15 Jun 2011

450% business increase

15 Jun 2011

Simon: Business coaching client Sydney and New YorkName: Simon
Location: Sydney Australia and New York USA
Occupation: Digital storyteller, Owner of Media Production Company

“I engaged Annabelle to help take my business to the next level and she has delivered.


I recently completed her 12 week coaching program** and this quarter my business has turned over revenue 4.5 times more than average. Next quarter is shaping up as having similar improvements.

Annabelle helped me to set 3 powerful goals that spanned both my business and personal life and I have found that breakthroughs in each area have fueled insights and improvements in all the others.

Annabelle helped me to explore and discard a few of the thoughts I had that were holding me back in my business. When I started I thought that growing the business would require more pain, drama, and workaholism. But, here we are with a greatly expanded flow of work and I’m happier, more focused, balanced and at peace.

As a creative artist it can be very challenging to do justice to both your creativity and financial management. And as a sole trader in an emerging digital industry the best pathways forward aren’t always clear. Having been in the creative field herself, Annabelle brings a great deal of experience, insight and empathy, but she framed the coaching in a way that I was empowered and took ownership of my goals and the journey towards them.

Of course, the pursuit of goals and visions for your life is fraught with challenges, disappointments and frustrations. I came up against a lot of the attitudes and feelings that had stopped me in the past. At times I felt very resistant and defiant. It would not have been nice to be trying to help me, but Annabelle was incredibly professional, patient and determined in standing for the life I was seeking.

Overall, the experience was incredibly valuable for my business and the rest of my life. I have a greater sense of purpose and the process has given me skills, structures and momentum that will help make these improvements sustainable.

I thoroughly recommend Annabelle services.”

Simon Dikkenberg

**Kitegirl notes: This was 12 coaching sessions spread over 6 1/2 months.
**UPDATE: September 2012 Simon has just completed his second coaching series. He now has 6 staff and is buying his own commercial property to house them. Awesome!

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