19 Dec 2012

Thoughts of Suicide

19 Dec 2012

Depression and suicide around December 21 2012You may have noticed the mood swings you have and those around you have become slightly more extreme over the past few months. More up than usual, more down than usual for no apparent reason.

During these tumultuous times the low vibes we experience are the releasing of all that old baggage, old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve. Once you clear it out, even though you don’t know that’s the process your subconscious is going through, you feel elated. There’s a spring in your step like… well, like Christmas is here.

Sometimes those lows come from losing material possessions and it’s very hard to grasp that this is all part of game of life. That material possessions do not EQUAL the value of life. It can be so very challenging.

One thing that’s so important to keep in mind is that we are ALL going through these ups and downs. You are not alone. You are a part of us. We are a single Human species going through an unprecedented change. So be aware and notice whether you’re up or down so you can address it if need be. Here’s some basic suggestions for those extreme times.

When you’re feeling down

  • Dana Mrkich suggests cleaning something out. Something really simply like a messy drawer. This physical cleaning out affects you psychologically. You’re taking action to reach for improvement and sometimes that’s enough to make you feel better and get you started in the right direction.
  • Mastin Kipp found when faced with living in someone else’s pool room because he couldn’t afford rent, he was given the insight (paraphrased) “The size of this room is the size of your faith in yourself right now. It is small but it is enough.” Think deeply about that and look for the glimmer of hope. Write down everything that is working fine in your life, even if you start with the fact your legs still work. When you look for it you will find it. When you believe it’s not there you’ll miss it even if it’s standing in front of you in a pink nightie slapping you in the face with a wet Flounder fish.
  • Find a way to take care of yourself. A warm bath, buy a massage, sway to your favourite tunes, find a happy cat/dog to pat. Don’t do it because you feel sorry for yourself. Focus on doing it because you are worth it. You really are. 🙂 You contribute to healing the whole world when you heal yourself.
  • Get some fresh air and exercise. Breathe deep. Get your bare feet into the dirt, sand, grass – connect with the Earth and the trees. Stepping away from the noise of screaming electronics in a building and closer to Nature can release anxiety, give you a calmer mind bringing you back to emotional neutral territory again.
  • When you’re usually strong and positive and everyone around you expects you to support them; it can feel like you’re letting them down by not having the strength to help right now. You can gain much self esteem when you explain you need time to care for yourself, say ‘no’ and step aside from the burden of carrying others for a while. When you do that you may even get the surprise of one of them offering to carry you for a change – no matter what their age. Ignore all complaints! Caring for yourself when you’re down is highest priority.
  • If one particular person is giving you grief, bullying you, trying to control you, it’s time to step away, particularly if you don’t have the strength to confront them. Stay with a friend if you can, or look for a shelter of some sort where they can give you comfort and a quiet corner to yourself.
  • Reach out and do something good for someone else. Can you rake leaves for a neighbour? Wash their car? Compliment a dress, a haircut or the effort someone is putting in? Give as you would receive. Often you’ll find the first satisfaction comes from the giving. After that you can focus on how worthy you are of receiving and you’ll start to let the love and care of others back into your life. Tread carefully here and listen to your emotions as you do this. If you’re feeling grumpy that no one is giving back you are confirming this reality in yourself and will only get more of the same. Start by acknowledging yourself for the great things you are offering the world without need for thanks in return.
  • Call a Lifeline phone service where a qualified counsellor can ease your burden. A problem shared is a problem halved. In the USA  In the UK and Australia for example

When you’re feeling up

When you’re feeling good and strong inside, don’t wait a second! Get out there and make the world a better place. Look for those who are the most down trodden, sad, scared, lost. Buy a homeless man some hot pizza, smile and say hello, give a word of encouragement or support, offer the last of your unused parking ticket to someone who’s just arrived to park, pay the extra change someone needed to buy what they wanted at the shop. Even asking them to help you with something small and then giving them genuine thanks and gratitude for their contribution is a step towards making them feel more worthy and lifting their spirits.

While you’re feeling up – and we forgive you for not feeling that way all the time – the World needs you right now. Make each second and every action count.

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NB – Annabelle Drumm is not a medical professional and gives no medical advice. If you need help, seek advice from a suitable professional.

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