How to be the Genuine Authentic You

Working with a qualified Life Coach can help you find yourself plus find an easy way of living a more honest and true life so your conscience is clear and you can really enjoy yourself.

Coming from a background in both corporate life and entertainment I’ve had plenty of time to become familiar with a wide variety of people and observe their behavior. Those who fit in, those who stood out. Those who desperately wanted to stand out but couldn’t find their genius and those who blatantly stood out but wanted nothing more than to just be part of the clan – either because they had no ambition, no belief in themselves or didn’t like the tall poppy syndrome their less able friends inflicted upon them.

A couple of examples:
I’ve watched a bi-sexual friend who felt forced to start acting in an over-the-top effeminate way and give up women so as not to be rejected by his gay friends who would not tolerate anyone sitting on the fence.

I’ve watched many business people become hard nosed, ambitious and ruthless in their pursuit of a career that would bring them money and esteem their friends would admire but could not give them happiness.

I’ve been amazed at the lengths people will go to, which contradict their true selves, in order to fit in with a particular group, even when the criticism is not coming directly from anyone else but what they expect others might say.

I, myself in my younger years have worn rougher clothes, added swear words to my vocabulary and tried to act “cool” in order to fit in. It just wasn’t me and it made me feel empty, unfulfilled.

I was accepted by my peers but not fully. Even if they couldn’t put their finger on what the problem was, that lack of authentic representation would unnerve them so they could not trust me nor accept me into their inner circle. Consequently I ended up with no close friends.

It wasn’t until I gave up trying to please others and just admitted to myself that
– I don’t like ripped clothing
– I don’t like swearing every second word
– I am actually very bright and don’t need to act dumb to match the color of my hair
– I do like opera, ballet, philosophy, learning about spirituality and being a lady
– let’s face it, “Cool” is not me

This was when I became more happy within myself, accepted my oddities and began to live a truly genuine and satisfying life.

I’m sure most of us have done it at some stage. Are you doing it now? Look at everything around you and about you. If no one else’s opinion mattered and money meant nothing, would you be doing the job you’re doing now? Would you wear those clothes? Speak the way you do? Talk on the subjects you talk about? Own the things you have? Approach career and social life in that way?

If you’re curious about learning how past lives influence your current life, you can visit a clinical regression hypnotherapist in your local area. Always check around for referrals and do some forum research on the internet to make sure you’re getting an ethical professional.

If you want to check out what earlier influences in this current life have affected you, you can go to a clinical psychologist or counsellor for some advice.

For me as a Coach though, I’m more interested in taking you from where you are RIGHT NOW and moving you FORWARDS to find the genuine you. This has been proven by Neuro Scientists to be the leading edge way of working. It’s many times faster and more effective than older methods of therapy.

We can work towards discovering who you are inside. Who you really are. Your soul. We’ll be looking to find what you’re about and what you have to offer the world.

Once we’ve figured this out, coaching can assist you to develop a lifestyle that suits the real you, a healthy way of thinking about yourself and how you’d truly like to present yourself to the world.

By finding the genuine you, any feelings of falsity will fade away. You can be proud you are being the best and most authentic person you can be.

When you do this, the reactions of people around you change dramatically. They’ll see you as more trustworthy, more attractive in many ways and your world will be a much happier place to live.

Come play with me. Let’s find the genuine you…

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