17 May 2013

Working with an Agent. Coaching Christian Lattman

17 May 2013

free career coaching, actor coaching, acting coaches, creative workI recently coached professional Actor Christian Lattman from Toronto Canada on my Youtube channel. Christian was concerned about how the relationship between himself and his agent was not running as smoothly as he would like. He wanted to know how to get more auditions or casting jobs and we also looked at how he could make the most of working with his agent.

There’s so often much that is not said between a performer and their agent when they start working together. Generally the contract signed simply covers the legal aspects but little else. I see many creative people expecting their agent to do much more than they actually offer. This coaching session helps clarify what you can expect and what you can do to boost your chances for more work.

It works for all types of agents – acting, literary, freelance, theatrical…

The interview was split into 2 videos shown below.

Part I

Part II

Christian Lattman’s site:

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