21 Oct 2013

I’m looking for a man

21 Oct 2013

mojo coaching for menMy coaching with men who are Creative Artists, Entrepreneurs, Management and Executive staff has forged outstanding results that have been both dramatic and delightful.

Depending on what you’re aiming for you can:

  • powerfully increase your earning power and boost business profits
  • rekindle your sex life to be better than ever before
  • become consistently focussed and energised, firing on all cylinders
  • attract in opportunities that have previously passed you by
  • attract in the partner that has previously passed you by
  • find easier ways to achieve what used to be hard work
  • improve work life balance so there’s more time for home and family
  • boost all relationships, both business and personal to a new level
  • be more successful and influential than you thought possible

I wrote this article back in June 2013 about how a man’s personal life can often fall apart when his business, career or finances are on the rocks.

In essence…

  • When business is going well, your mojo kicks in and you’re feeling like a Rock Star.
  • When business is screwed your mojo tends to dwindle along with it, leaving you feeling ineffective in every way… even in the bedroom.

In the article I asked,

Is it possible to first improve a man’s sexual Mojo
in order to boost his business / career

After the article was published, this question became a talking point in the community and on radio which caused me to put more effort into finding the answers for my male clients. So now…

I have the solution for you… MOJO COACHING.

Who is Mojo Coaching suitable for?

  • You are already in a successful career or business and you want to take it to the next level
  • Your work and personal relationships (including your sex life) could do with a boost
  • You want to be more powerful and influential with those around you

It’s time to take control of your life again, build a satisfying personal relationship and a career or business which is more profitable and satisfying than ever before.

Why work with a Female Coach?

As a woman I’m not going to say I know what it feels like to be a man and waggle my finger telling you what to do. No way. That’ll go down like a cup of cold vomit.

What I am good at is watching how you play the game. Observing and pointing out to you what I see from my perspective.

Considering that half the people in the world you deal with are likely to be women anyway, it makes sense to get that female perspective and learn what signals you are emitting to the world.

From there, I will support you to find the right signal you want to put out and then make it happen.

The points of difference using me rather than one of your female friends are:

  • I don’t know the people you are dealing with on a day to day basis so can offer an objective point of view.
  • I have no hidden agenda to bend how I influence you. Your own needs and desires are the highest priority.
  • I make no judgement over your actions.

Am I all soft and gooey to deal with?

Well, feedback from my clients has generally been that they love to pay me because I kick their ass. “Accountability with Love” is what I like to call it.

I want you to get great results and during each session I put everything I’ve got into lovingly kicking your ass so you make the most progress you’ve ever made in a short period of time.

What you’re doing right now isn’t working, right?

It’s time to do things differently.

Here’s how it works

  1. First call:
    I have a 30 minute phone /skype chat with you. In this call we get to know each other better and both decide if we want to go ahead.
  2. Do the Coaching:
    We work together confidentially for 6 months doing 45-60 minute sessions every two weeks. (A bit more intensely in the first month to get off to a strong start.)
  3. Boost everything to Top Gear:
    We take an overall look at all areas of life so you can decide which areas need the most attention. Each session we check progress in those areas and work towards the ideal of an increased mojo and improved business/career.
  4. I am here as a Coach, not a Mentor:
    I am here to help you find your own solutions which makes you more independent and gives you the tools to solve your own problems in the future.
  5. No Obligation:
    I thrive on project based work and am most effective when we have a limited time to complete something awesome. So, this coaching is for a set period of time with a clear outcome. There is no obligation to continue working with me once the series is complete.
  6. Distance Learning:
    Yes, we can work face to face, but you don’t need to be in my home town to work with me. We can work internationally by phone or online by Skype/FaceTime. Hours are preferably between: East Coast Australia 9am-3pm Mon to Fri Pacific Time USA 3pm-9pm Sun-Thurs
    We review your progress at the end of each month or every two months as agreed mutually. If you have made no progress at all within that review period, I will completely refund your money for that month and we will cease the coaching arrangement.
    I am not a sex therapist. The conversation can often get quite intimate but there will be no sexual relations with me personally. This is a professional coaching arrangement and married or single men, straight, gay or transgender are welcome to apply. We can work on drawing in the partner you want but, we tend to get faster results if you already have a relationship in place.


Everything we discuss is kept completely confidential. You never need to tell anyone we are working together though, if you specifically want to put your hand up and give testimony, I would of course appreciate it.

Coaching fees

Once we decide to go ahead I will send you all the invoices in advance. You can pay in one lump sum or monthly in advance by auto-payment EFT within Australia or Paypal/Amex elsewhere. Annabelle Drumm Creative Entrepreneur Business Coaching

Are you ready for a giant leap forward in life?

Fill in the form below.

All details you complete on this form are also kept confidential and are delivered directly to me.

I will contact you directly to set up the first chat. No staff involved.

Let’s get started!

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