23 Oct 2014

Health Symptoms of Personal Evolution

23 Oct 2014

Sarah Beirmann on the Shift of ConsciousnessThere was a lovely blog article which came through yesterday pointing out health symptoms that you may have personally experienced or seen in others over the last week or so. Sarah Biermann is an expert in drawing synergy between Astrology and all the changes we can’t see in the World shift in consciousness that affects our health. I’ve done quite a few of her webinars and some personal coaching as well which is always highly intuitive, loving and insightful. She is also adept at seeing the parallel universes quantum physicists speak of.

Summary of points from the article on health symptoms:

  • You may experience a sore throat and losing voice for several days – this forces you to communicate in different ways
  • feeling unfocussed, dizzy or wobbly for a few days
  • temporary disorientation (This one makes me laugh. It reminds of one morning waking up saying to myself “Oh, Earth again. Remind me, what were the rules of this planet again?” Don’t know where I was but I guess it was somewhere else.)
  • emotionally sensitive
  • increased empathy which you can use to connect with more humans – and non humans, says Sarah – across the world. Plus you can use it to increase intimacy with those dear to you.
  • There’s reference to Pamala Oslie’s “Looking through the lens of Aura Colors” which gives more explanation on the aura colours of Empaths.
  • There’s a quick channelling from Ahrazu/Osiris inviting us to use our imagination to visualise connecting with non-humans which, as Law of Attraction shows, will shorten the buffer period of it happening for you.
  • Describes the barriers to expanding your experiences of the intangible – namely fear from previous experiences and judgement on yourself

Read Sarah Biermann’s article on Empathic Expansion here.

As usual, I must point out that if you have health symptoms which are concerning, please seek the advice of a medical professional. Sometimes your body and mind is asking for more than just a cup of tea and a lie down. Listen to it carefully.


Mercredan has also mentioned increased communication with non-humans though he speaks of it more applying to animals and plants – Dr Doolittle style.


solar flares affecting your healthSolar flares affecting your health

There is plenty of meaty material this week from our Solar Flare expert Dana Mrkich’s blog on how the latest flares – a lot over the past few days – affect your health.

See my two part interview with her here when we were approaching the December 2012 tipping point.

Symptoms here include

  • headaches
  • restlessness
  • adrenalin
  • heart palpitations
  • not sleeping or sleeping more than usual
  • emotional releases
  • huge insight into our old patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking
  • increased awareness of what’s around you
  • vivid dreams
  • and ancient memories coming up which is also mentioned in Sarah’s channelling from Osiris.
  • listening inside to what you need in your diet

Read Dana Mrkich’s article on Solar Flares affecting your health here.

For me, my own health seems to be following what Dana is saying. Now I am needing to eat less and sleep less (sometimes just 3-5 hours in the night) but still feeling perfectly energetic. I will do a 12 hour sleep once every couple of months.

I am also needing “quiet” times during the day more often. These are a bit like a mini-meditation where you sit with eyes unfocussed, mind still, tuned in to your body and your surroundings. Very present!

Whatever you need, be gentle on yourself and set aside a few minutes of time through the day and evening to listen to what your body is telling you it needs.

By the way, sorry you’ve not been able to comment on this blog for such a long time. I have some spammer from either Russia or Poland, or both, who’s set a program to subscribe fake email addresses every day on this site. I assume getting blog updates means the gmails and yahoos of the world think they are legitimate email addresses. Then the spammer can sell the email address to unsuspecting buyers. Databases of thousands of fake email addresses – what is that worth? Probably a heap for now.

One day I’ll take the time to find a work-around and you’ll be able to join the discussion again. Meanwhile, feel free to drop me a line on the Contact page if you have anything you want to ask.

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