15 Dec 2012

Law of Attraction in the 1920’s

15 Dec 2012

Your Invisible Power by Genevieve BehrendLaw of Attraction is a modern name for the word Metaphysics which has been around for centuries. In Ancient Greece Aristotle wrote about it in the 3rd Century BC and he referred his studies to Thalus in the 6th Century BC.

Why is it more people don’t know about it or how to make it work to their advantage in this modern day and age?

There is a distinct possibility that it wasn’t taught because it showed you quite plainly that you have the personal power to make your life anything you want it to be. If people knew that, they may not choose to work for others, though that is presuming a lot. There are plenty who are quite happy to give up the responsibility of running an empire and leaving that to others while continuing to make a contribution to society in smaller ways.

All we can really do is continue to teach it now and, with the benefit of the internet, spread the word faster than it would have ever been able to before so a wider audience can make their lives happier, healthier and less “by default”.

My dear friend Michael Harris, author of “Falling Down Getting Up” (I’ll include that link below too) recently sent me this great little book “Your Invisible Power” by Genevieve Behrend published in 1921 which gives clear instructions on how to implement “Mental Science”, the Law of Attraction driven by the Universal Mind – both terms we use these days.

It’s charming in it’s explanation including the exciting new discovery by the Wright Brothers plus numerous success stories from her own clients.

If you love Law of Attraction and want a new viewpoint of it, I highly recommend this for your Christmas reading list. Each new author you read will be able to give you something extra to deepen your understanding. I certainly gained more from it, hopefully you will too!

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