05 Nov 2012

WARNING worldwide predictions – Part II

05 Nov 2012

Part II of Session
5 November 2012 10.30am Sydney Australia time.

A = Annabelle Drumm

M = Mercredan channeled by Francis Evans

NB – you will find comments about my personal life in here as well. I have been told that personal emotions and conflict often reflect the larger world picture and will resonate with a lot of others feeling the same way around the world right now anyway, so I am happy to share them with you.

Part II of IV

M: There are places on your planet that can no longer afford to support or to pay for what you would call the police force that keeps society in check. Then of course the whole begins to break down and then you are in worse conflict than ever before. The natural consequence takes place.

A: So you said there is a balance of people. You have those who are focussed on self protection and those who are focussed on … Helping. (forgot what he’d said here). Do they need protecting as well?

M: I do not want to say “helping” but ones who believe it is possible to build a unit that one does not have to protect self against everybody but, that one builds a community that uplifts all. And that is the significant, although we would not say perfect, improvement in conscious thinking.

A: It’s hard for me to imagine that we can create that. Maybe it’s just from where I live, people fear…

M: Let us say one works towards it by imagining. You understand? First of all the possibility has to be born in consciousness. That is in one’s own individual consciousness. Then one has to find others who will in the end stand along side.

A: Yes, you have spoken before of me finding my tribe and I guess this is one in the same thing.

M: Of course and not only finding but building it, you understand. Because like everything, inspiration is the key – let us say the golden key – that leads to what was called the Golden steps. That leads one out of what is, shall we say, slavery. Once again I want to point out that the Great Books, (This is the Bible/Qur’an) the great teaching books were not histories. They are shall we say allegoric tales for every present moment. So one is imprisoned, one is in slavery until one can take the exit. That is to be lead out of it.

A: Mm

M: When one is lead out of that, it is as a whole tribe, the whole nation. You understand? Not individuals, but all pulling in the same direction. And that is when you find your sacred place. Not a physical place of course, but a place inside of consciousness. That is a meeting place. Do you understand what I am saying? Then you can meet. And consciousness will deliver that is needed in inspiration. That is the new intellectual property market.

A: Yes, that is what I was thinking of this morning. That is wanting to draw in more inspiration because I feel rather overwhelmed with my own work as to what the next steps are to take. There are so many options that I am not taking any at all.

M: And that is the point. One is so often paralyzed by choice. And what direction is one to take when so many directions seemingly lead to nowhere?

A: (bitter laugh!)

M: I want to say this. As I have counseled for some time, putting the touches in place so that when the shift occurs – and it will be quite significant because it is not the results of your physical weather patterns but the financial climate that must of course become an even more stormy than it is – so many then must find a new approach. A new way of organizing one’s communities, one’s stability.

A: Without money?

M: Let us say without the system as it stands. Of course there will always be trading notes or more certainly significant accumulations but in the new paradigm one is rewarded in the natural state of producing something of value. So the old fashioned mechanisms of generating money from little will no longer be useful.

A: So the satisfaction comes to those who create?

M: Let us say creating something of value will to a larger extent become more inspirational, more inventive.

A: OK, and I guess if we still have… if the economic climate changes so much would we still have power, gas and water supplied, technology available and internet to talk to each other?

M: Initially that is the first to collapse. All of the infrastructures that are over burdened are the first to collapse and yet are also the first to be rejuvenated

A: Yes

M: Because in the end these are the important mechanisms.

A: Yes indeed.

M: As you can see, I want to point out in your position, as you watch what has occurred in the territory that has been devastated – you understand? (Hurricane Sandy)

A: Yes

M: The essential ingredients are being distributed for no cost.

A: Yes

M: Are being given free. Someone of course will bear the cost in the short term but in the long term it has to become a changing policy.

A: Yes and, once that has changed, does that mean that all will be treated more equally in having that distributed?

M: Let us say that is important as part of the whole.

A: I understand.

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