19 Feb 2013

Video: Mercredan Ep 9 – Goal Setting

19 Feb 2013

We’ve only done a few episodes since the beginning of this year as Francis got married in January (congratulations Francis!), followed by my internet misbehaving over the past few weeks.

This episode starts are little vague (i.e. it took me a while to find the topic) but moves into  a really useful lesson in how you can maximise your progress when goal setting.

Points discussed –

  • Positive thinking will not move you forward without positive action.
  • You cannot have your goal until you feel worthy of it.
  • “Excess” you gain is making up for something you are lacking.
  • You don’t need to “fight” this excess. You simply need to listen for what the lack is.
  • Your inner world is constantly reminding you of what that lack is.
  • You can only move forward once you recognise both your excess and your lack. (This may be lack in worthiness, confidence, support, a thought pattern, vitamins! … it is often something non-physical.)
  • How to get started and keep the progress moving so you don’t give up early.

Losing weight, goal foundations, getting over addiction, thought patterns, giving up, goal setting, psychological baggage.

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Video is 34 minutes

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