Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

So what is the Law of Attraction? Why is everyone talking about it so much?

The scientific term for the Law of Attraction is Metaphysics which in Greek times was considered a philosophy (a way of thinking) rather than a science. Though The Law of Attraction has been called a few other things in the past, a wave of interest has built around the subject to an all time high over the past 20 years or so resulting in many books, workshops and DVDs being released. The variety is helpful so you can find the Teacher who suits you the best. (My personal favourite is Jerry and Esther Hicks. You’ll find some of their products in the store)


The Laws of Attraction
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The main theme behind the Law of Attraction is that basically, your thoughts become your reality. As a baby you were mostly a blank page with no beliefs. Your beliefs were learned or taught to you as you progressed through your individual experience of life. Everything you believe is real to you but may not be necessarily real to someone else as they have a different experience of life. By using the Law of Attraction to assess your thoughts and beliefs, you can make a change to the way you think or feel about a topic. If you do this correctly, it then changes in your physical world and what becomes real for you in the future. In other words the theory teaches you have a choice in your destiny. You can learn to bend fate in your favour.

There are of course many things that we all take as reality so we share a common belief, but how our individual lives pan out in terms of career, relationships, how money comes to us, what sort of people we make as friends or lovers, our luck, what our bodies look like and how we deal with any given situation is, in the theory of the Law of Attraction, something we create for ourselves depending on our opinions and beliefs of what to expect.

This can very much be influenced by our family and friends. As we spend time talking with them from day to day we adopt many thinking patterns from them, both good and bad. (So when your mom told you not to hang out with the bad kids at school, there were more reasons this was good advice than you could imagine.)

The more we tell a story about any given topic in our lives, the more it becomes a reality. If we talk about how it’s been in the past, we repeat it in our future. However, if we make a conscious decision to tell a story that is different from our past, and move our ‘vibration’ or mindset in the direction of that new story to the point where we truly believe and allow it, Law of Attraction says it will become our reality.

Sound creepy? It certainly did to me when I first heard it. Surely when you talk of something happening, that always happened to you, it continues in your future because that’s just the way it is, right? Apparently not. How many times have you heard it said…

“I always go out with men who cheat on me”
“I struggle and struggle with my weight but I just can’t get rid of it”
“Money just slips through my fingers, no matter how much I earn.”

You have to admit, this does not apply to everyone on the planet. There are people out there who seem to constantly have Lady Luck on their side, who eat as much as they want and are always slim, who always have a choice of lovers and every one of them is great in your opinion. How can this be?

Sometimes it only applies to part of their life though. You’ll get people who have one part of their lives going extraordinarily well and other parts just stink. The pop star with the Midas touch who can’t keep a wife, the woman you know who is advanced spiritually but is sick all the time, the one married to a dream spouse who’s just never happy.

With our sophisticated minds, our thoughts can sway between positive and negative on any given subject leaving us with an infinite variation in how good or bad our lives can be. Yet there is an overriding connection between all parts of our lives which can sway you so everything starts going great or everything “spirals” out of control.

I’ve studied Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction for some years now and have seen so much evidence of, not only it’s negative and positive results, but also what extreme changes I can make in my life by learning to use it to my advantage, so I am an avid supporter of the theory.

There is already plenty of info on the web about Law of Attraction and how it works but there have been so many people who come to this site saying they’ve learnt heaps and it still doesn’t work. So I’m just about to finish an e-book using my “feet on the ground” approach where I can give you some great tips on how to make Law of Attraction work for you in a more practical way.

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