21 Sep 2012

When all the world is falling apart

21 Sep 2012

This has just come through on YouTube from the superb teacher Abraham channelled by Esther Hicks. The clip is lengthy – about 20 minutes – and goes pretty deep.

Here, a gentleman has been following Abraham’s Law of Attraction teachings for some years but the more he looks at the world the more he sees selfishness, corruption, genocide and violence. He has become completely distraught and can’t see how Law of Attraction can be a legitimate perspective while so much madness is going on.

It’s an opinion he shares with many people. I’ve noticed myself how many more people around me are commenting along the same lines. It’s all getting so out of hand. What’s the point of trying improve yourself, your career or help anyone else when you’re faced with such enormous adversity?

Abraham (speaking through Esther) sits down on the edge of the stage with him to coax him in the right direction. At first he won’t listen but Abraham is insistent in drawing him towards a new perspective.

During these types of sessions the gentleman may still come away in a reasonably negative frame of mind but after sleeping on it, his perspective will open up. Even if it’s only a little bit, it will be an improvement.

A bit of an explanation…
Abraham is apparently a group of souls who are all in perfect agreement with one another – they address themselves as “we” in their teaching. Esther travels the world teaching large groups in theatres, conferences and cruise ships about human behaviour and I consider her to be the best in the world at teaching Law of Attraction. She has millions of fans and followers.

Esther mentions Jerry in this clip who is her late husband. They had a wonderful partnership. You’ll find he is the co-author of all their books some of which are in my store here on the site. He passed away late last year.

The teaching is brilliant. See what you think…

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