05 Nov 2012

WARNING worldwide predictions – Part I

05 Nov 2012

In this extraordinary transcript of this morning’s session we discuss the US Elections, Hurricane Sandy and an even bigger event due over Christmas. Watch out for the key to why this dire weather is happening and how we can change it in the future. The message is clear. It’s not here to panic anyone, it’s simply here to ask you – seriously – to prepare, think about what you’ll need and what you might be able to offer. PLEASE SHARE this as far as you can.

NB – you will find comments about my personal life in here as well. I have been told that personal emotions and conflict often reflect the larger world picture and will resonate with a lot of others feeling the same way around the world right now anyway, so I am happy to share them with you.

Part I of Session
5 November 10.30am Sydney Australia time
A = Annabelle Drumm
M = Mercredan as channeled by Francis Evans.

Part One

M: Good morning and once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. So it becomes obvious that everything is coming to it’s natural conclusion. So many things then that have been in the line of prediction are coming to the fore. Then the balance lies in those and the decisions that are to be formalized. And once again predictions are difficult where alternative realities flood in more than one direction. Then that is enough for us to begin our conversation.

A: OK. I know when you are saying things have been obvious that you must have been speaking of the storm last week in America?

M: Let us say that is one of the markers but not the entire marker as you would say, because the results are what are important. The results and the effects that flow on from each one of these events. You understand? So much is still in the balance, much is in the guidance of those that have been given leadership in the longer term.

A: Mm, it seems to be very confusing because the leadership really seems to be rather precarious in trying to decide … in how it will be decided, as far as I can see.

M: And that is of course the problem that humanity always faces. What is secure? You understand? What is secure for the longer term, for the short term, the advantages as each human moves further and further into self survival and taking less care of one another. Yet it is in those places where difficulties occur that the best of human qualities emerges.

A: Yes it does.

M:  That is the problem for those in that part of the world. Who to choose to guide and lead forward when so little has been achieved. You understand? It is as if one or other of these people can influence anything because in the end the people have to rely on their own selves and in the end, it is a choice between self protection and the coming together and building a unitary force.

A: So between those two choices, is that what signifies the difference between those two candidates?

M: That is correct. Of course, they are appealing to one or other sector and one can understand then, how closely divided the planet is. Not just that particular country as such, the entire planet is so evenly divided and as a result it is yet as unclear what direction the new epoch takes.

A: Mm! So what sort of things would influence such a great many people? I know we spoke before how a nuclear bomb might be an option. (This was from a conversation discussing what sort of event would be the turning point of all of us on Earth simultaneously deciding enough was enough and creating the great Shift in Consciousness. Don’t worry – this was simply hypothetical.) Are there other options that would move people in one direction or the other?

M: Let us say what occurs is only the natural consequence. People in most cases, in general terms, are only modified by natural causes, natural results, natural consequences. And the leadership hedges because you are so clearly under the wraps of what you are calling Climate Change. Yet what is truly happening? Is there a Climate change at all? You understand? Because you are thinking in terms of the physical weather patterns and so on which can be undeniable. But I am talking about the internal climate change. Have Humans woken up to their influence? Because you are thinking as if it is one’s consumption of the gasoline or hairsprays or whatever, that is changing the weather patterns but it isn’t the climate changing. It is the internal assessment. The internal desires of Human kind that is shifting the balance and drawing in that which most will bring balance into the forces. You understand what I mean?

A: And do you mean physical forces like weather patterns would be changed?

M: Of course. So you are always talking as if how you think organizes one’s personal choices, how one thinks draws to you what you most want and, of course, draws that which you most focus your attention on. And change has been the most important thing for so many people that your planet has been in turmoil for far too long. So many then, have tried to dominate with force. That is whether it is financial force or military forces and all of that plays havoc with the patterns and the unfolding of human consciousness and therefore, the results are felt in physical consequence. Do you follow what I’m saying?

A: It makes perfect sense to me but I am unsure how we can show the populace that it is what they are putting their focus on, their internal climate, that is making the difference.

M: Let us say it is irrelevant in the larger picture. Whether human kind wants to discover, uncover what they already know or whether they want to live in denial. The results are natural consequence. If you do not change something, if you do not begin to take care of the external climate it automatically requires a shift in the internal climate. You understand? That then is the shift in consciousness. Because there is no separation between what is experienced in the physical levels, in the emotional and whatever, mental arenas, shall we say, that is the total consequence of spiritual awakening. Do you follow how important it is and how much in denial individuals are in almost all categories.

A: (laughs) yes

M: Some believe they are more advanced. Yet in reality when, shall we say, the chips are down, they turn back to self protection. In that case they might as well go down to the local store for some form of gun.

A: Oh

M: Some form of physical protection. Because they are going to need it with that thinking. Do you understand what that means? That is, how can you survive when you trust no one?

A: Yes and as you put your focus on protection you are expecting something that you will need to protect yourself against.

M: That, of course. And it is to a large extent that one has to protect yourself from the very people who are elected to protect you. So everything is winding down.


PART II – further links climate change, financial change, human consciousness and changing world policy.

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