05 Mar 2014

The Biggest Song in the World

05 Mar 2014

Happy song Pharrell WilliamsAll over the pop charts around the world right now, one song is featured either at, or near, the top: Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Not since Gangnam Style by Psy has there been a Single which has made such a global impact.

Why has this song been so successful?

To me this is completely in keeping with what our Collective Consciousness is reaching for right now. We have been connecting more strongly together since the tipping point of the World Shift December 2012 and are beginning to make decisions or be inspired as a whole – which is kind of cool.

There is less isolation. We join together like a club in choosing more positive action and emotion. When more and more people move together, it becomes so powerful it can sweep everyone else up along the way. If the others don’t want to come for the ride they’ll have a major challenge fighting against it staying in the old train of thought.

We are over being ruled by those in politics, finance or the media who influence our decisions by planting fear in our head. It’s seriously time to lighten up. (Juxtaposition, I know.) There’s no need be ruled by fear. We want to have some fun!

This is why Gangnam Style did exceptionally well too. Neither song has created a new style of music. It’s not like Elvis or the Beatles creating a new sound. The style is similar to what we’ve heard before. The new GENRE is OUR feeling behind the song. It’s a familiar style of writing. It’s just received differently now on a major scale. (An apt pun.)

The Genre is playful and light hearted. We are happy to laugh at ourselves. We delight in unashamedly taking pure pleasure at no one else’s expense. Raise your vibe to the roof no matter who you are or what you’re wearing. No matter where you are in the world. No matter what time of day or night. Anytime, anywhere – just like in the video.

We’re getting to the point where striving to be more wealthy, more beautiful, more successful, more in control of life has become boring.

We are over it.

The majority are waking up to the idea we can accept ourselves as we are (which is far more beautiful than we give ourselves credit for) and enjoy each moment of each day in the simple joy of living.

What is the impact of this new Happy feeling?

By the thousands, people are giving up jobs that just pay the bills and reaching for jobs that they love to do, even if it doesn’t pay as much. Because, let’s face it, what is the cost of doing a job that doesn’t turn you on 40 hours a week? The cost is far more than the extra pay when you could be doing a more fun job.

(If you are looking for a new career and don’t know how to make it happen, take a look at Dream Job Startup.)

Lifestyle is taking precedence over money and power. Work life balance is the priority.

As this trend grows, I believe we will see materialism start to slow. The advertising industry will have to do a major brainstorm in how to sell to people who no longer fear the problems Admen begin with in almost every ad storyline. The public can see through that formula now. It no longer works.

Lightness of Being has always sounded rather woo-woo and out on the edge. Yet, with the song Happy it’s becoming mainstream and is waking people up to what life is actually meant to be about. Much simpler than we’ve been making it out to be.

My Challenge to You

As I did with the Laughing challenge I now give you this simple challenge. Do it with your housemates or workmates, even on the train (though not in the silent carriages).

Play this song at least once a day – more often if you get the opportunity – for a week and dance like no one’s watching.

You can play this video version from YouTube below for free – please watch the full ad at the beginning of the track so Pharrell get’s paid for his work – or buy it on iTunes.

See how it lifts your day, no matter what problems are to be tackled.

You can do it!

What insights have you had from listening to this song every day?

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