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Annabelle Drumm is a Coach, Mentor and Trainer for high level Executives, Performing Artists and Entrepreneurs in creative industries. She is known for her broad vision, the deep connection she builds with her clients and expertise in applying Law of Attraction to Business in a practical, profitable way.

Who is Kitegirl Coach Annabelle Drumm?

Kitegirl Stress Relief with Annabelle Drumm

Annabelle Drumm has come from a solid background in Television, Theatre, Fashion, Promotions and Corporate Events – both behind the scenes and out front. She was a professional Performing Artist for 10 years, CEO of a Dance company for 6 years and Co-Founder of a successful multi-national Artists’ Booking Agency for 15 years.

Her vast knowledge about the hindrances that can get in the way of a professional creative career is unique. Combining this knowledge with her people skills, generosity, sense of humour and intuition makes her incomparable in the field of coaching.

Since 2007, Annabelle Drumm has been studying a mix of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Emotional Intelligence and Metaphysics (Law of Attraction) to add strength and wisdom to her services. At this time in history, keeping up with the Leading Edge of knowledge means her coaching and training is always appropriate and forward thinking – ideal when you want to get ahead of the crowd.

“As creative people, we know that we have a gift to offer the world. I want to help you overcome whatever is preventing you being the best person you can be and doing work which thrills you every day.”

Where did the name Kitegirl come from?

Kitegirl – Feet on the Ground for Creative High Flyers

Annabelle saw her creative clients as similar to kites flying in the sky. The higher they flew, the stronger the winds (outside influences) pushed them around in ways they didn’t always like. Her coaching clients would often say Annabelle was like their feet on the ground and this is where the “Kitegirl” name came from.

Kitegirl is able to relate to your artistic and creative temperament but, at the same time, able to give you a very grounded perspective, grab your rope then gently but determinedly guide you to calmer winds with a clearer direction where you can once again enjoy your career flight.

Since starting, the name Kitegirl now has a double meaning. You’ll see in the Blog that Annabelle is passionate in learning about the World Shift of Consciousness and Human Evolution.  She has studied broadly and learns directly through high integrity Channellers about the current global upgrade.

Annabelle takes these high level perspectives and teaches her clients how it affects the World practically in terms of changing audience trends, politics, the economy… even Climate Change.

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“My mission is to help as many creative people as possible improve their performance, get clarity on their direction and draw in the work they love most. I am passionate about opening their view to alternate perspectives so they are less judgemental and understand things on a deeper level which reduces stress, anxiety and brings about wiser, clearer decisions.”

A Personal Interview

Why do you have a blog?

I have an insatiable appetite for learning. I just cannot help myself! The mind is such a fascinating thing. It covers brain and body, physical and spiritual, past, present and future. I can never learn enough about human behaviour, how it affects our lives, health, relationships, environment, events that happen around us and the world at large. So, pretty much every day I’m searching for new things to read about, watch and discover and often add them as reference material to this Blog.

I also add articles about events seen through my eyes. I’ve found that how I view things is often different from how others view them. I use this skill practically, too, by teaching my clients how to look at their obstacles from alternative perspectives. This helps them understand in a deeper way and opens up solutions they would not have considered before.

Tell me about your family

I have been married and divorced, now raising my two beautiful sons 15 and 11. I have two siblings, an older brother (superb Recording technician) and younger sister (talented Food writer, Entrepreneur and Photographer) raised by highly creative parents.

My mother is an artist and violin player. She taught me about living a healthy life, following your heart, that elegance comes from within and how to have faith. My father was a very successful, nationally recognized musician, arranger and conductor. He moved to running a theatre display company with my mother, then to being a steward at his much beloved Greyhound Racetrack. He taught me the value of generosity, having no fear of changing careers and that living by your highest integrity, ethics and values is imperative.

How did your upbringing shape your career?

Each parent made a great contribution. Show business was in my blood from the start so even though I sought a “day job” when I left school, it wasn’t long before I quit being an employee and was out making my own Show Business when I was about 20 or 21. I’ve been my own boss ever since.

I’ve searched for your name and can’t find any of your performing work

Yes, I know. First of all Drumm is the name of my ex-husband and I did all my performing under my maiden name. But, truth be told, I had major issues with my self worth during all those years and avoided the spotlight. I was offered leading TV roles and overseas dance contracts but always sabotaged or simply declined them, specifically opting instead for more invisible, supporting roles. I would mainly select live performing events which weren’t recorded, roles where you wouldn’t recognize me or choreography behind the scenes. I liked to be anonymous!

I had a huge body of work, it was my full time job for 9 years. I retired from performing in 1998 when the internet was still fairly young so it was easy for me to remove all promotional material at the time. Since then I’ve learnt much about self worth and esteem which I love to share with my coaching and training clients now.

What took you from show business to coaching?

I was running an international Entertainment Booking Agency for 15 years. Throughout that time I was already coaching performers on how to improve their careers, make their ideas more commercially viable and helping them overcome personal problems. I soon figured there was a mismatch. The people who paid me in the Agency were clients making bookings for events but the ones getting the most value – and the ones I loved giving value to – were the Performers receiving coaching. So in the end I gave my business away and started the new coaching career.

You gave your business away?

That’s right. I gave the whole thing to my top Sales Rep. Boy, was she surprised!

Do you have qualifications for Coaching?

Yes, aside from my career and business experience I am a graduate of the Intensive Coach Training Program from Neuroleadership Group (previously named Results Coaching directed by David Rock). I have also studied Team Coaching and Business Coaching with them.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation, have studied with Thought Leader’s Matt Church, Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield and completed the 12 month Quantum Leap program run by Steve and Bill Harrison in Philadelphia USA. These brothers were the publicity agents for “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and Canfield’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series which has sold over 600 million books. They hand pick 150 applicants from around the world and there were only two of us from Australia in this intake.

I enjoy studying Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and I regularly receive lessons from a higher realm which comes through channeller Francis Evans (a bit weird I know, but for those who are open to the idea, it is a most extraordinary and powerful way of learning). We recorded 30 episodes for others to learn from here.

Do you have any exam results?

Not much these days. When I was at high school my average for Music was 99% and Maths was 93% (both averages screwed by one particularly bad test). More recently we had to sit tests when I graduated coaching and my Emotional Intelligence score was also 93%, so that makes me fairly left brain / right brain balanced.

I find any kind of test results are subjective though. These are all based on what someone else deems to be worth 100%. Yet any subject has so much more we can learn and each person progresses at their own speed.

I come across people all the time who got low marks at school, yet they have incredible intelligence. I’d love to see the education system get an overhaul so that it can accommodate all styles of learning and helping each one find their strengths. It should teach less facts – which are now so readily accessible to all of us on the internet at any time – and spend more time teaching problem solving, independent thinking, understanding from multiple perspectives and HOW to learn. That’s got to be a better thing to have on your mind as you leave school. Then the World is your oyster.

So how does your week run?

It’s different every week and that’s the way I like it. Permanent routine is never ideal for creative people! I prefer to be project based. For work I may be coaching, training, producing a new course, updating my suite of iPhone apps or learning from those I admire. I read a lot and love getting into deep conversations at a pub or cafe.

I help out at the local primary school teaching Recorder. On the weekends I catch up with friends, rest, play, dance, go walking and you’ll often find me at the theatre or an art-house movie.

You talk about being Spiritual a lot. Are you religious?

I was raised in the Presbyterian Church but I don’t attend any more. My mum says I will go to hell for not attending but I disagree.

Do you believe in past lives and reincarnation?

Yep. There is simply too much evidence to ignore.

Do you watch the news?

For a while there I avoided it like mad. I decided that it simply made me feel bad so I turned it off. I entertained the idea of setting up a news show that gave all the good news stories but soon realised good news made very little difference to people. Presently they are still addicted to bad news.

However, with big changes happening the new World Shift of Consciousness is no longer just theory. It’s happening in a very tangible way so, at the moment, I’m glued to the news sites, fascinated at how the Shift is occurring.

Now I would like to work towards teaching people how to watch and broadcast news with less judgement. Then, it’s more about understanding all aspects of an event, finding the causes and how we can lessen this sort of challenge in the future.

How is it you seem to be happy almost all the time?

Since my husband left in 2007 (no, that wasn’t what made me happy) I’ve thrown myself into learning all I can about myself and what baggage I can clean up so I can live with no regrets. By freeing myself of my psychological baggage and finding who I truly am, I have learnt to trust again.

I approach problems and challenges from a very different perspective now and have improved my resilience or “bounce back”. That means when I fall into a bad mood I can bounce out of it within a very short space of time. It is impossible to end up depressed once you improve your resilience and regularly exercise your sense of humor. You can’t help but smile. This has also affected my immunity so I am seldom sick.

How did you handle your divorce?

I was recommended by a friend to a psychologist initially and did a few sessions. Mostly I did self coaching to get me through. Even though it was my husband who left, I have been able to forgive him and I sent him a long letter thanking him for all the good things I got out of the relationship, not the least of which are my gorgeous boys!

What’s your nationality, accent and cultural background?

I am a 5th generation Kiwi on both sides of the family, raised in New Zealand and have been in Australia since 2001. My cultural background is a melting pot of 3/8 Irish (that’s the sense of humor), 2/8 English (my sense of decorum), 1/8 each of Scottish (freckles), Italian (passion) and French (appreciation of art and culture from an aristocratic line who was bright enough to skip over to England before they lost their head).

Have you had any “work” done?

I had a bloke ask me that on the first date once. He didn’t get a second date – haha.

I’ve had my wisdom teeth out, that sort of thing but, cosmetically no. All my work is done on the inside which is reflected outside. With all the self development work I really do feel younger than I did 10 years ago.

What is your bottom line?

A couple of things on my bottom line…

Firstly, I find the world has brought us up to be very “all for one” and not a lot of “one for all”. I believe the new way of the world is to find your flow again where generosity creates success. Give as you would receive. Find your authentic self, be kind to all and the world will reward you generously. There’s no problem with seeking material things – hey, we live in a physical world after all – but allowing the world to give it to you with less effort, rather than forcing it out of customers, staff and competitors is the goal of my coaching for clients. Integrity and transparency are the keys.

Secondly, I see far too many people judging everything and everyone around them, making themselves sick, fearful or angry in the process and limiting their freedoms with their response. There are  way too many people “living by default”, being what others expect them to be and doing a job that bores them to death. If I can improve on that, then I am living my dream!

For interviews, guest posts, questions and feedback, drop Annabelle a line via the contact form. She is more than happy to hear your thoughts.

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