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Devouring Life: A New Year Resolution

How to set goals in 2017For a long time now I’ve had my sights set on finding the perfect project to sink my teeth into and the perfect partner to sink my teeth into as well. I’ve helped so many clients over the years achieve and even surpass their own fantasies I figure I should be able to, not only achieve the same but, hey, why not upstage everyone and do it even better for myself.

The result has been like the pursuit of the holy grail. I set an impossibly high level of expectation on myself and on others which has distracted me from truly appreciating what I have in front of me at any given time.

Great insight!

So, Annabelle (I say with my coaching hat on) how are we going to change this view to get more benefit?

Enjoy the journey?

Nope, stretch it further.

OK, how about:

Devour every morsel of life

Much better.

From the higher perspective, human life is short, so short it is almost the blink of an eye. You can go through many lives living out the same lessons and not getting the answers. Making the same mistakes, being the victim, saying it’s the circumstance or somebody else’s fault or the elite or the weather – whatever you choose to blame – but you’ll keep being handed the lessons until you find your way through them.

Goal Setting in 2017

For me, it seems really strange that I’ve allowed myself to fall for that old fashioned goal oriented mindset. I’ve known for some years now that the way goals are set with coaching clients has changed dramatically. They are no longer reaching for a milestone to hang their hat on. The “goals” are now focussed around a direction to head, a deeper purpose to fulfil – which can be fulfilled in a number of different ways – or a feeling to feel on a regular basis.  So I feel like a bit of a wally that it’s taken me this long to bend my own goals to something more up to date.

What does “Devour every morsel of life” mean?

In Mercredan’s session last November he talked about moving up to a higher perspective while we are here on the ground. We get all excited by technology able to produce the “3D effect” via a pair of virtual reality goggles or at the cinema. Then we go outside and fail to recognise how magnificent this Earthly framework really is.

By devouring every moment you are alive with your senses and your appreciation you make a very different experience from what you’ve been living.

It’s just Mindfulness blah blah

You think you’ve heard it all before. “I must be more mindful… yeah whatever.” But, it has more impact than you think.

When you are tuned into the past, the beliefs and your emotions attached to those beliefs to create something similar in the future. The same old story.

When you are tuned into the future, you are missing all the amazing opportunities offered to you right now that would steer you towards what you want.

We talk about being present as if it’s just a fad diet, something trendy to talk about that doesn’t really have a lot of substance. Yet the opposite is true. You’ve asked for a lot of things in your life. The Universe is walking along side you jumping up and down to turn here, talk to this one over here, look at this word on this sign. It is working over time to give you all the clues and, without presence, your chances of picking up those clues becomes slim. Is it any wonder why you question the Law of Attraction works?

How often do you walk down the street absorbed in what’s coming up next in your schedule or stewing over what happened in the past? What if you simply noticed the 3D reality you are in?

How you view it makes a difference as well. If you judge the dreary people, the barriers, the pollution, the broken bottle, the smelly rubbish bin and decide this is getting you down – then you’d be right. It’s all a matter of choice. Law of Attraction “like attracts like” kicks in to draw into your life more of whatever you were focussing on.

On the other hand you could tune into:


See the light and shadow an artist sees as they draw or paint. See the textures, the colours in layers, the contours, the synchronicity, the gravity and lightness. When you look from an artist’s point of view there is beauty in the soft and the gritty. Without one you could not describe nor measure the other so, why judge it?


Lose your judgement because these smells are the smell of life, the smell of the neighbourhood, the smell of the city and the smell of the era we live in which would have been a different smell to 100 years ago.

From a dancer’s point of view I always thought it odd how people hated BO (body odour). I would always retort “That’s the smell of a live person. They would smell a lot worse if they were dead.” In fact, the smell of fresh sweat was very satisfying to me. Getting up close and personal with other sweaty dancers was not only familiar but it was a way of recognising them without sight. You could tell how close they were to you on stage by smell and by heat. Sure, some elements can influence the smell like nicotine, alcohol, garlic, asparagus etc. but generally each person had their own signature which allowed you to get to know the essence of them better. So, smell without judgement.


This has become my favourite way to turn the brain off when I want some meditation time. Just listen, again without judgement. What do you hear? What do you really hear underneath that? There was a great book someone lent me once, I think it was called “The Silence” which taught you to acknowledge a sound, then lift it on a layer of cloud above your head and listen to see what else you could hear underneath. As you lifted the layers away you could listen deeper and deeper. The world got more quiet until all you could hear was your own heartbeat. Awesome exercise. But the sounds around you don’t have to be lifted all the time. Just notice them. They are real, they are life.


This one goes without saying. Mindful eating has been encouraged for a decade or two now. If you eat with your mind on something else – particularly a digital device – you miss the whole experience of eating and can end up hungry or you don’t notice when your brain says you’ve had enough and you keep on eating beyond what the body needs. Eating with gratitude that there is food on the table is a valuable exercise.  When was the last time you appreciated your coffee or tea like a connoisseur? When was the last time you followed the cold water down your throat and into your torso? So much is there!


The textures or temperature are something we don’t often identify or describe to each other. With so much reference to what is on the internet these days we reduce our observations to sight and sound. What do you feel? Can you feel your clothes around your body right now (assuming you are not reading my blog naked), the floor beneath your feet. When you walk down the road do you feel the sun, the gentle breeze on your cheek, the change of weight as you shift from one foot to the other, the heat in a restaurant as you pass by a door opening. When was the last time you stopped and felt the rain? Again, so much is there which we ignore.

Sixth senses

Yes, there is more than one. Tune in to the mood of the environment, the vibe a person is giving off, the peacefulness a tree offers. Read between the lines of what someone is not saying. This increases your emotional intelligence.

Can you tune in to the emotions of the people who were last sitting in this chair or talking in this room? When it’s strong it is obvious. Were they arguing? Was one of them really sad? Were they hot for each other? It’s quite fun to check into the recent history you can pick up. This is what psychics practice regularly to find their answers. They are just doing what each of us has the potential to do.

Note I did use the word “devour” too, not just to eat, take in or consume your morsels of life. Rather than using your senses to draw in the details like a scientist, how about throwing everything you can into the experience with passion and enthusiasm? Think about what it is to devour something. The passion is barely controllable. Why control it?

Rather than be embarrassed that maybe other people will think you’re a little off your trolley crying over the beauty of a sunset or moaning in ecstasy over an ice cream, be the inspiration for them. Even if they laugh, they will remember it and you know already that the effect will ripple out to others in ways you cannot imagine.

Make a difference

All of these descriptions have been about observing what is already there but another thing to consider is, what are you creating? Are you waiting for the experiences to come to you or are you going to create some of these experiences? If you spend your days running by a tight schedule leaving little or no time for creativity or spontaneity, you’re setting yourself up for a pretty shallow day. If you have no expressive outlet you can find yourself taking it out on your loved ones or simply feeling like a walking zombie without feelings or emotions.

Tune into those emotions. Stir them up! Get them out.

If you’re grumpy or sad or anything negative you don’t want to be taking that out on someone else for the damage can be far beyond what you think. So find another outlet. Write it, paint it, dance it, sing it, run it off at the park, scream into a pillow. Releasing it gives it less opportunity to create illness in your body.

Summing it up

Coming back to my original changing of goals, we know through Law of Attraction that when you ask, it is given. Sometimes it arrives quite quickly, other times, what you ask for fits into the time line a few years later. If you ask again, you are confirming in your mind that perhaps the Universe didn’t hear you the first time and – uh oh – now the Universe gives you exactly what you believe which is that they didn’t hear you and nothing arrives.

So, once you’ve asked, know it’s on its way. Then, avoiding all fierce looks and determination – we’ve decided this time it’s not going to be hard work, right? – get in the flow, follow the queues and devour every second of the journey because you’ll never be in this spot at this time ever again.

Every day

1 – devour life with all your senses

2 – find a moment to be playful or to laugh

3 – find a way to express yourself honestly

4 – be the artist and create something beneficial or beautiful that wasn’t there the day before

Pretty simple? Go on, give it a try.


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Kryon: Numerology for 2017

JThe future of scienceust spotted this session from Lee Carroll channelling Kryon in Las Vegas December 2016. He speaks about the energy numbers carry either individually, in identical pairs or the quantum energy which is created when sitting next to each other. Sometimes you see the same number or repeated combination of numbers over and over which is there to give you a message.

He also talks about carrying those meanings into the 2017 year and how each of us get our own individual messages through numbers on a day to day basis. Different messages for each to match what’s coming up for us, what to look out for.

I’ve done a quick reference on the number values. He talks about taking your name and adding up the number values to match the letters in your name. If, during your life, people start calling you by a different name or you choose a different name to better suit you, to add those letter values up to find your main energy and direction.

Quick Numerology Reference

Write our your name in separated letters and write the matching number underneath, then add them all up.
If it’s a single number, leave it as that.
If it’s two identical numbers like 22 or 33 or 66, leave them as is for they are a master number.
If it’s two numbers that are different, add them together as well to get a single number.

A=1  B=2  C=3  D=4  E=5  F=6  G=7  H=8  I=9  J=10  K=11  L=12  M=13
N=14  O=15  P=16  Q=17  R=18  S=19  T=20  U=21  V=22  W=23  X=24  Y=25  Z=26


J O E    B L O G G S = 10+15+5   +2+12+15+7+7+19     = 30 + 62 =  92  = 9+2 = 11 master number

You can do the same with your birthday   day + month + four digit year

These are roughly the meanings Kryon gives in the session. They may differ from other numerology sites as they may be specific to this timeframe.

Base numbers in Numerology

1 = all there is, unity
2 = duality, free choice, puzzle
3 = catalyst (healers often have this number around them) They change things around them without changing themselves.
4 = earth number, community, Gaia, grounded, farmers, agriculture
5 = forced change
6 = harmony, spiritually high, co-operative
7 = all things spirituality, alters, spiritual activity etc
8 = manifestation and abundance. Not just money but health, life, immunity…
9 = completion of a cycle, the end of something, graduation

Master numbers in Numerology

11 = Illumination. People who see this number or even repeated e.g. – 11:11 on the clock are here to be illuminated
22 = strong duality.  A decision which has very different results in opposite directions
33 = ultimate compassion. This is our current active number of DNA as well.

Other master numbers higher e.g. – 44, 55, 66 etc. are yet to be understood. They will come clear as we evolve and are currently not available to decipher.

Here’s the recording. I think the numerology lesson starts around the 20 minute mark.

Also this part II from the same series. His message starts at 1:15 though I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet so will add a summary of notes later.

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Lisa Brown: Awakening symptoms

Ascension symptoms, shift in conciousnessAlthough we’ve explored Ascension symptoms and awakening for a while now on this blog, it never hurts to add another way of expressing it via another teacher or channeller. Sometimes you wonder what the hell they’re talking about, then another channeller offers the explanation in a different way and it all makes sense.

Lisa Transcendence Brown offers it here along with a nice little reference near the beginning of blockages linked with a few different parts of the body. They make sense to me. When you look at other people around you – or yourself – and see illness, disease or some sort of happening that affects one of these body parts, it tells you what sorts of blocks are being experienced. Although there aren’t any major scientific research projects that I know of related to proving this – much of the science world has not yet learnt to quantify or value emotions, love or mindset as part of the equation – I’ve seen plenty of examples myself in family, friends and coaching clients who, once they resolve the block, the illness just dissolves of its own accord.

Louise Hay looked into this a few decades back in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” though the instructions on how to clear up the blocks were fairly limited at that stage. Now we are so far advanced since those early days and can often find our own cures. If we can’t and we are willing to let the block go, we ask for assistance and sure enough, the right therapist, healer or caring person will drop into our lives to provide the kick in the bum we need to get moving on it.

I’m not wild about the explanation at the beginning giving the impression of “us versus them” in Light Beings versus Humans. We are all connected and there is no single light switch that clicks you from one state to the other. I prefer the saying “all ships rise with the tide”. We are all lifting slowly but surely. Those that choose not to rise will soon find themselves under water. They always had the choice though.

Aside from that, it’s a nice explanation. Enjoy.


AS a Light BEing

by Lisa Transcendence Brown

Yes… as you evolve in light, as you become a Light BEing, those BEings you used to fear, those beings that used to only exist etherically, you are evolving (back) INTO one of “them”.

WE, as Light BEings do not have the lower emotions that humans have, WE do not have the lower thoughts anymore, we do not have the lower anything… that the separated-ego-human once did…. for we have transcended all of that from within, purged and cleansed it from our cellular body, from deep within our muscles, bones, glands, organs, flesh and skin.

Through the activation of CRYSTALS our body begins a huge purification process that human’s cannot fully understand. One must actually experience it. Technically all already are and will, they just don’t fully understand what is happening within their physical body structures. Human’s keep trying to “fix” this process, diagnose it, treat it, control it….

This is about LOVE. Pure Divine Essence Love….

As the Light of your Soul actives inside of you it TRIGGERS (activates) an action to occur. It triggers a bio-chemical process, an entire transformational process, a re-vamping, re-configuring, re-calibration, re-structuring phase of not only your whole physical anatomy, but of your whole physical reality too.

That fear that was in your kidneys was keeping your body out of tune, that anger/control/obsessiveness in your liver, that lack of speaking truth as love was in your thyroid, those walls around your heart/tight muscles, those brain pathways must open up and re-map completely….. the blood that carries all through your body, pumps life from your heart to the rest of your body…. every little cell….

Every body part, every gland, every organ, every cell must completely re-work itself….

Love must stream through your body… and love brings deep profound love, gratitude, appreciation, peace, joy and REMEMBERING of all FORGOTTEN when you/each entered the unconscious matrix, the amnesia realms, the realms of unconsciousness….

As a Soul, you chose an unconscious body that held the ability to play out the human experience you chose, the one that held within it’s DNA what you needed to experience BEFORE it was TIME to awaken fully… which is NOW.

As you sleep you awaken, as you walk around foggy/groggy, you are leaving the old matrix simulated existence and moving into a whole NEW ONE. As you sleep, reality will start to change. First inside of you… then out there. What you once “thought” you knew is no longer true. What once made you happy won’t fulfill the lack places inside of you anymore….. The only thing that will fill those spaces is PURE DIVINE LOVE for you/connected with your own SOUL…. inside……

Your focus will change, your desires will change, you will change…. as you become LIGHT. Your body constantly re-calibrating, gravity will come and go as your body anchors more light. Your physical matter mass will continually change too. The more presence you have/more present you are, the slower you go, the more space you have inside of you and all around you… The more you will FEEL physical matter outside of you…. Clutter will create chaos with your energy/thoughts, things will take up space, so in order for you to expand …. you need SPACE and lots of it….

Nature becomes a necessity, instead of a “I don’t have time for that”. Alone time for your Soul to emerge, speak louder, for you to HOLD THAT CONNECTION stronger is a necessity too.

You start to realize what no longer feeds you, inspires you, fills you anymore. “All of a sudden” you desire something different. Simplicity in one way, for our hearts are simple…. yet we also desire MORE. More love, more happy, more peace, more kindness, more sacred respect… all of a sudden you will no longer tolerate the lack-filled programs that used to be your world….

As Light BEings, we do not have the lower emotions anymore. They completely go, unless we have a huge light activation that activates cells that held a dormant energy of an old vibration… then there is a trigger and it’s released….. we don’t project, we don’t go unconscious, we just honor our body upgrading itself. We honor what we need to experience, because we know that it brings forth more awesomeness, more freedom, more peace, more abundance, more exquisiteness…..

Humans can’t understand the simplicity of peace, the simplicity of pure happiness without the need for chaos, or words or anything. Our worlds are not defined by anyone or anything, an identity…. nothing…. just love….

Your Crystalline LightBody Structures process a ridiculous amount of information as it streams light. The crystals give you the ability to process at a ridiculous rate, simultaneously…. you need not think, you just know. It’s all right there…. inside and in your field…. Simultaneous existence… no separation… totally unity with/as all from within.

Your Crystalline LightBody processes for you. Your job is to keep your atmosphere clean, keep your self in an observation space, honor your body so it can do what it needs to do. Sleep, get out in nature, slow down, pull away when you need and then get in there and get busy when you feel/see inside that it’s time to DO.

As you EMERGE FROM THE FOG/AMNESIA (this will occur on & off in different phases), it’s time for you to start to contribute (not that it’s not always time), but it’s different here. You can maintain the ability to stay expanded and DO what you came here to BE/DO. As you return to the ability to function as a multi-dimensional here, how you function is very different now… and you must “learn” to function energetically……

The fog/amnesia can last a whole lifetime until now… it’s can get strong at times if you are lifting tons of veils….. You are activating an anchoring YOUR DREAMS in the PHYSICAL HERE. You cannot do this in total control as a human…. for your human doesn’t understand how this works and it constantly tries to inner-fear with the process. It tries to apply old outdated beliefs to a new process it’s not experienced in this human existence… It tries to match human mentalities with an experience that transcends all things human. This won’t work…. only temporarily… like everything else that human aspects try to do….

Listen to your body, it’s conscious, it speaks to you. Listen to higher wisdom/guidance inside and if you are not sure yet, then there are higher self/source Light BEings already here… in the physical… WE write to you daily, we teach, we share, we speak your truth, we activate your soul…. and then choose what resonates, what is feels true to you… throw the rest out… let everything else go.

Until you fully respect and love yourself, totally appreciate you… you are not going to have the capability to hold this for anyone else. Until you see your own worthiness, until you value you and what you have to offer here (which is limitless too), you won’t appreciate others, you won’t appreciate what they contribute…. Until you stop judging, you can’t break that cycle of lack. Until you open up fully and stop fighting, you can’t experience the total pure peace and bliss that higher consciousness existence offers you… IN EVERY MOMENT.

As your heart opens, your mind will be confused. This is the purpose. As you EXIST from your higher-aspect-heart-mind, these will synchronize to work together … your power will return, your true and pure you will return, you won’t need to struggle, suffer or live in lack anymore.

You/All have an ENTIRE EXISTENCE unfolding/materializing every moment of every day. All you have to DO is allow it, participate in it, choose it and DO whatever it takes to LIVE AS YOUR SOUL instead of trying to live as an unconscious human…..

Your challenge will be you…. to stay conscious until you can maintain consciousness in all that you are and do. To observe you, to understand you, to listen to you, to see you…. to let go of judgment, to stop going small and hiding, to see your own programs and how what plays out in your own physical reality world IS YOUR CREATION… and that you are the ONE that hold the POWER to shift, transform, change, reprogram all from within.

If you keep allowing the same programs to play out, if you keep allowing old unconscious realities to play out…. then “out there is not unconscious” …. you are…. ♥

Leave the old behind… let it go… you have so much that WAITS FOR YOU…. yet it cannot come forth if you keep fighting it. Timelines are collapsing & converging bigger/more than ever before. You can shift to a NEW TIMELINE that’s in alignment with your SOUL. If you hold onto separation, your human resistance, then you are not going to in-JOY the experience, but it will teach you…. what do to/not to do…. anymore. And it will show you HOW ALL WORKS…. if you really care to pay attention and know.

Open your hearts loves! More more more more & more! A whole lot more! ♥ Have a magical day! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown – click here to visit her website.

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Mercredan: Donald Trump and the World Shift of Consciousness

Donald Trump and the USA Presidential electionsAfter quite a break we decided it was time to consult Mercredan again for a higher perspective view of the latest happenings, particularly around the USA presidential elections and the upset it has caused. Here is a transcript of that conversation…

Mercredan on Donald Trump, USA Elections and the World shift

Channelled by Francis Evans
Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm
14 November 2016



M: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Let us begin on such an auspicious occasion because so much is in the pipeline. So many transitions that have been waited for for a long period are becoming more to the forefront. What we have suggested and shared in the past is becoming more obvious and clear as the two realities begin to separate out as it begins. So shall we begin a conversation?

Trump, US Presidential Elections, World shift

A: OK. I have a number of things to ask but I think I’d like to start with what you’d just said there. I’m assuming you are speaking of the world stage?

M: Of course. Not just on the stage of the people but the Planetary Guardians’ beginnings to shake up the planet once again and becoming to the forefront that all things are connected and one cannot separate oneself from the whole.

A: Right. So can you tell us a little more about how the Planetary Guardians are shaking us up?

M: Everything is interconnected. So whatever occurs within the conscious mind, occurs across consciousness itself. And so you have had what you would call a political shakeup in the biggest nation of your planet and immediately the planet begins to shake itself up. It is “the first of the warning signs”. Shall we say then that no matter what, the old system has been placed on notice. It will not be as it was in past times and, I also want to point out, so many theories are also being shaken up. Ideas of other beings from different realities and so forth and on it goes but, in the end, what has always been the pathway is the creativity of a unified Consciousness.

A: The creativity. So we are creating… A lot of this was in the pipeline. Uh, are we creating something different from what was in the pipeline?

M: Not at all. It was always clear that in the beginning is a Oneness and it is only when One separates that a duality occurs. So it is then, that two things opposing one another will always be resonating one against the other and that is what occurs. What is moving inside of the planet is a realignment of the pressures and tensions that are prevalent across the planet. The old “Orders” no longer can control the system. You understand, what is unleashed has been unleashed and is unstoppable until it finds its new level of balance.

A: Right. Now, you say it is all interconnected so I can’t even point to one particular part. It’s not just political? How else does it connect? We were talking about the old system of who controls the money and the politics and things …

M: All of it. You understand, you have created a world of diversity. Those that control, those that are without power. Those with money, those without. Those in terror, those without and so on it goes. And all of it is man made because of conscious decisions. Because of the concept of separation. So this religion and that religion. This land and that land. These people and those people and so on it goes. You are either with me or against me and nobody has truly acknowledged that you are all on the same planet and no matter what occurs, you will all be on the same boat. So fighting on the same boat is not a very wise thing because eventually somebody sacrifices the boat. Then everyone will drown.

A: Is there something in the talk of extra-terrestrials and UFOs that will help us to see we are on the same boat? Or is that not necessary?

M:  Consciousness plays with all sorts of concepts and as such, brings them into the experiential realities but it is no different to any other conceptual framework. Everybody knows that the system, as it is, is unsustainable. Everybody knows and [there are] those who want to reduce the population by force and those that want to reduce the population so it is possible for all to be taken care of. There is no need for the vast populations when those are in the greatest need cause the greatest problem.

A: Cause the greatest problem?

M: Of course, because your population isn’t tuned to those that are in the greatest need. So while you withhold from those, then you create your own certain demise and when you attack those, then once again you cause a greater speed of demise. Until that is recognised, the world will continue its tumultuous pathway and create greater and greater waking up of the population. So it is always bound to be an evolution of awareness.

A: So when you speak of reducing the population, whether by force or any other way, is this … we originally talked about this and you said that the reducing would come about by natural causes.

M: Of course.

A: And that we as a collective know its time to reduce down, we don’t need as many souls on the planet now. So, when you talk about reducing by force, is this something that is still a potential?

M: Shall we say, there are those that wish it upon others, those who are fearful of their own positions. Those that have called themselves “the Elite”, those that have accumulated all the resources, of course, must shed them. Otherwise it continues on and, as more and more people awaken, there is more and more turmoil and eventually a greater and greater separation.

A: And is that what you meant at the beginning of the session of splitting into two realities?

M: Of course. It has always been a possibility. Humankind cannot truly expect itself to awaken so rapidly, so there will always be those that are yet ready to transcend into a different paradigm.

( I see these two realities then, as one group in the old way of thinking which is to compete or to serve self and survive ahead of others while the other more evolved group understands we must – and already can – provide for all. )

A: Mm OK. And now that we have these transitions happening, was there any one particular event that really sped things up?  (I ask this because there has been much speculation about the statement from another channel named Bashar saying one particular event which happens during the “Fall” in the Northern Hemisphere will change everything.)

M: Shall we say it has been coming in the thought for a very long time. Those that want to hang on to the old path and the old prescriptions and those that want to progress to a more unified system of balance. Those then are awakening to the need and the desperate requirement for balance. That, as always, will come from an unusual and unrecognised quarter. The nature of Humanity is that which is least expected begins to demonstrate a different quadrant as it were.

A: Which is more entertaining, right?   (In these sessions Mercredan often points out how entertainment Humanity is to all those watching and to ourselves.)

M: Of course and also more useful in the overall evolution of Humanity and the support of the transition to the next species. We are very clear that the next species will not inhabit an old paradigm.  (He has previously explained that the new Earth species are our children born after December 2012 who have what we might see as Super Human skills, discernment of the truth, a deeper understanding of reality and can teach us much.)

A: No, so as more awaken and we have these two mindsets, one in the old and one in the new, how do they coexist?

M: They do not. They separate out.

A: How can they separate? I do not understand.

M: A new thinking has been born out of the old consciousness. In your political sense where it is most obvious, what occurred is two extremes fighting within an old system which has bred the very movement that would not have occurred had they not been in conflict. So there is a greater movement than ever before for a transformative shift in consciousness. Not just in one state, shall we say, but across the planet. Everybody has been watching the tournament, as it were. Shall we call it the boxing match. What they have woken up to is that the leaders of the world are untrustworthy. A new way of being, a new way of receiving and more openness is essential for the survival of everybody. So it has not been of no consequence. It has brought to the surface, not just what the America means to itself but, what this style, the old world paradigm, means to the survival of the whole. So all over this sort of thinking has been transformed. Now there is a call for more honesty.

A: Yes ok. So with the election past in America and they’ve chosen their President…

M: It’s not fixed.

A: … it’s still within the old System…

M: Shall we say, nothing is fixed! Nothing is fixed because you cannot entertain such a model. You cannot entertain that everything should be on a whim. In the end, before it even becomes solid and formed, there is much to be brought to the surface.

A: So is this something we can expect to be actually reported? Or is it going to happen with the media being silent?

M: Everything is in the air. Even what you call the media cannot remain silent and cannot ever endorse such a … a … (long pause) a show. There is a better word. Spectacle!! You understand what I mean. Even they cannot uphold such a spectacle that has occurred. How can anybody take it seriously? How can any body align itself because the global world, the peoples are watching. In the watching it becomes more of a spectacle and now someone has to decide. The Emperor has to decide what is going to happen.

A: Who is the Emperor?

M: There are those behind the scenes and there is alignment with the Planetary Guardian. Do you understand?

A: No I don’t.

M: Shall we say, the Planetary Guardian is watching and so is so many others. All around, you are surrounded by players in the market. You cannot simply think that it is over because the biggest bully in the playground has turned turncoat. You understand what I mean. It’s only matters when everybody else backs down.

A: Which is not likely.

M: Which is because any one of them might want to for their own survival but, what has happened is the vast majority of people have awoken. They are waking up to the monstrous stupidity of what happens when you are only playing to the camera.

A: Mm

M: You understand what I mean? When you are saying one thing with no intentions whatsoever, now you have caused the very thing that was not in your plan. It cannot be put to rest again. The sleeping giant has awoken. As one has always said, if the giant is asleep, do not prod it awake. Then when you prod it awake and it wakes up it will be disgruntled. It is not in one place but across the planet, the very thing that you least wanted has been put on show.

A: Can you just clarify what it is that’s now on show? Is it prejudice perhaps?

M: Of course but it is the manipulation of leaders across the planet that have been much more subtle. Suddenly they have been exposed. Shall we say, what you would call “The Emperor has no clothes.”

A: Yes. And if they are exposed throughout the planet then, how do we change the whole planet at once?

M: You understand, it will be an ongoing movement to break up and the demand of Consciousness for a shift.

A: So it will be one country at a time then?

M: Shall we say, an escalating roar.

A: Mm, no wonder we’re the best show in the Universe. (laughs)

M: This is the point and what also occurs at the same time is, there is a withdrawal from the system. So many are taking actions into their own hands. They are doing what they need to do, free from the system. A growing movement then, of connections. When that occurs, people begin to reorganise.

A: So the withdrawal from the system are from people who were originally part of the system pulling out. But the leading players who sit behind the scenes… well, I suppose they have a choice, don’t they, whether they’re going to hang on till the very very end or they choose to withdraw early.

M: You have to remember that you cannot keep power when the consciousness of the planet has shifted. One cannot be out of alignment with the consciousness and that is shifting at an increasingly fast rate. That is because movements have begun.

A: I know it’s all interconnected so how would this affect the economy if so much is going to happen in the next two months before that President is solidified? Does that affect our economy through that time as well?

M: A shift is occurring in all frameworks. So when One thinks of Economy as if it will be tipped upside down, your Economy is a set of balances in relationship with other Economies. The whole  world is simply in a balanced environment using raw materials to produce items of use and so on it goes. As it moves forward, the goods that you produce become higher valued and higher integrity and eventually they are the very tools that connect the world. It is technology itself that is beginning to change itself and to change the system, as such. Once you start a rock rolling down the hill, a big one at that, it is very hard to stop it even if you build a huge wall it will crash into it and there is no certainty it will not go right through it or roll over the top.

A: So if this is Technology making the rock, being the rock rolling faster, in what ways is it unstoppable now? Is it in terms of transparency…

M: Transformation. It is transforming how everybody thinks. You are trying to stop it with walls and barriers but it is already far too late. Initially you thought, “Oh, what a wonderful thing. We can make more money from it.” Now it is out of control and it is not making what you wanted but undermining the very principles that were in place.

A: So it’s almost making everything free.

M: Of course and that is eventually the only possible option.

A: So all we need now is to be able to make food and fresh water free as well and we’re on our way. (laughs)

M: All of it is possible. Not “making” it because it is abundant upon your planet.

A: It’s the management of it, isn’t it.

M: It is the management and the access of it.

A: Mm. Distribution.

M: The distribution and the excessive requirements. All of it has to be reorganised.

A: How do we reorganise when people are so determined to make money out of it and be competitive?

M: All of that in its own good time. I am pointing out your technology has transformed the very nature of consciousness. How did you expect that to be the case? Or was it just something that happened as a result of something else? Do you understand what I mean? One did not set out with the technology to transform Consciousness. That is a bi-product of the technology. The technology that changed Consciousness continues on to shift everything because Consciousness pre-determines everything else.

A: And, in terms of weather patterns, is that a part of the shakeup as well? Will there be more in that direction?

M: Of course. Everything is in its correct timing. All things in their perfect balance. No matter what. When humanity unbalances some aspects the planetary Guardian responds and rebalances it in other ways because it is an impossibility for the loss of balance to occur. This is a Law that Science has understood for centuries however, the rest of Humanity thinks it is possible to accumulate on one side of the ledger without having results on the other side. Consequences. And of course that is quite an insanity.

A: Yes (laughs)

M: Even the very people who are carrying out such a plan understand it is an impossibility. You cannot carry your books if they are unbalanced. That means your finances have to balance in the end otherwise something is missing and if it is missing then it still balanced by the pathway by which it went somewhere else.

A: Which needs to be exposed.

M: Of course.

A: OK. Is there anything more on the planetary side of things that we need to know at this point?

M: That is enough because so many people are upset rather than watching with awe as the planet moves forward.

A: Yes. There have been plenty of calls for calm before this happened but it doesn’t seem to be reaching too far.

M: Who is calling for the calm? Those that would want to impose more of the same. Those that would wish to ignore what has just been exposed.

A: No, it was more to do with other channellers saying “watch with awe” rather than “get upset and smash windows”.

M: Everything has consequences. You cannot effectively expect criminal behaviour to not bring about criminal behaviour. You understand when you are willing to cheat and lie and distort the reality or to work undercurrents about what is truly the will of the people as such, then they will respond with due patterns. And this is the nature of the learning experience. You want to test a theory, one watches the result and one arrives at a conclusion.

A: Mm. But if we ended up with the other president candidate, surely it would that have been just as bad.

M: Of course because both are not what is needed so, the will of the people is such as it turns out. Consciousness arose at this particular point – anything to disrupt to bring to the surface all that is out of balance.

A: Yes, ok. That sounds good.


Elders, Atlantians, Earth wobble potential

A: OK, I have been following the Elders and am interested to know how they can be of help in this case, in this change.

M: These ones have made a choice not to interfere in the evolution of Humanity because they have realised that you cannot interfere without causing greater upset. So they are truly only a group of wise Beings offering some forms of advice.

A: They feel like heroes to me though I understand they cannot force themselves in on the current…

M: Even if they did they would be out of kilter, out of alignment with the evolutionary process. Humankind goes through these evolutionary moments over great periods of time. The last one was the enormous shift into the specific group that has been known as the Knowledgeable Ones. That is, what you call Homo Sapiens which have not turned out to be that “Knowledgeable”. (Knowledgeable meaning a species which uses its brain to figure stuff out rather than using the wisdom of intuition.)

But they were beginning to organise knowledge into a particular pattern and fashion and these Ones have come to their final conclusory point. Next is an evolutionary shift that will reorganise.

A: And before that was the Atlantians, right?

M: Of course.

A: Right, so the Atlantians had their evolutionary shift and that’s where the continent sank?

M: That is correct. That is when they disturbed the very path of the planet and indeed shifted the meteorology, that is the weather patterns of the planet, for the duration. It is possible although unlikely that the planet will move once again. It could indeed as some have predicted completely shift if there is no radical movement in Consciousness.

A: Mm. but that movement already seems to be on the way.

M: It is always tottering, that is, always threatening until Consciousness arrives at its decision. At the present time there is such a movement to rebalance things.

A: OK. That feels like a good amount in addressing the broader view. Thank you.


(The conversation continued on to other topics from here.)


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Alan Watts: Femininity as the negative

Have a listen to this video of Alan Watts speaking of the Feminine darkness and negativity which becomes the sub-stance (underlying background) which gives context to all that is. It’s a wonderful explanation.

I haven’t followed much of Watts material before. He was an English writer, speaker and philosopher who passed away in 1973. Well educated in both Eastern and Western religions he talks of consciousness and God in a highly relatable way – you can easily picture him saying the same words today – and enjoyed a good following in San Francisco in the 1950s and 1960s.



Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


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