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annabelle drumm business coaches sydneyKitegirl is the Coach you want when
*** you’ve been coached before but the results have been disappointing
*** you can’t find a coach who understands the creative work you do
*** you want to take your work to the next level without becoming a workaholic
*** you are already a workaholic and seeking better work life balance
*** your Staff and Clients are turning over faster than you change your underwear
*** you want to find your new niche so work can be fun again

Annabelle Drumm offers Career, Executive and Business Coaching for Creative Professionals who want dramatic results NOW.

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It’s time to make a change

You’ve come to this site because you want to change the way you’re working and living. Either your efforts are not getting the results you want or you’re working so hard you forgot why you’re doing it.

Powering along in one direction used to feel right.
You had the drive.
You pretty much knew what you wanted and how you were going to get it.
You’ve seen plenty of success stories of others who have done it.

Yet, something is different this year. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know this year must be done differently.

The people around you are either working for you or focussed on their own agenda. So, setting up conversations to swap ideas and get some inspiration can leave you feeling empty and isolated.

Want big results in a way you’ve never had them before?

This is where a Coach is crucial.

Why use a Coach?

  • A real Coach has no personal agenda in trying to influence what you want.
  • A real Coach can look in from the outside without judgement or finger pointing and help you find the answers.
  • A real Coach can cut down the time it takes to make the changes so life and career become more fun, alive, easy and profitable!

Why choose Kitegirl as your Coach?

Career Direction, startup, business startupWorking one to one with Annabelle Drumm you can be assured of full confidentiality, a patient wise ear, and no judgement of your situation or behaviour.

Many Coaches can spout all their qualifications and success stories – there are plenty who have done the training.

But what makes the perfect Coach?

One who’s not only skilled but who has their own unique talent for deep connection and for spotting your potential.

  • Kitegirl is unique in her “think outside the square” approach to problem solving. She is expert at picking up and communicating new concepts.
  • High integrity means there will be no hesitation in pointing out the obvious no matter how high up the hierarchy you are.
  • She has a gift for blossoming your X-Factor, questioning how you’re solving problems, making you accountable to the goals you set for yourself, helping you celebrate your achievements and asking the right questions to guide you around the obstacles you’ve been battling for years.

Each client has emerged from their coaching series a totally new person, confident in their newly discovered abilities, stronger and more driven in their purpose in life.

Who are Kitegirl’s clients?

Approximately a 50/50 male female split mostly from West Coast USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Annabelle Drumm works with entrepreneurs, artists, performers, media/advertising/events/production personnel, business owners and executives in creative industries.

How is Coaching different from Mentoring?

Mentoring is usually given by someone who has already done what you are trying to achieve. The problem is, so often those who are brilliant at achieving don’t actually know how they did it. The success comes from the higher consciousness.

Mentors will be happy to charge you large amounts of money to show you the step by step processes they used to put actions into place yet, even when you do exactly as they say, 9 times out of 10 you won’t get the same results as them.

This is where Coaching is far more effective and better value for money. Your Coach doesn’t have to have achieved what you want to achieve. Just look at the athletes going to the Olympics. The vast majority of the best sport Coaches in the world have not been Olympic Champions.

By coaching you on how to draw out your own solutions, you’ll not only hit a far higher success rate than with a Mentor but you’ll learn how to draw these solutions out yourself. This builds your own skills so you’ll never be locked into paying never-ending fees to a Mentor or Coach for years ahead.

How is the Personal or Business Coaching done?

Kitegirl generally likes to structure her coaching sessions as a 6-12 month series where you set a deadline to complete what you want to achieve. Personal coaching is paid in advance while Business/Executive coaching is paid monthly.

You work with her around 50-60 minutes usually once a week or once every two weeks to plan out what needs to happen and to identify what mental / physical obstacles are holding you back.

* Business clients may work more intensely than once a week during parts of their series depending on what is required.

Each session is concentrated on clear thinking which can bring about great new insights and discoveries.

Even when you’re in a stormy or muddled state of mind, a coaching session with Kitegirl will quickly move you back in to a positive and productive state to continue your day afterwards.

Goals are generally achieved during the series or within a few months after series completion.

To help build your independence you will then usually take a break for a few months and re-start coaching when you are ready to achieve something even bigger or different in your life or career. This keeps the relationship with your Coach fresh and vital reducing the need to pay for coaching during less productive months.

The Highest Integrity

Kitegirl guarantees

  • Personal connection is the highest priority when choosing a Coach. The Coach / Client relationship is intimate so, you’ve got to be able to get along, to trust and be honest with each other. When you first talk together, if Kitegirl feels she is not the best fit for you as a Coach, she will say so.
  • If the results are not happening, Kitegirl will suggest you both terminate the Coaching Contract. She is not interested in continuing to charge you for unproductive hours.
  • Confidentiality is key and Kitegirl does her utmost to make sure your discussions, notes and records are kept private. The only exception to this rule is if there is activity which is illegal, will harm self or others.
  • Kitegirl keeps strict limitations on number of daily client sessions and world time zone hours to make sure she is alert and focussed giving you the highest quality coaching.

What sorts of goals might I achieve with Kitegirl’s Life or Business Coaching?

Come talk to her about what you’d like to achieve. This may be:

– re-tuning your direction
– increasing income or profile
– finding inspiration for your work or a contract you’re committed to
– improving culture and communication with staff and clients
– completing a never-ending project
– re-defining your ideal client and how to draw them in
– reducing stress and work hours
– attracting better relationships
– or simply to have a sounding board and a precious hour to vent your thoughts.

Sound like what you need?

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