21 Nov 2012

Stress-free Humans average lifespan 150 years

21 Nov 2012

Longer Human LifespanHere is Part Three of the latest Mercredan session. I’m separating it into different topics. We got through a lot in this session but I’ll link to the other parts at the bottom of each post so it’s easy to navigate.

If you have any questions or want to discuss it at all fill in the “Leave a Reply” box under that part of the transcript.

I don’t always have all the answers but will do my best to clarify.

A = Annabelle
M = Mercredan

19 November 2012

Part Three – Average 150 years of energetic living if we didn’t have stress

M: You understand that? So every time a human chooses more of anything they are then acting in a way that will finally bring their decease. That is they are ceasing to be. You understand what I mean? So when you consider all of this. The human body has the ability to live indefinitely although it is best defined in terms of an average of 150 years of quite energetic living. However, anything that is brought to bring that to a closure is brought on the back of “too much”, more of, more of and more of. So you all in the majority over-eat, over-drink things which are not best for the system. Many people indulge in activities that are not so beneficial and so long term injuries are brought to bear and all of it is brought in order to win. To win over, to dominate and therefore, to have more fans, more followers. And so it goes on. More followers means more money. Money means more freedoms. Freedoms are to have anything you want. And as you can see those with more often find themselves addicted to substances that are going to shorten their lives.

A: So if the average is 150 years why is it so few of us make it that far? Are you saying that if we learnt enough is enough, that our lives would end up with an average of 150 years?

M: Of course! Indulgence! And one has to remember that indulgence is not individual as such. It is social.

A: Mm, it is.

M: So you cannot expect to live within your system and gain such long lifetimes. You understand? Because one has to agree to the ideal of “more” in order to even survive. You are dominated by the social addiction “More”.

A: So I understand the easing off of material things and of indulgent food and drinks that are not good for us, but to ease off on the social needs?

M: There is over indulgence in anything. Shall we say indulge in vast travel. And what for? So you can bring your cultures to a unified form, and then there is no purpose for any culture because it no longer exists. It is being adopted in order to sell it for more money. Always to bring more trading, more of this and more of that where you want to buy and sell more of everything. You understand, the balance is not that you should not have more useful equipment but one is spending all of your time. It is being eroded away trying to earn more money in order to buy more things. There is the lack of the quality that you truly want and for what purpose? As you will find out, little, because so many people are not in the race any longer. They have simply dropped out.

A: Yes

M: So you have created two classes of indulgence. Those that indulge in what they can, often that is quite addictive and destructive, obviously such. And the other class indulges in other quite similar destructive and indulgent behaviors. One they think is better than the other.

A: (laughs)

M: You have those who simply are taking the drugs and so on and those that are simply indulgent in trying to gain possessions. And each one is quite destructive in it’s own right.

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