13 Nov 2012

Documentary video: Spirit channelers in USA

13 Nov 2012

In follow up to my Francis Evans interview here’s a superb documentary on channelers in USA published in May this year. You can see how the voice, accent and mannerisms often change from the original person but the messages are so similar and all to benefit our wellbeing and self development.

It’s 1 hour 20 so you’ll need some time to watch but is highly recommended. There are some great Law of Attraction lessons and a bit of a shock for those who are more religious.

Check it out.

Channelers featured in this video and the entities they channel:
Darryl Anka – Bashar –
John Cali – Chief Joseph –
Lee Carroll – Kryon –
Geoffrey Hoppe – Tobias –
Wendy Kennedy – The Pleiadean Collective –
Shawn Randall – Torah –

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