02 Nov 2012

Spirituality = better mental health according to science

02 Nov 2012

Here’s a quick link to the Science Daily website of an article showing how finding a spiritual mindset improves your mental health regardless of whether you’re into religion, yoga meditation, tree hugging or being in fairly land (well… that’s my take on it anyway).

Science daily: Spirituality correlates to Better Mental Health regardless of Religion, say Researchers.

What is it to be spiritual?

It’s not necessarily connected to religion at all. There are highly spiritual people who don’t follow religion and there are religious people who live in a far from spiritual way.

The very basics of Spirituality could be finding times in the day when you can calm your mind and listen inside rather than filling your brain with stuff to process. These calm moments are the only time true insight can arrive which will give you the wisest decision or connect you to your intuition.

A calm mind can raise your happiness, help you sleep better, reduce any feelings of loneliness, decrease ongoing stress, raise your immunity and help you cope much better when under pressure.

Want to increase your intuition and reduce stress? Yes!

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