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Annabelle Drumm Mojo Coaching in Sydney AustraliaBeing a woman these days is such a juggle! There’s the career to grow, a house to maintain, le boyfriend or husband to keep happy, children (sometimes) to spend time with and everyone else who either wants a piece of us or has expectations for us to meet.

How many hats can we wear at once?

How do we play the hard driven, efficient, ball breaking gal at work striving for success and then, at the end of the day, return to our partners with fluttering eye lashes as the ultimate feminine muse?

Each man says what he likes about us and what he wants but can you really be sure he’s telling the truth?

He says he loves us when we’re pro-active, taking on the world and doing whatever’s necessary to trail blaze ahead. Yet deep inside it might be imposing on his manhood.

Deep inside he might actually just want us to fully support him being a star in his own career but daren’t say it for fear of getting his head bitten off.

Sometimes there are even professional jealousies which make us feel guilty we’re doing so well. This can lead to us sabotaging our own career – even subconsciously – to make him feel better.

So many divorces I’ve witnessed, I even participated in one myself, when the man finally leaves with his new upgraded younger, slimmer, less successful version of us, harshly criticising how useless we were at being a wife. Yet, at the beginning of our relationship, he marvelled at our initiative and creative projects.

Such a dilemma.

We are in touch with our masculine side and can stand toe-to-toe with any man in the business world, particularly when we are women in Executive and Management roles, yet we’re diminshing our feminine side and are at a loss to know how to incorporate it into the mix so we don’t terrify all current and potential male partners.

Wasn’t there meant to be some benefit in being a female aside from bearing children?

What do men want from us?

And what do we truly want for ourselves?

If you want to know how to find your real power base as a woman then my Mojo Coaching is for you.

Who is it for?

Particularly good for Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Leadership roles where your strength is respected in the workplace.

In Mojo Coaching we are aiming to drawing out your true integrity, then using it to find your most effective leadership strategies and become the most powerful leader you can be as a woman, not a pretend man in a skirt.

This will be a mix of Business, Executive and Life Coaching with a healthy dose of conversation around female sexuality and what it means to you.

By finding who you really are and want to be, you’ll no longer be bending to the whim of what others expect of you.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re “acting the part”, but are able to play any part as yourself, be able to communicate with or lead others openly and honestly as a powerful feminine Leader.

Here’s how it will work…

  1. First call:
    I have a 30 minute phone /skype chat with you. In this call we can get to know each other better and both decide if we want to go ahead.
  2. Do the Coaching:
    We work together confidentially for 6 months doing 45-60 minute sessions every two weeks. (A little more often in the first month.)
  3. Boost everything to the highest level:
    We take an overall look at all areas of life so you can decide which areas need the most attention. Each session we check progress in those areas and work towards the ideal of an increased mojo and improved business/career. They are linked, after all.
  4. I am here as a Coach, not a Mentor:
    so I don’t tell you what you have to do. I am here to help you find your own solutions which makes you more independent and gives you the tools to solve your own problems in the future.
  5. No Obligation:
    This is coaching for a set period of time with a clear outcome. There is no obligation to continue working with me once the series is complete.
  6. Distance Learning:
    You don’t need to be in my home town – we can work internationally by phone or online by Skype/FaceTime. Hours are preferably between: East Coast Australia 9am-3pm Mon to Fri Pacific Time USA 3pm-9pm Sun-Thurs
    We review your progress at the end of each month or every two months as agreed mutually. If you have made no progress at all within that review period, I will completely refund your money for that month and we will cease the coaching arrangement.

Where do we start?

Fill in the form below with your details. I’ll need your city base and time zone so we can co-ordinate a mutually suitable time to do our sessions.

Kitegirl Coach Annabelle DrummAll your details come directly to me and I will contact you for Mojo Coaching myself.

No staff involved.

Should we decide to go ahead I’ll send you the invoices in advance. You can either pay in one lump sum or monthly in advance by auto-payment EFT in Australia; Amex or Paypal from elsewhere.

This is your year! Time to change things in a major way and find what it feels like to be accepted as your true self more powerful than you can imagine.

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