20 May 2013

What is a life purpose?

20 May 2013

What is a life purpose or high purpose?When what you’re doing daily feels like a struggle, it can be an exhausting way to live. Saying things which aren’t quite true to keep other people happy. Doing things to please others because it’s your duty or simply because you’re good at it and “shouldn’t” waste the talent. Pretending to be something that doesn’t match who you really are because you’re trying to impress others… all of this can lead to serious Burnout and lack of enthusiasm for life itself.

Becoming conscious of these sorts of challenges may lead you to ask “Well, what IS my purpose? What am I really meant to be doing? What am I here for?”

You conjure images of doing that “special something” which makes you so happy that life flows with ease and grace. Once you’re doing it, all aspects of life fall into place. The people around you no longer grate against you but are pleasant and polite. Many admire you because when you’re doing what you were put on Earth to do you become extraordinarily attractive and naturally successful.

So the desire to find that special high purpose is now in your mind. You might start meditating more often. Researching incessantly online for things to do. Reading self development books. Checking the job search websites for inspiration. Yet that job you are meant to have a special gift for continues to elude you.

What do you do?

You ask the Universe “TELL ME! What am I meant to be doing?” and the answer never comes.

The reason it never comes is because the answer is “What do you want to do?”

Point of focus

You have a brain, an intelligence and, most importantly, the free will to choose. You are a creative Being that can make happen what ever you dream up. That’s what this whole planet is about. Free will to choose how you will live.

It’s easy to point out that some people on the planet were put in positions that offer less room for free will. That is true. But what I’ve learnt is that each of us decides our “life plan” of what we want to experience and learn here before we arrive. So don’t judge this theory based on another person’s story. Simply look at your own and think about how you’d like to change it.

More and more proof comes to hand every day of how people have changed their bodies – got taller, thinner, more muscly, more intelligent, more skilled. Neuro plasticity shows how the brain can re-route it’s processes, compensating for the most extraordinary obstacles.

There are countless stories of the dramatic ways people have changed their lives, cured illness, moved to another part of the world, changed jobs, changed relationships, changed everything and every person that surrounds them to match their new point of focus. (Notice I’m not saying each of these changes is an improvement. You can create a life of no money, no job, no good stuff just as easily with your point of focus.)

So the power we have in our minds to do what ever we like is already there. In each and every one of us. It’s your choice.

Be Committed

Have a good think about what you truly love to do. Something that makes you sublimely happy, that you could do for hours and hours, that makes the world a better place. It might be a sport or entertainment that makes people happier, it might be doing a job that serves other people, it might improve the environment, make animals more comfortable, grow something, create something… you choose. Use your creativity.

Once you’ve chosen, the next step is stated simply, but is the most tricky part for many of us.

Commit to it.

If you start out with an idea of what you want to do but say “I don’t want to get into this unless I know I’m going to be a success.” then you’re guaranteed to never get anywhere and you can continue living by default for the rest of your life.

You’ll only be a success when you completely commit to it happening.

You only ever fail when you give up what you’re doing. Until then you’re still on the journey.

Another reason you may stumble when it comes to commitment, is because you’re worried you might change your mind about what you should be doing and wasted time. This can make a great excuse to never start anything at all. I find the best way I can help clients get around this is to continue asking “why?” until you find your true ideal of what you want to achieve.


I want to be a teacher
Why? So I can help people
Why? So they will buy my products
Why? So I can earn money to pay the rent
Why? So I can be financially independent
Why? So I can be free of those who have a hold over me
Why? So I can do what I want without any burdens on my mind
Why? So all I need focus on is being happy

When you find you’re repeating the last line/s again you know you’ve got to your ideal.

Keeping this ideal on your mind every day and committing to it becoming your new way of life is how to make it happen.

Be Open

If you kept focussed on being a teacher and it doesn’t happen you may give up your whole ideal and go back to living by default. However, if you keep focussed on the ideal and are open to your intuition plus any signs along the way the Universe puts in front of you, you may find that being a teacher is not the most delightful way to getting to your ideal. There is, in fact, an even better, more satisfying way.

  • Decide what you’re focussing on,
  • Be committed
  • And stay open to the signs will give you a far more fascinating journey that leads you to your ideal in the perfect time when you are ready to live it.

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