20 Dec 2012

Depression around December 21 2012

20 Dec 2012

Crystal light ChristosWith all the expectation that’s been set up around December 21, 2012 I feel the vibe of people around me in my physical and internet communities who are “into it” heightening to a mixture of excitement, fear and trepidation. Many are spouting what they’ve heard others say, spreading the gossip which spreads those same feelings amongst others like an emotional virus.

It all sounds very rosy and exciting but even the most stalwart of us have that little niggly thought in our heads “What if this is all crap? A myth? A cruel spiritual joke? Have I put my integrity on the line for nothing here?” Yep, even me.

From all the research I’ve done – and you can read a lot of it here on the website – my opinion is the most you can expect from December 21 2012 is a lot of parties along with a lot of goodbyes. People embracing the change and people trying to escape it.

(This is not me backing out, by the way. From the start of this research project I’ve not found any proof that anything will happen on December 21st other than what we create with our own focus… I might be wrong of course. Haha. We’ll all just have to wait and see.)

The Day After

Once you get to the day after, I’d be most worried about those who were expecting some wild supernatural thing to happen. Worried because when you build yourself up for a big event and things don’t turn out the way you expected, you forget you have the CHOICE of how to react.


You may go silent, be embarrassed, humiliated with pride hurt. You may try to fob it off as just a lot of hype, but feel disappointed and really gullible as those around you gloat. Extreme cases may even contemplate suicide.


OR you could understand this is longer process than expected, choose to stay open, watch and point out the changes as they emerge in the weeks/months ahead. Some changes will be subtle whilst some will be so blatantly obvious even the biggest skeptics won’t fail to notice and will freak out because they weren’t expecting it.

This New World Shift will take more than a lifetime to complete. There will definitely be marked milestones along the way, one of which I’m pretty sure will begin to brew around Christmas Day and make itself known before the end of the month, but it won’t all happen at once.

I understand this first Christmas event is meant to be the true “Birth of Christ”. The “Christos” which is a Sanskrit word for crystal clear immaculate nuclear light energy. This energy is asleep in all of us and about to be awakened.

So if you’re thinking you might be likely to make a negative feeling choice as your reaction, set some support in place. Get a friend who’s “less into this” than you, ready to be there for you, to cheer you up.

No amount of humiliation, loss of pride or integrity is worth a life. Your life is so very precious. Millions of souls queued to be on Earth for this particular moment in time and you made it! You are here! You are one of the brave souls to take your place on the planet and experience it for the whole of the Universe to observe. Mercredan says from his higher perspective (13 dimensions high) “We are in awe of what you are about to go through.”

They are all watching. You are part of the biggest show in the Universe right now. That makes you precious beyond words.

Hold tight

Not all ahead is lollipops and rainbows. We have some bumpy challenges to get through. When I look for a clear explanation of what it is we are to expect I get no detail nor specific dates. The message is “We will not tell you in case it builds too much fear. Only know that when it happens, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Stay calm, keep faith and be open to your intuition.”

Once the bumpy ride is over, the change will truly be a whole new way of living and much improved. This is our graduation prize apparently. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. 🙂

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