23 Sep 2013

Interview with Melanie Parker

23 Sep 2013

Melanie Parker from Party Plan 123 recently interviewed me about Career change. Melanie has a superb site where she helps people who run network marketing businesses (eg. Tupperware, Amway, Nuskin etc.) build their home business so they never run out of party bookings. Lovely niche!

We were talking about how you can have two people start the same home business, one will struggle for years and the other will get it off the ground quickly going from strength to strength.

It’s not always the knowledge and expertise that makes this happen. I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating than knowing you know heaps of stuff about what needs to be happening to get the business going, yet the doors are not opening for you.

Yet, when you get clear on what you want from it and that it’s possible to achieve, everything starts to fall into place.

Here’s the article. 

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