19 Mar 2013

Stuff Christmas! We want to give you gifts now!

19 Mar 2013

Stress relief training courseWe thought it was time for some serious Ra-Ra, party time, throw your panties in the air. Christmas has gone, Easter’s not quite here so let’s make our own excuse for a party.

Today we’ve begun a promotional campaign spreading the word to almost half a million people about our Stress Relief online video course.


Why should we worry about Stress Management?

Mental stress has been shown to cost this country 10 times as much in compensation claims as the TOTAL of all other types of illness and accidents.  

It not only costs us in taxes, it also takes it’s toll on the quality of our sleep, our ability to solve problems, communicate effectively and cope when under pressure. In our research of the Advertising and Media industries it was the number one reason why people leave their job.

Believe it or not, stress is the main cause of pretty much all illness and accidents. We notice stress building but may not know how to ‘bounce back’ reducing it down to a manageable size. In fact, just knowing we’re stressed can multiply it many times over if we haven’t learnt how to manage it well.

Professional Burnout on the other hand creeps up on us when we least expect it and slowly strangles our enthusiasm for our work. The job we used to love very quickly becomes something we don’t care about and leaves us exhausted every day.

What’s different about this Stress and Burnout course?

The Kitegirl Stress Relief course can show you how to manage both Stress and Burnout effectively for the rest of your life.

1) Over 5 weeks you’ll get a weekly video lesson you can do at work with your colleagues or after hours in the comfort of your own home. This way you never need to remove yourself or your staff for an entire half or full day from work.

2) You’ll learn how to notice both Stress and Burnout so you can build resilience to them, bouncing back quickly and efficiently. These processes can boost your Emotional Intelligence, open up your Intuition, help you remain calm when under pressure, make wiser decisions and sleep better at night.

3) It’s fun, engaging and powerfully effective. Kitegirl presents in a light hearted way some extraordinary processes and tools to make Stress Management easy and controllable for the rest of your life. You will not find another course like it. It’s truly ground breaking and unique.

Normally presented as a fully comprehensive 2 day live workshop for around $1000 there is a Special Low Cost Price available today for $297. Plus for a LIMITED TIME there are a whole bundle of free gifts you receive. More than $1000 worth of free consultations, ebooks and audio training for growing business and self development, all yours for Free.

Learn more about it and sign up today here

The form on this website signs up one person at a time.
To sign up multiple attendees, use our contact form so we can set them all up together
and you can make one bulk payment.

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