How does Kitegirl charge for her coaching?

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Is Kitegirl’s Coaching worth the fee?

Annabelle Drumm Creative Entrepreneur Business CoachingThe results that come from my Personal, Executive and Business Coaching have been truly astounding. Even to me. I’m meant to be sitting there all cool and calm saying “Of course, I knew you were going to do that.” but it’s most likely I’ve got my jaw dropped, just like you, amazed at what extraordinary things you’ve made happen.

I’ve had clients multiply their income and business profits many times over within a few months, have their dream job fall into their lap, mend relationships that looked like they were on Death Row, smoothed negotiations that looked like World War III and had Client’s confidence grow to a point where, what seemed like a tremendous challenge at the start of the series, becomes laughably easy.

Even once the Coaching series is complete, most clients report back the results continue to flood in meeting or going beyond their original goals due to the impetus we have built.

Looking at Coaching as an expense you’re not sure you can “spare” is not seeing the service for what it is. In the true sense of the word, Coaching with Kitegirl is a risk free Investment.

Most clients, once they get started, soon realise their Kitegirl Coaching session is stimulating, comforting, supportive, motivating … the one session of the week they look forward to the most. Not only all these things but, they get RESULTS which far outweigh the fee.

GUARANTEE: If you’re paying monthly for your Coaching and you or I find the results are not emerging at a satisfactory rate, either one of us can cancel the series. You are not obliged to continue and I don’t want to be wasting your time or money if I don’t think we’re going to make progress. If we cancel under these circumstances I will refund all fees you’ve paid for the current month’s Coaching. The reason I do this job is the buzz I get from seeing outstanding results. I’ll not hold you ransom if I don’t see us doing that.

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