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450% Revenue increase in 6 months
“I engaged Annabelle to help take my business to the next level and she has delivered. Massively. I recently completed her 12 week coaching program and this quarter my business has turned over revenue 4.5 times more than average. Next quarter is shaping up as having similar improvements.

Annabelle helped me to set 3 powerful goals that spanned both my business and personal life and I have found that breakthroughs in each area have fueled insights and improvements in all the others. Annabelle helped me to explore and discard a few of the thoughts I had that were holding me back in my business.

When I started I thought that growing the business would require more pain, drama, and workaholism. But, here we are with a greatly expanded flow of work and I’m happier, more focused, balanced and at peace.

As a creative artist it can be very challenging to do justice to both your creativity and financial management. And as a sole trader in an emerging digital industry the best pathways forward aren’t always clear.

Having been in the creative field herself, Annabelle brings a great deal of experience, insight and empathy, but she framed the coaching in a way that I was empowered and took ownership of my goals and the journey towards them. Of course, the pursuit of goals and visions for your life is fraught with challenges, disappointments and frustrations. I came up against a lot of the attitudes and feelings that had stopped me in the past. At times I felt very resistant and defiant. It would not have been nice to be trying to help me, but Annabelle was incredibly professional, patient and determined in standing for the life I was seeking.

Overall, the experience was incredibly valuable for my business and the rest of my life. I have a greater sense of purpose and the process has given me skills, structures and momentum that will help make these improvements sustainable.”

– Simon Dikkenberg, MD of Media Company, Sydney Australia

A powerful force in real world positivity
“We all know the adage: “Fail to plan = plan to fail”. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll find the word “fail” is vehemently absent from Annabelle’s Drumm’s vocabulary. She won’t even say it!

This career/life coach is a powerful force of real world positivity. Annabelle is shedding light on the one element of my life I too often neglect: myself. Working several jobs & building my own brand while doing the corporate dance – doing it all to support a young & growing family: my personal goals had slipped into the background. But like the illustration on the aeroplane safety card: Annabelle would have me “fit my own oxygen mask before helping others” – and she is right.

What a fantastic opportunity it is to work with such an empathetic and intelligent person to define a goal-based strategy in my life. Thank you Annabelle.”

– Matt Dale, Freelance Film/TV maker, Sydney Australia

A truly magical experience

“I thought I knew how to set goals and achieve them but Annabelle has introduced me to new and powerful practices relating to goal setting –with extraordinary results. I thought I was a fairly positive person too but Annabelle showed me how easily and regularly I was sabotaging myself just by the way I thought.

Her consistent focus was on the future – what can we do today to bring about the future you want tomorrow? And her consistent assistance in framing situations in the positive brought about amazing results. For example – one of my goals was to find the man! I had been alone for long enough I thought and wanted to get serious about the journey back into love. I’m sorry I can’t tell you the details of this story – but I had a truly magical experience, every woman’s dream really, that has totally changed me and readied me for love- totally because of the life coaching process.

Even though I began working with Annabelle more for personal than career related reasons I found myself regularly challenged by Annabelle to apply what I was learning to all areas of my life – public and private -especially the tricky areas that were really not on my agenda.

I was so resistant at one stage that I took two weeks to apply new thinking to one area of family conflict that I had no desire to address – and within 3 days of practising a new approach a breakthrough came which I can confirm has now, after five months become established.

It’s so easy to let ourselves ‘off the hook’ so to speak – to let that dream go – to put off the practical endeavour which would bring about the outcomes we’re looking for- to look after that other project first and put our own dreams aside. Annabelle’s process helped me become accountable for the first time to my own self. It held me gently to my own agendas.

I so appreciated her non- judgemental encouragement, her insight, wisdom and courage in asking the questions, teasing back the covers to find the thinking that might be the block- and then designing the most inspired homework! For example 10 TV free days she suggested at one stage, broke my addiction to careless channel flicking and returned me to the writing desk!

Thank you so much Annabelle for a wonderful liberating experience. I feel as if the process has given me back to myself – with great joy and great tenderness. Truly anything is possible.”

– Petra Kelly, Senior Executive Consultant, Sydney Australia

The right choice jumped into view
“I was frozen to inaction by the decision I had to make … there were financial considerations to take into account and this stopped me from moving forward with my life. Annabelle was amazing at stating out the situation in absolute clarity and once she did this … the right choice jumped into view … the financial impose was still real – but the fear was gone.

Thank you Annabelle for showing me how. My life is so much better now.”

– Arthur Athanassiou, Senior Account Manager, Sydney Australia

She knows your personality more than you
“Annabelle is highly creative with strong analytical skills. Even after the first session she knows your personality more than you which makes her unique. She always comes up with Magical solutions. After adopting her coaching recommendations your career will be flying in no time.

She is a very kind person who always wants to help others.”

– Malik Asad Mahmood, IT Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Careers don't always have to follow a straight line
“When I met Annabelle, I was deeply overwhelmed. I felt like I didn’t know where my career was headed and what I should focus on. There were too many choices and I didn’t know where to begin.

I’ve learnt many important things from the sessions I did with Annabelle. Annabelle helped me to focus on what I want out of life and how my career can help me to achieve overall life goals. She’s also helped me to understand the power of positivity and how making small changes to your approach or perspective on life can make all the difference. Annabelle’s experiences in the creative industry also ensured that she understood that careers don’t always have to follow a straight line.

Throughout the 12 week coaching program, Annabelle patiently helped me to lift myself out of the detail to figure out my purpose and plan. I now feel positive and confident about my ability to implement the plan and that it is the right one. Thank you Annabelle – I hope we get to work again together some day soon!”

– Gael Damianakis, Digital Strategy Manager, Sydney Australia

You will see the results almost immediately
“I hired Annabelle last year and completed a her wonderful 10 week course. Her life coaching course was fantastic and helped me in my personal and business life.I highly recommend Annabelle to anyone who wants to lift their game in every area of their life. You will see results almost immediately! The tools Annabelle gave me are so valuable in every way and I still use them today.”

– Samantha Shanahan, CEO of Talent Agency, Auckland New Zealand

Kept me on track
“Annabelle as a coach helped me with skills to work through the “stuff” of life more effectively and the life skills to live life more creatively….and to keep me on track. Thanks Annabelle.”

– Carol Griffin, Principal HR Consultant, Sydney Australia

Exceptional communication skills
“Annabelle has a extensive background in the field of Creative Talents. Her knowledge and own experience in this industry, combined with her insightful coaching skills allow her to improve and develop clients thinking and performance. Annabelle has a positive and driven energy, with exceptional communication skills to take anyone to the next level in their life and work. I would highly recommend Annabelle.”

– Yamini Gosai, Executive Coach, London UK

You can relax knowing you are in safe hands
“I have known and worked for Annabelle for 15 years now and can honestly say that her work ethic and high standards set her apart from many others… I can recommend that with Annabelle employed on the job, you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands”

– Jo Elms, Performing Artist/Songwriter, London UK

An integrity you can rely upon
“I have found her to be very professional and a pleasure to work with. She is a very kind and fair person of great character and insight. An integrity that you can rely. I have no hesitation in recommending Annabelle to anyone.”

– Jason Thompson, Performing Artist/Event Manager, Los Angeles CA, USA

A people focussed person
“Annabelle is and always has been a very “people” focused person. She has a lovely bubbly personality backed up by sound knowledge in the fields she chooses to be involved in. Her enquiring mind enabled her to pick up and learn a wide range of topics, when she came across anything new. Her patience then came in to play especially when teaching or supporting people, senior to her in years. She had the happy knack of allowing the client to learn without them feeling inadequate”

– Marilyn Best, CEO in IT industry, Auckland New Zealand


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