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Want to find a happier and easier way of living? Want to learn how to cope with the increasing speed of change or find the perfect career and run it in a way that suits you best?

This website is hip-hop-happening on those topics. The world-wide Kitegirl community is always hungry to learn the latest news, keen to open their minds to new concepts and create the life of their dreams. We take non-tangible theory and apply it in a practical way.

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Kitegirl explores widely in her search for knowledge on how we can improve our bodies, minds and careers in the present and future. The blog is flush with new information she finds and compares so you can use it to your full advantage. You’ll receive this news as a summary of the latest articles. You can then click through to the blog topics that interest you. The news also occasionally announces new training courses, events, music, products and services as they become available. Be the first to hear about it and take advantage of exclusive offers limited to subscribers.

Workaholics Guide to Ease in 7 Days

We’ll email you a daily article on seven consecutive days (starting the day you subscribe here) showing you tips on how to turn that pressure and stress into an easy smile. New habits will take longer to really get the full benefit but, by starting a new habit once a day and adding them together, you’ll be feeling better and taking the first step to turning your life around within the week.

Law of Attraction Explained eBook

Law of Attraction Explained free ebookOver the past few years there has been a massive output of books, training and chatter on the theory of the Law of Attraction but much of it is still too hard for people to relate to or apply in a practical way. Kitegirl explains the Law of Attraction in her unique way and gives you loads of practical ways to start using it to your advantage. This can improve your luck, surround you with the kind of people who you’ll enjoy the most, improve your health and find the career that suits you the best.

This book is almost complete. On it’s publishing date we’ll be sending Kitegirl subscribers the link directly so you can download it for free.



Meditation and stress relief music

4 Minute Break water meditation music CD and mp3Kitegirl is creating new music CDs to help you manage your stress. Use her tracks to take a short break in the middle of a busy day or at the end of the day to unwind on your way home from work. Then you can leave all the worries and difficulties of work behind you and are less likely to yell at your spouse and kids! We offer you a sampling of the draft tracks and will upgrade these to the final versions once they are mastered.



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