01 Apr 2013

Self Help

01 Apr 2013

Self Help for evolving yourselfHave you ever noticed when you meet up with people you knew a few years ago, some of them are exactly the same? Then there are others who you meet up with and they are totally different people? They’re more centred, confident, calm, less bitchy or self involved. It’s almost like they have been back to the factory for an upgrade and have come out wiser and nicer.

In our ever evolving world it’s time for each of us to move forward. Old habits die hard and to keep up with the change, life can flow a whole lot smoother if you take some time out for self development.

In the video below from our regular weekly channeled interview with Mercredan, he discusses the significance of the Easter Story in comparison to where the Human Race is in terms of the Great Ages.

I find it fascinating, I always have, but if that stuff is too “woo woo” for you, no problem. We can use that knowledge in our own Feet on the Ground way.

When is it time for Self Help?

Your own body and mind will tell you when it’s time for an upgrade. Sometimes it’s a physical nudge to stop and take time out. You might get a cold, have an accident which forces you to take time off work and put your feet up for a few days. Or it may be more of a mental nudge where you find you suddenly lose enthusiasm for socialising/working/doing anything at all and just want to curl up in a ball under a blanket for few days.

Assuming this is not a habit of yours in terms of depression, extreme Stress or a nervous breakdown, you can ease off getting anxious or beating yourself up for losing your motivation. This withdrawal is a whole lot more common than you think. It’s happening all around the world right now. You are not a freak. You are ready for an upgrade!

How do we get started?

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Step One: Take time out

The first word that comes to mind is SLEEP. Lots of sleep is a great start and must be your priority. If you’re mentally or physically exhausted, taking time for rest will heal you in many ways. Not just rest your body, but give your mind the time to heal as well. If you were upgrading a computer it would go into the shop for some time out and you must do the same with yourself. Make some “Me time” in your schedule to see this through. Three days is ideal. (This is why colds often keep you on your back for about 3 days. It’s the optimal amount of time for an upgrade. If you throw yourself back into a busy routine too early you’ll miss the benefits and may be more sick later on.)

Once well rested, you’ve started the healing process and your mind will be in a more relaxed state, ready to go.

When I say “go” I don’t mean what most people think about driving forward and working hard. This Self Help process requires the opposite of driving forward initially.

Turn off the electronics around you while you rest. Computers, televisions, radios, iPods etc. Get as quiet a space as you can for as long a period as possible. For those not accustomed to giving their mind quiet time this can feel like a culture shock leaving you grabbing for the remote, but keeping them turned off is well worth it. You’re not going to get the full benefits until you remove all distractions.

Put some flowers or plants nearby.

You’ll often find pets are drawn to being in your company too. It sounds kooky but they know you need their support.

Lay off the coffee/tea, alcohol, drugs, soda. Make the most of this time to drink lots of filtered water and eat healthy. Hey, we might as well do this properly, don’t you think? Upgrades don’t come along that often.

Step Two: My Life in Review

Once your body and mind are better rested it’s time to do some “big picture” thinking. Grab a pad or journal – preferably not a computer or electronic tablet. Hand writing slows your thoughts down and the lack of light from an electronic device will give your eyes a rest. Write it on something you can refer back to in a few years so you can see how far you’ve come.

Really take your time over this and ponder the answer. This is not a quick exercise but one you can dwell on for a day or two. If no answer comes just let it sit in your mind until you’re inspired with a response. Get a friend to help if you’re still dumbfounded after a couple of days.

Answer these questions looking for your positive answers. Don’t just say “good” or “ok” but expand on how you truly feel about the topic and describe what you’ve learnt. Leave out all negative comments. You’re not here to beat yourself up. If you like facts and figures give yourself a rating out of 10. Use these suggested topics as an outline and add your own topics if you wish.

How have I grown and what have I learned over the past few years?
Underline each topic heading and write your answers next to them.

eg – My Partner. I’ve learnt that by speaking up and asking for what I need my partner respects me more, communication is open and they give me what I ask for. I’ve learnt to fully listen till they’ve finished speaking which keeps them calmer and easier to deal with even in hot situations.

Tangibles: My partner, Family, Friends, Workmates, My living space, Neighbourhood, Body, Health, Sexuality, Career/income
Intangibles: My Happiness, Wisdom (being wise rather than knowledgeable), Coping with Stress, How I treat people, How I Communicate, My Generosity, Forgiveness, Creativity, Spirituality (listening inside), My Contribution to Society, How I’ve improved the lives of others around me, How I make amends for my mistakes, How I care for myself, Honesty with others, Honesty with myself, What I value, My most memorable ‘aha’ moments.

Step Three: Sum It Up and Move Forward

  1. What are the 3-5 most amazing things on this list I have learned or achieved?
  2. How has that changed me as a person?
  3. How has it affected the people around me?
  4. What are my special skills, strengths or gifts that I can offer?
  5. What 3 topics would I most like to improve on this list?
  6. How would I like them to be different?
  7. What would life be like if they were the way I wanted?
  8. How would that make a difference in the world (not just to me)?

By taking time to answer these questions in detail you get to look back over how you’ve evolved as a person up to now and set the intention as to what kind of a person you want to become. If these intentions are different from how you think about yourself on a daily basis you might like to look them over each night before you go to sleep just to confirm where you want to head.

Don’t regret not heading that way before. You are continually growing. Just turn yourself around so you’re facing the right way (towards the way you want to be) and take a step. Keep doing it until it comes naturally to you.

The age of selfishness, collecting possessions and desperately trying to define ourselves as “unique” or better than someone else is coming to an end. It’s time to recognise your gifts and put your effort into carrying the Human Race through to a new era of helping each other, improving all lives and seeing ourselves as a single Species with the potential to do truly amazing things!

Comment below if you have any great insights or need help with this exercise.


Mercredan Episode 15

Video is 22 minutes

Mercredan: “It is not the survival of the Personality any longer. It is the survival of the Species. A change of frequency that can be demonstrated in many ways. The old personal benefits will not any longer be useful in the changing period.”

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