Decision Making

VIP Coaching sessions

Got a decision you can’t seem to make?

Got an opportunity you can’t decide on?

Got a dilemma where either option is not desirable?

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Living with an incomplete decision on your mind can be distracting and exhausting. It can keep you awake at night and cloud your focus on the most important things you need be paying attention to.

What is it worth to you to have the decision all cleared up so you can move with confidence? To be sure of yourself? To know that the decision you made is the right one, no matter what the outcome?

Work with Kitegirl in an individual VIP session

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Your session is done via phone, Skype or FaceTime and takes a maximum of 90 minutes. (Some decisions take as little as 30 minutes.) Book it fast and have your decision resolved finally.

With Kitegirl on your side you have a highly talented, intuitive Business and Life Coach who

  • listens without judgement,
  • points out the vibe she’s reading in you as you walk through your conversation,
  • is outside your regular circle of friends/colleagues/family so has no reason to be biased
  • has no hidden agenda about what you “should” decide. She simply wants you to find what is best for you so you can get the results you want to achieve.

Learn more about Kitegirl in the video tour or read about her.

Clarity of mind is priceless

You are inspired to step out and make things happen. Your anxiety decreases and you can be confident you’ve found the best decision you can make with the information you have.

When a fully comprehensive coaching series over a 6-12 month period is more self growth than you need for now and you just have one thing to solve, get it solved fast with a VIP session, for maximum peace of mind.

When do I know I need it?

  • When you can’t discuss it with anyone else around you
  • When there are several good or bad options – it’s all so confusing!
  • When you feel crippled with indecision and can’t move in any direction
  • When the problem wakes you up in the middle of the night

What could I use it for?

  • Whether or not to take on work with a new person/a new project/change jobs
  • Deciding how to get around a big obstacle which is preventing you from moving forward
  • When there don’t seem to be any answers at all and you’re looking for a solution
  • When a clear decision is going to drastically reduce your stress or save you money

Please note: This is not full Career Coaching. If you need help finding your ultimate job and don’t know what it is, you need a one to one Coaching series.

What have previous clients said?

“I was frozen to inaction by the decision I had to make … there were financial considerations to take into account and this stopped me from moving forward with my life. Annabelle was amazing at stating out the situation in absolute clarity and once she did this … the right choice jumped into view … the financial impose was still real – but the fear was gone. Thank you Annabelle for showing me how. My life is so much better now.”

–  Arthur Athanassiou via LinkedIn

“…her work ethic and high standards set her apart from many others… I can recommend that with Annabelle employed on the job, you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.”

– Jo Elms via LinkedIn

“Annabelle is highly creative with strong analytical skills. Even after the first session she will knows your personality more than you which makes her unique. She always comes up with Magical solutions. After adopting her coaching recommendations your career will be flying in no time.”

– Malik Asad Mahmood via LinkedIn

“Of course, the pursuit of goals and visions for your life is fraught with challenges, disappointments and frustrations. I came up against a lot of the attitudes and feelings that had stopped me in the past. At times I felt very resistant and defiant. It would not have been nice to be trying to help me, but Annabelle was incredibly professional, patient and determined in standing for the life I was seeking. Overall, the experience was incredibly valuable for my business and the rest of my life.”

– Simon Dikkenberg via LinkedIn

YES Book me in! I want a VIP Decision Making Coaching Session with Kitegirl.

What to do:

  1. Press the Paypal button below. You can pay via Paypal funds, credit card or a bank account attached to your Paypal account. The pay choices will vary from one country to the next so check your options. I have no access to this information as you are working directly through a Paypal window.
  2. Fill in your details for the session. Once you have completed payment you will be taken to my page where you can fill in your details, city timezone and what times/dates suit you within the next 2 weeks for us to have our VIP session. Choose if you want to talk via phone or Skype.
  3. Let’s book a time!  I get confirmation once your payment has been processed. If paying by credit card or Paypal funds it generally processes immediately. If transferring funds to Paypal it may take a few days.
    Once payment is fully processed, I will personally be in contact with you to confirm a time for our session and can provide you with a separate invoice if the Paypal receipt is not sufficient.

Annabelle Drumm High Performance Executive Coaching Sydney Australia 

Let’s get that decision made and have you moving forward feeling self assured and confident!

I’m looking forward to working with you.




Normally $495 – reduced to only $345 Australian dollars.

HURRY – This is only for a limited time!




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