04 Dec 2012

Video: Masculine vs Feminine Aspect Leadership Skills

04 Dec 2012

Recorded while on my USA trip, here’s an introduction to Masculine vs. Feminine Aspect Leadership. I’ve learnt through several sources of this change in leadership style and how works so very differently, not only in it’s implementation but also, in what results you get.

The aspect can be used by both men and women. It has nothing to do with your own gender.

The balance we need is way out of kilter at the moment due to our own emphasis on Masculine aspect leadership over the past centuries. It’s time to balance it out and start leading with the Feminine aspect. Anyone can do it though it will take some work for those – both men and women – who have fallen into the habit of the old masculine style.

Once you as a leader get used to the new Feminine Aspect style you’ll find your own stress reduces and moving people in the direction you want becomes easer.

Check it out…

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