21 Nov 2012

Fluoride In Our Water

21 Nov 2012

Here is Part Five of the latest Mercredan session. I’m separating it into different topics. We got through a lot in this session but I’ll link to the other parts at the bottom of each post so it’s easy to navigate.

If you have any questions or want to discuss it at all fill in the “Leave a Reply” box under that part of the transcript.

I don’t always have all the answers but will do my best to clarify.

A = Annabelle
M = Mercredan

19 November 2012

Part Five – Fluoride In Our Water

A: I have a question for you on fluoride. I am confused as to why there is fluoride in our water and whether it is necessary. I remember as a child being extremely angry that this was put in without my choice. Is this necessary?

M: So difficult isn’t it, when you start manipulating as if you were God? The system is quite organized in that one can survive with the natural resources of the place one is living in provided that you eat and drink what is the appropriate and available source. When you start to interfere with that by importing and adding you are going to start to imbalance. Then start to see things occurring that are not healthy. Then you begin to add other things to begin to try to resolve that and on it goes. One thing leads to another. So your original idea was to try to stop the results of a previous idea, the results of the new idea and up and so it goes on. Then one can only try to limit what damage there is. Do you follow what I mean?

A: No I don’t

M: Let us say then, that there was never any need to put your fluoride into the system until you started making your food less palatable. So you added much salts and …

A: sugar, yes

M: Then you needed to add extra to replace that which was taken away and the results of this one now cause accumulations which of course is always the problem.

A: OK. So there was a real legitimate reason to put fluoride in the water at the time they started to do so?

M: At the time they thought it was beneficial. It was not done simply as a money making idea.

A: Oh, I didn’t think it was money making but there had been others who have spoken of some conspiracy to make people docile.

M: Let us say the results of that inclusion affect the psychology of course of everybody but in the end it is the long term poison that is the problem.

A: Wow

M:  So one can only remove the problem at that source and try to remove the previous problems and so it goes on.

A: And is that what we’re doing? We have to go back through all these layers at the moment. So go back to our food as well?

M: Of course and already so many people are doing that better. And of course technology is beginning to make inroads to removing poisons. So it takes less and less impetus to put the materials into the system.

A: Right

M: You have to realise that one has learned not too trust. People in positions of power have shown their inability to be trusted and so trust has slipped away. Now you are no longer protected by anything that you can trust. So Humans then, begin to band together in groups with purpose. Now you have a bigger problem than ever because even in such big groups there are those who have agendas and are seriously not to be trusted.

A: Mm

M: You understand so now conflict has become the order of the day and all of that brought about because nobody can trust anybody because there’s always an ulterior motive. More and more and more.

A: And is that something that will turn around quickly or is it something that we need to build?

M: Let us say either you reverse the process or it escalates to the final confrontation. Of course in a final confrontation things will change rapidly but not necessarily for the best.

A: Yes

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