11 Dec 2012

How are we shaping up for December 21 2012?

11 Dec 2012

December 21st is flying towards us now. Only 10 days to go!

There’s now a mass of writing and speaking on the topic, mostly based on ancient writings and prophecy.

But what’s the latest info and how are we doing?

What are we noticing already and how can we make this a smooth transition? Here’s my summary…

 Worldwide perspective

The World News, which I spurned for such a long time, has now become fascinating to me. All because I can see the reality of what I’ve learned we are passing through. This is the physical evidence so many have gloated the spiritual people of the world don’t have which proves the prophecies.

1) Weather patterns

The weather is getting more extreme and will continue to do so for a short while longer. When will it stop? Not necessarily December 21 2012. Only a slight possibility anything will happen on that date. But it’s not far off.

With the weather likely to get more dramatic over the next month at least, I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to stock your cupboards with what you’ll need if all services are disconnected from your home and shops close for up to 3 weeks. That includes sewerage lines. Make sure to include some you can contribute to your community too. If you aren’t affected in the end you can use up your stocks at a later date. Nothing will be wasted.

There’s some ideas here from when I got the first warning back in June this year and some wonderful advice from Susan Worth in Hawaii based on her island storm experience.

2) Political and financial upheaval

The world will continue to toss out dictators or any politicians who aim to control them. The money system is ready for an overhaul. Some changes will be done through new policy, some the Universe will set in motion all by itself to help us along. I can’t recommend where to put your money. I have no idea. If yours goes up in smoke, remember that people are worth more than any possession. You’ll survive better and keep your sanity if you turn your focus to the people in your life.

3) Religious upheaval

We are heading for the exposure of some mind blowing secrets. They will be contradictory to what most of our leading world religious groups teach and that will cause a nasty backlash. All I ask is that you find calm within yourself and remember, the religious leaders of today are simply teaching what the previous generation taught them. They are in the dark as much as the rest of us, so compassion needs to be the order of the day.

4) Respect for all

This one is taking a little longer, particularly in countries where women are still considered inferior beings. It’s all moving in the right direction though. The recent backlash against the Australian DJs who played a prank call which resulted in the suicide of a British nurse is a milestone. It’s unfortunate a death was involved but, in the wider scheme of things, probably would not have made a change any other way. The ensuing chaos has got the media talking about whether pranks on unsuspecting victims is acceptable and I believe we will get an improved outcome from this discussion.

5) Time speeding up

Have you noticed how you’re not getting as much done each day? This one is hard to explain because I can only give you the theory. I’m in this with you and can’t see the higher viewpoint. I’ve been told that time is literally speeding up at the moment. Compared to only a few years ago the 12 months we’ve just lived would have taken about 2-3 months. We should only be up to about March 2012.

If we’ve reduced time to about 25% of the original time then we’re living a full day and night in about 6 hours in the old time zones so, you may find you’re not eating as much and your sleeping patterns are out of kilter. Best advice here? Go with the flow. Eat only when you’re hungry. Sleep when you need it.

Personal Perspective

1) The Age of Accountability

Have you noticed how many people from all walks of life are showing up on the news caught out for taking illegal drugs, committing fraud, lying, closed door deals, cheating… all sorts of things. More personal secrets are coming out and will be continually easier to recognise in all of us. Do you have any secrets you’re hiding? To ease your conscience your best bet is to face them now rather than be exposed against your will later. Get help from an ethical professional if you need. There is no shame worth dying for. Life is precious and we need you right now. 🙂

2) Mood swings

Have you noticed your mood swinging? One day you’re feeling just terrible. Grumpy, depressed, not necessarily for any particular reason but just a general down feeling. Then the next day you’re up and happy again.

As the consciousness of each of us starts to draw closer together we are moving through these moods together. Best bet when you’re feeling down is to give someone a hug (with their permission of course). Don’t lash out because otherwise you’ll get more of the same in return.

Need help reducing your stress? The Kitegirl Stress Relief video course will sort it out. Click here and get started as soon as you can.

3) Personal Baggage

You’ve heard the term “time heals all wounds”? This is what needs to be actively put into play right now. Find all – yes, I mean ALL – events and people you’ve been holding a grudge over or feeling owe you back. Write them each on a card and lay them out on the table.

Pick up each one and say “I understand you did your very best at the time. That time is past and I now set you free. You owe me nothing.”  … or what ever feels most appropriate to release them.

As you set them free you free yourself.

If you’ve got another process for doing this, feel free to share it with us here in the Kitegirl Community.

4) Choose how to react

This is crucial – way more important that you would imagine.

It’s not just religious secrets but all sorts of secrets are due to come out. When they do, don’t assume you need to react the same way as your relatives, your neighbours, your workmates, anyone at all. If you copy them, you’ll find it very easy to be outraged. We will destroy this beautiful world if we all react with outrage so make the choice to react with detachment. Look at it objectively and with an open mind. Once you take that viewpoint you can calmly check out what the implications are and how best to live with it in the future.

Phew! It’s hard to summarise this stuff. See what you can do with it. I look forward to bringing you more knowledge to make a smooth transition in the coming days.

Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm

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