28 Dec 2012

Storm Euclid just the beginning

28 Dec 2012

Storm EuclidChristmas is done and my thoughts are with my many friends and colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere right now. It turns out Mercredan’s warning from the beginning of November is kicking in exactly as he said and the Blizzard Snow Storm Euclid has been born.

Here was the original conversation

Please share this post as widely as you can so those who are able in USA, Europe, Russia and China can stock up on food, drinking water and fuel for cooking / heating for up to 3 weeks.

I’m unsure if the long power outage we were warned about in June is part of the same event or if it will affect the Southern Hemisphere as well.

Considering why it is happening I expect it will affect Down Under in some way or other so it’s safest for all of us to stock the cupboards. As mentioned before, if we get to March / April and the power outage hasn’t happened we can always use up the extra supplies then. Nothing will be wasted and we’d love to prove Mercredan wrong on this prediction.

Hold tight meanwhile, my friends. Once we’re out the other side of this we can look forward to a better life. One where each of us recognises how precious life is and more will eventually come to the conclusion that we are all the one Human Race. Each soul worthy of care and attention.

The Mayans stated this would be a new World, a new way of living. Far improved, far wiser, far easier. We are indeed heading in the right direction in our evolution. Can’t wait to get there!


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Update December 29 8.05am

Storm Euclid moves on but a new snowstorm gathers



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