29 Apr 2014

Mercredan on World War III

29 Apr 2014

World shift in collective consciousnessHad a great channelling session with Mercredan yesterday and thought I would share the insights with you on our World War III, what stage we are up to in Human Evolution and what we can do to speed our progress.

As you read this you may find it starts in a rather vague way. I believe he does this deliberately because each of us read different things into what is being said. I’d love to hear your own thoughts below on how you interpret the text.

Mercredan Channelling Session

28 April 2014
Channel: Francis Evans
Interviewer: Annabelle Drumm


M: Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. The conversation as you’re well aware has touched upon many subjects and I want to say that everything reflects everything else. You have touched upon the patterns in your planets as they align up (Astrology Grand Cross) and throw on to your living system relative energy and interpretations.
So much then, is coming to a critical point and timing is always of great interest.
Everything then runs in cyclical actions. So many things are lining up. So many memories coming to the fore and Humankind in itself is meeting its own internal Spiritual journey.

The Coming of Age

Let us bring that point to a head because there have been World events taking place so often in One’s reality. So many conflicts coming to the fore and this one then, takes Humanity beyond itself into the Spiritual realms.
Then, the final conflict is one of Spiritual dimensions. That, shall we say, of the Resurrection. That is, of the Coming of Age of a species as it turns the corner of itself. Let us say then, Human nature has to be overcome. That is, the desire to own, to have, to grab what is available and keep it to Self, as if that was an option, as Humanity meets its own critical turning point. That is enough for you to guide where the conversation goes.

A: Hmm, ok. Where shall we start with that? You said there was a single conflict that is bringing us to the point. Is this the one between Russia and Ukraine or is it a different one?

The Three World Wars

M: Let us say this. You have had two World wars. You are indeed beginning to consider the Centennial of the first of those.

A: Yes

M: The first one, that was brought into being because of the desire for physicality. For physical ownership of resources and —.  And that one came to a conclusion by the might of a unitary force. The second one however, was held in an Astral plane. That is, the second war as it was, was a war of revenge with vengeance and emotional torment. Do you understand? In the astral planes, the second war was one of magical purpose.

A: How was it magical?

M: Let us say the one of great religious importance. You understand, however, that such conflicts were not made in an inevitable way. So at the time then, the one country, your United States, was not committed to either side. They were, in fact, committed only to the winning side. That meant that they were able to supply both sides until one would become more apparent than the other. Do you understand?

A: Yes.

M: The Third World War, as it is, is the War for minds. Even again, religious ferment and tensions, have taken the fore. Once again it is Who shall control the minds? How will everything be framed up? Be talked about? How will the advertising promote? What will your News media condition everyone towards? This is a War of Mind. You understand? Of philosophy. Of whose way of working is better?
And yet, on a more subtle level, this is a War of Spirituality. Of that which one would share with a Oneness, a recognition that Humankind are very similar.

How to dissolve this War

All over the world, normal common sense will obviously take precedent once the Mind Games cease to happen. Do you understand? So it is a Spiritual conflict because individuals can no longer rely on what they are being sold but must tap in to their inner nature. They must begin to intuit the truth and begin to demand the truth. To see what is occurring and all over the planet that is occurring. The biggest problem for the War effort is what you call your Internet. Because the War effort always has relied …

(Interruption due to a violent cat fight in my house. Mercredan waits for me to come back.)

A: (laughs) OK, the war is over.

M: You understand, once again the young and the old. Each one wishing to become top dog as it were. Which one will win over the other. Once again always it is “over”. That is what is important. You understand? The conflict then, is always being exposed. The truth then is being exposed and yet it is covered up yet again with more of your public relations. Who cannot know what is true? You cannot. You can only make up your mind once you have evidence and that is always difficult to find.

A: So, when will the point come where there are enough people that listen to their intuition rather than needing the evidence that the media are not offering, in order for the change to happen and they can call the bluff of those that are doing the public relations?

M: Let us say this. More and more leaking.

A: Leaking, right.

M: More are leaking and there are more difficulties in keeping secret the Secrets. You understand? Even your Secret Services are no longer capable of remaining secret. Even then if you begin to see that they are all outside of what is acceptable.
Humans then, are beginning to wake up to what is being done in their name and done to them. And, there are less and less people willing to go along with it. And, as that comes about, the new species, as I have said, emerges. It emerges because Humans are being required to intuit. To tap into their inner Selves and discover what is behind the Secrets. Do you understand?

A: Yes

M: And so, it will come about. There is only time and eventually the great secrets of the past 100 years, the Centennial, will begin to show the cracks that have been covered up.

A: So, you’re saying it’s an Emerging? It’s not really a crisis point where suddenly everything will change and we will see the light?

A Sensational News Event

M: I will say this. History of course, does not usually take place when suddenly everybody wakes up unless the truth of some event comes to the surface. An event that affected every body.

A: Is that a possibility?

M: That is the most likely.

A: Right

M: Because there are many events that already have been exposed in your World. Do you understand? In your World you are at the mercy of your television and magazines and newspaper. And the other side is exposed to their version.

A: Yes

M: And the versions are not the same.

A: They are not.

M: The difficulty of course, is in the Eastern block countries. “Less is better” in their sense. There is not the desire to promote mis-information, rather to provide no information. You understand. Better to have everyone in the dark rather than in confusion in the dark. You understand what I am saying?

A: (laughs) Yes

Accepting the Truth

M: Suddenly, in time – and this is also important because humans in general do not like to feel like they have been taken advantage of.

A: Yes, that’s right.

M: So you might then stick with your pre-conceived ideas rather than…

A: Rather than admit you were wrong. Yeh.

M: Rather than face the truth as it stands. It will take a Shift, shall we say, in willingness.

Generation Y

At this point in Human evolution the young people in the transition group are simply more focussed on getting their own stability. They are more focussed on the immediate than on the War of the Minds.

A: And is that a better way for us older people to follow?

M: Let us say that it will come as a greater surprise to them when it turns against. Does that make sense?

A: No, not quite.

M: Because eventually, and I will predict here, that within the third year from this point, it will have occurred.


M: That is because the stress that is beginning to show will take a greater form.

Connection to Extreme Weather

As you can see, the Planet itself is in its own critical phases. There are so many more geological movements afoot.

A: Yes

M: And, as we have pointed out, the Guardian does not take kindly to conflicts.

A: No. OK.

Message to Our Future Audience to this Interview

M: I want to make a comment here.

A: Yes

M: Because often we are talking about Shifts in Consciousness rather than seemingly rising up the integrity of those that are listening and tuning in.
So, let us put a different light on it because, as Humanity brings itself towards a lighter perspective, that seeing every one is part of the Whole when One connects with One’s neighbour and demonstrates a sense of friendliness and compassion, strings of light appear all around your planet. And, as they do, a network that strengthens, it holds the planet itself towards a greater degree of security.
Had it been that such frameworks were not in such an advanced stage you would have found the planet breaking up with more patterns. That is, environmental storms, earthquakes and such things as famine and so on.
All of these have been predicted but yet, at the same time, the strengthening bonds brought about by the spiritual coherence by many people, unknown directly but connected on purpose, build a much stronger organisation that, in the end, will provide leadership and agreements.

Your individual efforts make a difference!

A: And each one is important too, I suppose.

M: Each one is essential to the next. At this point of course, the majority are finding connections in what is perhaps the commonality of language. Yet, as things progress, a greater sense of connection with those in different places will begin to take form.
Then, I want to encourage everyone to make those connections with others in distant lands of different cultures because, until you do, you will not find the commonality and the willingness to treat others as One.

A: Thank you for that message.

M: Then, thank you for your time and your great insights. I want to say this because so often it requires, as I have said so many times, somebody to direct our conversations, to keep them on track and to make sure that we are making enough sense.

A: I am honoured that is it me. Thank you.

M: Then, we will talk again.

A: Indeed.


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