11 Feb 2014

Kitegirl on the Anthony V show across the USA

11 Feb 2014

Anthony Vultaggio talk back radio show hostLast weekend I had a lot of fun being a guest on the Anthony Vultaggio Show. Anthony Vultaggio has a very popular show broadcast on a Sunday morning to over 100 radio stations across the USA.

Here’s the podcast.

Although we didn’t get a huge amount of time to chat he had two big questions which I’ll expand on now.

1) How can a woman teach men about their Mojo?

This is a great question. What would a woman know about men’s mojo that a man could not teach?

I would answer it simply depends on their line of study. Would you hold back from visiting a female dentist to fix a man’s teeth? If you were a man would you be skeptical about sending your accounts to a female accountant?

Maybe the blonde ones but, apart from that, these women are just a capable as men in the same profession. (Hey, calm down, I’m allowed to make blonde jokes because I am one.)

With Mojo, you’d think there would be more difference between a man and a woman compared to teeth or accounts. It’s true. They are different. However, each of us has masculine and feminine behaviours which we need to keep in balance to match who we are. So, I might be helping a very masculine out-going, hard selling, tough nut of a woman one day, then a feminine supportive, creative, new-age man the next.

I make no judgements and enjoy seeing both sides of a client as they become more flexible in their approach to life. That way they can switch between masculine or feminine behaviours to best benefit the given situation.

I’m not talking about feminine being all girly. Watch the video here on my definition of masculine vs. feminine behaviours.

Yes, I have a woman’s point of view which will be different from a man’s point of view. That can be extremely useful. If you really want to get to know yourself and what you project out into the world, get as many different perspectives as you can.

Only taking guidance from a man on how to be a man is only half the picture. When you see how a woman sees you it can be priceless in finding what you’re projecting outwards, thereby helping you refine what you actually want to be.

Woman’s point of view aside, I also have my own experiences and knowledge from working with other male clients that I’d be happy to offer you as a client.

2) How do I fix my mojo?

Anthony asked me to tell him how to fix his own mojo on the show. Come on. What was I meant to say? You think I’m psychic? The honest answer is I don’t have the foggiest idea.

When I do Mojo Coaching with a client I really get to know them. I find out what’s going on in their life, what they are achieving and where they are not winning as much as they’d like, be it in the bedroom, at work, on the sports field… whatever they feel is important to address.

Then I use Coaching questions to help them find their own answers.

Here’s the thing.

As you would have seen in my last post about Gurus, I feel there are far too many people out there in the world right now crowing that they have all the answers you need. They are the experts on your life and if you follow everything they tell you, you’ll be a winner.

I think this is hogwash.

What would they know about your life? What would they know the intricacies of how you think, speak, behave, solve problems? How do they know what mental and physical obstacles you need to overcome? They don’t! And so the advice they give you on how to solve problems may only be right about 10-20% of the time. The rest of the time you are paying them big money to get that little thrill you’re listening to a winner without actually winning for yourself.

Inspired? Maybe for a little while but, after that, it sucks and you end up beating yourself up that you took all the winner’s advice and you still haven’t cracked it.

With a Guru or a Mentor they are telling you how they did it. It may work for you, it may not. BIG risk to wager your wages on.

With a Coach it’s a different story. A good qualified Coach will have a bundle of tools and processes you can use to discover TOGETHER what is holding you up and preventing you from winning.

The questions are asked out of curiosity. They have no hidden agenda behind them. They are not influenced by the Coach’s baggage. They are designed to let you see how you live, think and work looking in from the outside so you can understand the deeper reasons why all that Guru and Mentor advice is not working.

Those questions are also a really powerful way to find the very best solutions to your problems. They are totally bespoke to you. Although I can introduce concepts to you that have worked in the past with other clients, you can take or leave them and listen to your gut instinct on what is going to “feel” like the right solution.

You’ll know when you’ve struck gold because the solution will not only feel good, it will work with minimal effort like no advice you’ve every received in your life.

Not only that but it will teach you how you got to that awesome solution so you can do it on your own next time you need to solve something. No need to continually go back and pay more money to your Coach to lead you through it.

Sound good?

Let’s set up a time to discuss what you want to achieve in life. I am looking forward to getting you on track!

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