18 Sep 2014

Your work is not precious

18 Sep 2014

career coaches sydney australiaDon’t gasp in horror. This is a useful perspective and I’ll show you why. I see many creatives grovel like Gollum over their work as though it is a precious jewel. Something rare and unusual.

Whether we are talking about music, literature, artwork, a performance piece or an advertising pitch; spending hours sweating over making it as perfect as possible has distinct disadvantages. Here’s why…

  1. Once the main structure or body of the work is composed, going back over it multiple times gives you the opportunity to overdo the work. By flattening out everything that was created spontaneously and haphazardly can remove it’s character, it’s charm.

    Ever watched a computer create something? It’s perfect but contains little or no humanity, that thing which actually makes it special and memorable. Sure, take out any distracting faults but allow the character to stay.

    You could even see Fashion models as an example of this too. The ones who have had all their “faults” removed and made picture perfect will never be the ones to rise to an iconic state. They just become another Barbie Doll. Look at the models who are world famous and you will find their supposed “flaws” are often what makes them stand out.

  2. A Law of Attraction lesson for you. When you add manic focus and attention to your work and treat it as precious, it confirms in your mind it is rare. If you convince yourself that the great ideas you get are “rare” then the Universe will comply – as it always does – and make sure you very rarely get new great ideas.

    By reducing your attachment to it’s value and seeing yourself as a portal for an infinite number of great ideas, the Universe will start to flow them to you more easily and writer’s block will never be a problem.

  3. When you sweat over the finer details of your work and man-handle it for months or even years you put a lot of weight on the necessity for it to succeed.

    For example, if you write a book which takes all your time for 2 years, seeing it succeed and give you back the recognition or income to match the effort you put in is far more important than if it took you 2 months to create. Therefore failure will feel a lot worse and the motivation to pick yourself up and start something new will be much harder to find.

Be like Picasso and flex those creative muscles so you are flowing with good ideas which pour out of you on a daily basis. The more you flow the ideas without over working them, the more perfectly and abundantly they flow!

Even if they are not-so-great ideas, when you are flowing you will produce far more master pieces.

Work like there’s no tomorrow. Work like you have nothing to lose. Work like you have an infinite supply of creative ideas. Be prolific and, not only will they flow thicker and faster but, you’ll be caught up in the joy of creation and other areas of your life will automatically start to fall into place as well. I mean in every way – your health, sex-life, finances, social life, confidence, emotions and general wellbeing.

Finding you’re not flowing as well as you used to? Work with me and we’ll get you back on track with your creative career.

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