13 Jan 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio on Greed in Hollywood and Wall St

13 Jan 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall StLeonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is out and there’s a great interview with him on the subject this movie, and his previous movie “The Great Gatsby”, highlights. Greed.

Here is the article:

Greed is a fascinating subject and one worth exploring. There are pluses and minuses, extremes and balances. Where is a good balance?

From what I’ve seen, one major problem for those seeking self improvement or wanting to use Law of Attraction to make their lives better is the subject of money and its connection to Greed. Many are brought up believing that to ask for, or expect, “more” is automatically an act of Greed and something to be ashamed of.

Parents teach children this, who grow up to be parents and teach their children the same. So many generations of families have a very definite belief that to desire “more than your share” is greedy.

To me, this is a gross misrepresentation.

The Oxford Dictionary’s first definition of Greed is: “intense and selfish desire for something”.

What is selfish? Oxford Dictionary says: “lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure”

The important part to stress is “lacking consideration for other people” and as DiCaprio himself says of his Wolf Street character “You gravitate towards these characters. These are people who have an insatiable selfishness. It’s fascinating to watch those dark sides of human nature and ultimately we learn something about ourselves, depending on what kind of person you are.”

How Greed is taught

As a child, before any rules of behaviour are learnt, you have an uninhibited view of abundance and can freely expect to get whatever you please. If you can’t find it in reality then you live it in imagination so it is already yours. (Don’t argue against the power of imagination here – it is the basis of every one of your goals as an adult.)

When our parents, carers and others around us start to tell us we can’t have things and that we must face reality, this is when our new belief of lack begin to flourish.

Because this belief is not natural to us it feels oppressive. Why can’t we have what we want? What do you mean money is hard to come by or it’s a bad thing to want more than I have today? As a child we never consider having more as doing so with lack of consideration for someone else. That was never necessary because, in a child’s mind which is brilliant at deciphering Law of Attraction, no one misses out. We can all have what we want.

Oppressive thoughts that don’t match our natural instincts seem seriously unfair and can bring about feelings of anger and powerlessness. “That’s not the way it works!” our child’s mind says. Is it any wonder that we grow up and feel compelled to lust over movies like The Wolf of Wall Street for the character’s rebellion against this unnatural belief that wanting more is something to be ashamed of?

Overcoming the Belief in Lack can be the trickiest thing. Yet, if you take it back to that child’s belief that you can have things for yourself which don’t disadvantage others you will make progress.

I remember reading about Jerry Hicks being worried that buying a new expensive car was greedy. Then, he saw that he was giving many people jobs in the automotive industry by buying this car which he could easily afford. Keeping that money out of circulation was more greedy and of less benefit to the world. Therefore, buying the new car was a good thing. A great way to look at it!

Also, worth remembering is that if you’ve at least got your basics for living covered, your wellbeing maintained and happiness at a constant level, THAT is the time when you can best serve others.

Asking for more, if you feel it will fill you up with all you need, allows you to be more useful to everyone around you and the planet at large. After all, you cannot fully give until your own cup overflows.

I’m not necessarily talking solely about money, of course. Mother Theresa had a heart overflowing with love, wellbeing and happiness that needed no extra money for herself. My interview with Jaden Sterling was another good example of showing money does not buy you happiness.

Your wellbeing and happiness can feel full too. It’s your personal preference as to financially how much is comfortable for you that is important.

PLUS, there is no judgement of one person or the next as to what that comfort level of money “should” be.

Find your comfort level and set what is “enough” in your own mind without judgement. If it’s higher than what you have now, go ahead and use your Law of Attraction skills to make it happen without any guilt or shame. Having an “enough” limit in your mind can ease your worry about becoming addicted to “more”. Then, when you’ve reached enough, you can decide again if that old enough is still enough or if you want to reach for a new expanded enough.  🙂

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