10 Feb 2014

Age of the Guru is Dead

10 Feb 2014

Guru expert adviceThese days Gurus can be found everywhere on any manner of topic. The Experts Industry really kicked in about 15 years ago with Internet Marketing Experts leading the fore, not only drawing in thousands of followers buying their digital products and seminars to solve a problem, but then adding the double layer of sales worth multiple times more money showing people how they did it in the first place and teaching them how to market their own knowledge.

The years have passed and most of us are savvy enough to see through this now. The view that your “Guru” has all the knowledge you need and that they should become your “go to” person has left us in dismay that these people don’t have all the answers.

We may follow everything they tell us to do and yet we don’t get the same results. So frustrating!

Some of these experts very clearly know what they are doing and deliberately withhold their tastiest secrets.

Others have the best intentions but can’t divulge the secrets. Why? Because they simply don’t know what it is they are doing which is attracting all the success.

They may preach it simply takes blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. Yet there are many Entrepreneur startups out there sweating away, following their Guru’s rules and instruction, who are not getting one tenth the results of the Guru.

Why is there no Success?

What I’ve noticed about those who have incredible success follows the theory of the Tipping Point. There’s something magical about what they do which causes success so big it blows everyone else out of the water.

It’s not to do with the amount of work you put in, the amount of money you spend on your marketing, the amount of time you spend to make a higher quality product/video/book/course/sales page. It’s an intangible ex-factor which can be identified in the Law of Attraction.

They have the vibe of success.

Some people grow their vibe in increments. Others fully throw themselves into the vibe (not just the belief) which can make things happen very quickly and dramatically.

And most gurus who are successful cannot actually tell you how they did it. That is the sad part.

You can spend massive amounts of money learning everything they have to teach you but they just don’t know how to put into words what it is that causes that success vibe, that good luck, that tin-arse (this is a colloquial term for a lucky person in Australia and New Zealand), that X-factor.

I’ve met so many budding Entrepreneur Startups who have literally spent thousands of dollars learning from the Gurus that inspire them. Then, after several years of study, find themselves not gaining traction and contemplating taking a day job again.

Instead of wondering if the Guru’s advice was enough, they tend to beat themselves up severely, blaming themselves for not working hard enough or missing some crucial element that would have made all the difference that their Guru “must” have told them because they are a trustworthy source of information.

So, if you are that Entrepreneur, think about this…

  1. It’s possible your Guru doesn’t know as much as they make out they do. Many of them are simply superb salesmen.
  2. It’s possible they don’t know what the secret ingredient is to give you success.
  3. It’s possible they DO know the secret ingredient and keep it to themselves to lessen the chance of future competition.
  4. It’s possible they are giving you everything they have and your success depends on something completely different.

We are each individual people. We each have our own backgrounds, were brought up with different parents with different beliefs, have different experiences, knowledge, thought patterns and behaviour.

There is no one solution to fit all the Guru’s followers.

The only way to get exactly the solution you need for success is through Coaching.

I have been asked to Mentor many times before. I don’t hesitate to give everything I can because I just LOVE seeing someone else succeed.

However, I would say of the advice I can offer in my areas of expertise, my suggestions would only be useful to the client maybe 20% of the time.

20% – that’s not good value for money.

I can see it failing before it even leaves my mouth.

The rest of the time I tend to fall back into neuro-based Coaching questions to help that client find their own answers and, if they are prepared to open up to new ideas, do the work and build good trust with me, those answers can flow each and every session. Delicious as milk and honey!

This is when the outstanding results happen.

It makes magic that client has never had before in their lives. The kind of magic no Mentor or Guru has given them before.

Such a buzz!

So, don’t beat yourself up if your Guru didn’t give you everything they promised.

Carefully does it…

Only spend your money when you really feel confident they have the answers to solve your problem.

Look for the success stories and make sure they are recent. Gurus can burn out and go flat within a matter of months. The content they are selling you can also get out of date extremely quickly in this fast changing world.

Be clear on what they are promising to give and make them accountable to delivering on those promises.

Make sure you can afford to blow that money and get nothing of value. Spending your last beans in the hope the Guru has the secret to unlock your wealth and success is bound to fail. Why? Because the tension you’ve built in yourself confirms in your mind that this is a big risk and big risks often fail.

Then, Law of Attraction will make sure you get what you most focus on. Failure.

Try a Coach instead!  🙂

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