21 Nov 2012

Looking for World Unity

21 Nov 2012

Here is Part Six of the latest Mercredan session. I’m separating it into different topics. We got through a lot in this session but I’ll link to the other parts at the bottom of each post so it’s easy to navigate.

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I don’t always have all the answers but will do my best to clarify.

A = Annabelle
M = Mercredan

19 November 2012

Part Six – Looking for World Unity, Definition of Greatness and War in Syria and Israel

M: And so the countries as such stand on the threshold and it requires only one to find a way through. I want to say this because in all of this, consciousness is still operating. And in consciousness many many are beginning to see the reality of a unified force. Once again Humans are banding together for single purposes and as the single purpose becomes greater and greater there is an accumulation of power, that is true power, within consciousness. And that is the purpose that so many try to get others on board with them. The global prayers and meditations and getting togethers are all designed to inspire unitary thinking.

A: That’s all we can really do, can’t we. To continue to trying unify.

M: That is the case. That is then, to try and honor individuals within the whole. That is not an individual having to struggle. That is to make themselves heard, but only that others take the time to listen.

A: And I guess they will be looking for someone to listen to if they want to change their ways.

M: Of course and as soon as it is relevant. What Humans look for is relevancy. They do not want to be preached to any more, but they want to hear some relevance. Some way for themselves some way forward that gives them their autonomy, their authenticity and still gives them a belonging. They are not on their own.

A: Yes indeed!

M: So how does one build that unit as such? How is it that leadership is by demonstration rather than by

A: Preaching

M: Preaching, yes.

A: And one person at a time, isn’t it. (laughs)

M: Let us say it is only self at a time. That is one works on self. One integrates with others without losing self. 

A: Yes

M: Because what is one of the great paradoxes of all time. How to give up and still exist.

A: Yes that is the Paradox. I was thinking this morning that, in gaining freedom by being completely yourself, I think what most people would struggle with is the disapproval of others that prevents them from being self.

Definition of Greatness

M: That of course is so true because one is always trying to prove self. To prove that you are indeed good enough. The major way of being good enough is to have enough. More than you used to have, more than enough. So once you stand out, you are a great honorary leader because you have taken a bigger slice than you need. And what is so obvious is that one has not done anything that is useful. For example taking more than enough and distributing it back in ways that build in the sustainable light. That is to be respected.

A: Yes indeed. So we need more philanthropists, don’t we.

M: I want to say this is the proof of greatness. That one can make more than one needs for distribution to those who cannot make enough for themselves. You understand?

A: Yes

M: Ways that do not feed the distress that is alive in the planet.

A: Mm, such a big distress at the moment.

M: And while one sees others as aliens, that is there are those who would like to wipe out other people. Of course that destruction must find it’s resolve in the final outcome.

War with Syria and Israel

A: Well, with Syria in the news every day now with Egypt and Israel, it’s certainly on my mind to wish that they come to a peaceful resolve.

M: One cannot come to a peaceful resolve and uphold the ideas that they do.

A: So they need to let it play out?

M: In the end it is bound to play out until those that support it cease to play. You understand? And as I have already said, once you have no more weapons it has to stop.

A: How do we get rid of the weapons?

M: How else can you? Consider that. Only when the people decide and that comes about when fear is put aside. Because one cannot understand the inner world while one is trapped in the outer. The creative forces bring about that which you focus your attention on and that personal energy and intention. (Law of Attraction.) Then fear builds results and such results of course, only perpetuate the fear.

A: The fear, yes. A vicious cycle. Well like you said before, what we need to do is work on our inner house for now and watch what happens with the others…

M: I want to say when one begins to engage, that is to become engaged with the world as is so more available to your generation and society, then you begin to put into place more engaging terms. That is more agreements in building a stronger global community.

A: So you’re pointing to me? I need to engage more in my community?

M: Of course and I want to say this. To engage in ways that begin to identify what is enough and how to distribute the excess because in the end life is a cycle of taking in and letting go.

A: Yes

M: Everything has to be let go of. That is the problem because Humans like to hold on.

A: Yes

M: So in many ways the Human Psyche is constipated.

A: (laughs) The Human Psyche needs an enema!

M: Let us say of course, because it isn’t just the bodily fluids and so on but it is the thoughts and ideas that one cannot let go of. And if you want to be happy in yourself, first of all, and even only, one develops the skill of letting go.

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