

M: Of course. Shall we say an epoch of building harmony. (Just a reminder Mercredan has mentioned before what we are going through right now is the beginning of a new epoch, not just a new era. An epoch is something that makes the world such a different place to live that we start counting the calendar days from that moment forward. Bring on the harmony! Not so much the eliminating of major populations…)

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