FAQ for one-to-one Business and Life coaching

Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm offers One to One Sessions for well established Creative Professionals who want to make big improvements quickly. This may come in the form of coaching, mentoring or a combination of the two.

Below you’ll find more information on what you can expect and what will be expected of you. If, on this page or the following two pages, you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please do email us your question so we can answer more fully for you.

What is Life Coaching?
Kitegirl’s One to One sessions

How do I get started?

If you are interested in working with Kitegirl, email or phone the offices to book an appointment time for the first session. If you are unsure if the topics you want to work on are suitable to Kitegirl, email them to us and we will be happy to either assure you or refer you to someone more suitable if need be. The details of all enquiries and clients are kept strictly confidential.

Sessions can be done face to face, by phone, Skype, AIM or Google Talk. (The vast majority of Kitegirl’s work is done online to better aid those who are regularly travelling.)

Once you’ve done the first session, you both decide if you feel you can work together and you can sign up for a series of sessions. Payment for the series is due before the second session. If this is a problem, please call the offices to discuss an alternative plan.

We take EFT, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal or international wire. An invoice will be issued for your records. Australian clients are charged sales tax.

Sessions are generally held once a week or once a fortnight. Although a regular time is preferable we can be flexible in scheduling, particularly if you are moving between cities or are on tour during the series.
Each session is booked at the end of the previous session. If you need to change times we ask you give us minimum 24 hours notice of the change otherwise, the session will be deemed to have been completed as part of the series.

What do I need to bring to a business and life coach session?

For the first session you just need to bring yourself. Kitegirl will take the notes leaving you free to do the thinking and will email them to you afterwards. For the remainder of the series you will need to have your course notes where you can record what you discuss, what discoveries you make and what you plan to do before the next session.

Phone, AIM and Skype sessions

You call Kitegirl to get the call started. If the line is engaged, give her a minute and try again. (If it’s time for your session she will do her best to clear the line as quickly as possible for you.) For your sessions you’ll need to be completely uninterrupted in a quiet, comfortable space. Have water on hand, preferably some natural light and any distractions such as electronics and cell phones turned off if not needed to communicate with Kitegirl during the session. Find a time for the session when you’re most awake and free from substances which affect your thinking to get the most out of your session time.

How many sessions do I need to book at once?

Generally One to One coaching and Mentoring is based around a series of 12 sessions spread over a 3 to 6 month period. Shorter series can be booked if you prefer but we have found 12 sessions to be the ideal length of time in order to fully implement the new thinking patterns and habits you make for yourself or to make really life changing improvements … it doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Having this set length of time also gives you a deadline to aim for completion of your series’ goals and means you can finish there, take a break or begin a new series if you’re interested.

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions will be around 50-75 minutes. Please let Kitegirl know at the start of the session if you need to finish at a specific time.

What happens during a session?

There are two main formats the session can take and it is entirely up to you, once the series is underway (from the third session onwards) as to how you’d like each session to run. You can even have a bit of each format in a session. The first way is working on the series’ goals you decided upon, gauging how you are progressing and assessing what the next step is to take. The second way to work is more of a “big picture” conversation working around a problem, opportunity or dilemna you’d like to make a decision on or can’t find a solution for. It’s such a powerful process that coaches often ring other coaches to have these types of conversations. Coaching this way brings about a far better decision or different perspective to anything you could come up with on your own in the same amount of time. Even if you’re a very goal oriented person, having at least one of these conversations within your series is precious.

Kitegirl sessions don’t require you to lie down, close your eyes, cry, go under hypnosis or wave candles about. It’s a conversation where we can sit together, albeit often of opposite sides of the world, and do some highly productive thinking. Any suggestions given to you by Kitegirl you can take or leave – no offense will be taken. She’s more interested in you getting the most out of each session and finding the solutions perfectly suited to you alone.

No recording is taken of the sessions unless requested by you, only notes are taken. Notes are stored securely. Confidentiality is highest priority for us.

How much does the series cost?

The fee varies and will depend on what results from the first session. It cannot be decided and quoted until the first session is complete and you have decided with Kitegirl what services are most appropriate. Kitegirl is not the cheapest specialist in the market. You are welcome to interview other coaches if budget is your main deciding factor.

What does Kitegirl expect of me?

With demand high for her services she has become discerning in the clients she takes on. She tends to be more interested in those who are open to new ideas, committed to the positive goals they want to achieve, honest when things go wrong, brave and passionate. She requires your full attention during sessions and there will be work to be done between sessions, some tangible some intangible. You’ll need to address this work before the next session in order to move forward. If Kitegirl feels the series is not progressing as well as possible, she reserves the right to cancel the balance of sessions and to offer a refund for any prepaid unused sessions.



Please do not ask Kitegirl if she’s heard of you or if she knows your work. Kitegirl does not judge any client based on the level of their fame, the extent of their wealth nor the quality of their work as to whether or not they would make a suitable client. She hopes also that you do not judge her suitability to be your coach based on how much of a fan she is of yours. 🙂

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