05 Nov 2012

WARNING worldwide predictions Part III

05 Nov 2012

Part III of Session
5 November 10.30am Sydney Australia time
A = Annabelle Drumm
M = Mercredan as channeled by Francis Evans.

NB – you will find comments about my personal life in here as well. I have been told that personal emotions and conflict often reflect the larger world picture and will resonate with a lot of others feeling the same way around the world right now anyway, so I am happy to share them with you.

Part III continued

Predictions for Europe and US Winter


A: So that territory which has been devastated, (Hurricane Sandy) I remember you saying earlier in another session that there would be turmoil in many major cities around the world. So was that one of the first stages and that other cities will follow? Or will they all have something that happens instantaneously?

M: Let us say everything in it’s own wake as such. Everything in it’s own time. Because you have to understand that, what is occurring at the present time has significant nuances on many things. And, as I have pointed out, nobody can completely predict how human affairs and consciousness will remain or change. Let us say then, it is possible in the current climate, that is as things stand at the current time, that many people in what you call your Europe are feeling as if they are being “frozen out” of society. You understand?

A: Yes.

M: The results of that thinking will, shall we say begin what will, or could more precisely become a minor ice age as you understand it. Then many cities will shall we say be incapacitated because of the cold.

A: And this is in Europe?

M: That is in Europe yes. 

A: And if we look at the climate of some of the Arab countries where we see such anger shown every day, will they get a different result?

M: Let us say when North America and Europe are frozen out, Russia and China also, then what you call the middle section, shall we say, will be left to it’s own devices.

A: Wait a second. When you say middle section do you mean closer to the Equator?

M: Let us say the Middle East as you call it.

A: Oh I see.

M: That is Northern Africa and much of that which joins the two continents. All the Middle East will of course will be left to it’s own devices. That will first of all reduce the conflicts. Then only those that wish to take it to it’s extreme will be left in place. That then allows for the natural shift in politics.

A: If they are left to their own devices, they will not be able to sell their petroleum into Europe and America?

M: Let us say first of all you have to remember these seemingly diverse nations are of course the remainder of the greatest human accomplishment of all time. The greatest and the most educated of all. So it is with a certain particular viewpoint that has kept the world on the edge of an endless tyranny. Do you understand what I mean?

A: No I don’t. What was the “greatest educated” thing of all time?

M: Let us say what you call the Prussian Empire. The Prussian nation as it stood was one of the greatest and the most educated of all history.

A: Oh

M: And one forgets that, as if these are, shall we say, stone age people. They are not. They are the results of significant import by external factors and, more so than anything else, the petroleum as you call it has been the deciding factor. You understand?

A: So are you saying that if there was a mini-Ice Age that petroleum would no longer be needed in those areas?

M: Let us say as this comes to an end as such, what comes out of the ground in such places will be more usefully put into use. Then one would not need quite so much of it.

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