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changing direction, new life pathBased on the last Mercredan session (click here to read the lesson) I figured it was about time I started to play and experiment with this character called Annabelle and see what we could come up with. If we are to bend life into a new pathway without anything dragging behind then we have to either pull up the anchor of the boat or cut the anchor off at the top of the rope.

This also reminded me of the blog Francis and I were in the process of setting up some years back called Pivot Point. It was based on another analogy Mercredan had given on being able to pivot on a single point to change direction. That always reminded me of a ballet dancer up en pointe like my photo here. I know what it feels like to balance my whole body weight on that satin covered leather pointe about 5cm x 2.5cm (2″ x 1″) and how fast you can spin up there. It is far more free than spinning on tip toe.

career coaching on change directionEven smaller, I know what it feels like to balance and spin my body weight on a 1cm square (less than 1/2″ square) of an ice figure skate curved blade – then you are really free!  Wow, so fast you can get giddy.

However, if you’re sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you, trying to change direction it is a lot more effort and slower progress. Psychologically, when we want to move to a new life or career direction, if we have baggage, fears or old ideas/beliefs about ourselves and the world, then it’s like having your legs out in front of you. It slows your progress and can actually prevent you from pointing in the direction you want to go indefinitely.

So how do we go about losing the drag?

Make an inventory of Qualities

The first thing I did was the advice from the lesson. Make an inventory of Qualities which describe this character.

(By the way, if you are new to this blog you will find I often talk about us being a character for a couple of reasons. First, like Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage and the men and women players upon it” or something along those lines. When you recognise the many lifetimes you’ve played out on the world stage over history you’ll see us more like actors who, when the scene is finished, slip back into the wings, take off the costume and look for the next role we can play before jumping onto the stage again. The second reason is Mercredan’s description of how each of us has an “Author” who writes out all the possibilities this character can choose between. When you see yourself from the Author’s point of view you realise how much more power and freedom you have in creating the life you want to design. Read more about the Author analogy here.)

I took this word Qualities to mean my features. Physical attributes, personality characteristics, how I solve problems, deal with people, face conflict, react in certain situations, what turns me on and brings me joy. Sometimes they were things I noticed, sometimes they were feedback other people had given me. It’s also kind of comforting to know there are abilities I haven’t yet identified too. Nice surprises in store there.

Which Qualities to Keep or Ditch?

There will be beliefs about yourself and the world you have collected along the way. Some you let go of and some you continue to carry.  To put it in pure theory, no beliefs are true at all until someone believes in them, gives them energy and then they express themselves in our reality. Here is where you can delve into as much or as little of your beliefs as you like and decide which serve your new direction and which do not. Cutting off as many beliefs as possible can be daunting and leave you feeling a bit like a refugee but certainly does the trick of removing anything which drags when you want to change direction. State the belief and then prove it wrong.

Here’s a few examples:

  • I am the only person my kids can rely upon. This is just not true. If I ended up in hospital or dead, they would be cared for. Friends and neighbours would step in. Family would make room and even my ex-husband would have to do a lot more than what he is currently contributing. I am simply letting him get away with doing nothing. Besides, my kids are growing up and within a few years could be independent, relying upon themselves and their own networks. I know how time flies. This may happen sooner than I think.
  • Nobody wants me to work in their company. Another myth. Being self employed and running my own businesses does not mean I am a threat, am under or over qualified for working in another organisation. This character has a special skill set and the more I recognise it within myself, the more the world will reflect back recognition and demand for those skills. I already have set out the intention to find a project larger than myself to work within. It is already created. I now keep an open mind and accept it when it appears.
  • I am getting old. It’s already been proven that the mind is a powerful thing. If the cells in our body replace themselves so frequently (maximum 7 years) and I can adjust my hormones and vibration, then what’s to stop me being in prime condition? The baggage I’ve managed to lose so far has certainly made me look and feel younger. What if I explored that further? This might be a fun change of direction to start with. Other people’s judgement of me means nothing. A transvestite can change their clothes, a transexual can change their genitals, so I can change to “be” whatever age I choose.

Place the character in a scene

Now you’ve proven your beliefs to be a fallacy, here’s the fun bit. If you were the Author and had a character with these qualities, free from baggage and beliefs, what sort of scene or storyline would you put them in to make a truly amazing story? Stretch your imagination for this. Forget everything you were told you SHOULD be doing. Forget all the jobs people advised would bring you more status, more money, more power, more fame, the right partner and supposed “happiness”. Who are they to know what will make this character happy? Forget all the rational logic about “well, you’re good at this so you should be doing it for a job.” Stuff that! We are now following the heart.

You can make a long list of ideas here. They might not just be careers. They might be activities, projects, challenges or taking a role in a larger scene where the character would be an ideal contributor. Think of Lord of the Rings and their travelling party containing all shapes and sizes of characters. Different personalities – sometimes aligned, sometimes clashing – different gifts and skills with each one taking their turn to offer them for the benefit of the group.

Where could you see this character that would make a fantastic scene in the life story? Give up being rational about how the character gets there. The fun of this exercise is suddenly seeing the way forward out of an unrelated word or act of kindness you did ‘on instinct’ which lead you to exactly what you pictured. Law of Attraction in action.

Add extra qualities

Now you know where you’re heading, what extra things would make this character fit right in to the scene? We’re looking for a way of “being” which will more readily attract the scene to the character rather than “bigger boobs” or “4 inches taller”.

For example, if I took the Old Age belief from the exercise above and decided now I was going to be 24 years old – fabulously irrational – what would I keep, ditch or add?

Let me think of who I was at that age.

I was a whole lot more vivacious at that stage. I was running a dance company, teaching up and down the country at modelling and acting agencies, producing events and shows, doing television work. In terms of beliefs, I had more baggage and insecurities about my appearance or capabilities which dragged on my career – many of those are already ditched. I was a lot more energetic, following the heart in projects that grabbed my attention. Jobs were never too big nor too small though I despised people who underpaid and under valued performers – accepting those jobs would be ditched as well. Racy lovers were easy to come by. New ideas sprouted from my mind every day. I partied more. I flirted more. I wore what I liked.

I was a lot more sensitive to criticism – I think I’m a lot more compassionate towards the critic these days. I had a sharp tongue when I felt I was backed into a corner – again, compassion makes me less nasty now I see the attacker is usually even more insecure than me. I used to be an overachiever so very hard on myself whereas these days I am happy to do nothing every now and then = better work life balance.

I would keep the wisdom and experience I have now.  Extra qualities may not be needed in this case as I’ve been there already. I will just be doing it /being it with a “new me” attitude.  Sounds like fun!

So let’s see how I go. Already I feel more confident and “up” (crap, have I really been such an old lady for a while before this?)

I’ll post more with my findings. Meanwhile, let me find somewhere to go out tonight!  🙂


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Unconditional Basic Income: How would it shape business?

Switzerland just completed their voting of a nationwide referendum. One of the voting topics was for an Unconditional Basic Income. Let’s look at why it was up for discussion, what it is and the Pros and Cons of such a Utopian ideal.

What is Unconditional Basic Income?

The Unconditional Basic Income – sometimes called the Universal Basic Income – would be a fixed amount given without means test to every adult who is either a citizen or to those who have been a legal resident for more than 5 years. The initial suggested amount which was yet to be finalised was 2500 francs (approx AUD$3400) and an additional 625 francs (AUD870) per child per month. The amount makes it comparable to their old age pension so hardly a massive amount but enough to keep you off the streets. This one-size-fits-all benefit would replace social security – unemployment benefits, pension, sickness benefits etc.

Why have this UBI?

There were two main reasons the benefit came up for discussion. Firstly the basic human right to live in a dignified manner and be able to participate in public life. Secondly because technology has got to the point where it now replaces thousands of traditional jobs with not as many new jobs created by it. All signs are pointing towards an ever increasing loss of jobs as the digital revolution continues so they wanted to debate it early rather than try and fix it as things got worse.

The debate was heated and plenty of opinions were thrown in the mix.

What are the foreseen obstacles?


Charles Wyplosz, economics professor at the Geneva Graduate Institute, told AFP “If you pay people to do nothing, they will do nothing,”.  I question this idea. In a world where we consider it virtuous to ignore our spouse, children and needy family members opting instead to be a workaholic, we’ve made lying down and putting our feet up something we should feel guilty about. As a result we become proud of an overfilled schedule and boast about all the activities we can fit in. There is also general disapproval of anyone who does not strive for the same crazy lifestyle.

When I look at the populace of people who might be considered lazy I see most of them as just damn exhausted. If you gave them enough money to cope they are likely to have a good long rest to recuperate. Then, just like children, their energy would return and they would be looking for new things to do and to create.

People would all leave work

According to the Swiss news agency poll of 1076 people only 2% of Swiss would stop working if the government paid them a basic income of CHF2,500 per month. For those working, they are not likely to be satisfied with living on such a basic income and would continue on. However, the difference would be that they may have the opportunity to choose a job they really wanted to do rather than choosing out of the necessity of financial obligation. Then they choose a job for love rather than money.

No money to fund it

It’s over simplistic to think you would need to fund such a scheme by increasing sales tax or personal income tax. Let’s face it. There is more money in the world today than there has ever been before. If we took a bigger picture view on who is getting away with paying little or no tax I think you would find there are very big flows of currency, not just mining and media industries, where you could clip the ticket on the way through and increase the amount the government had in its budget markedly.

One suggestion has been the Transaction tax which becomes a flat rate tax on cashflow – 2% for each inward and outward going transaction in every bank account, offset by a flat tax rate for business at 20%. This would replace sales tax so works out better for both the individual and the company.

Doing it in one country would help. Doing it globally and then distributing the funds per capita back into each country would be quite the revolution. We have the technology, there is potential here.

What are the benefits?

Increased spending

If current workers received what is essentially a pay rise there are more choices they could make. They might save more for their own retirement, increase their own spending or they might give more of both time and money to causes they were passionate about. This supports the Not for Profits, new initiatives, local needy people, crowd funding as startup capital, a boost to Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Hospitality and Retail.

Restructuring of salary

I have a friend who lives in an affluent area on an island in Hawaii. Because most of the people living in the area are retired or visiting on holiday there are a lot less people around to do the personal service work: gardening, house cleaning, computer maintenance, car wash etc. Therefore these jobs become extremely well paid as customers vie for the few workers there are. Think back to the middle Ages in Europe after the Black Plague as well – income for service, trade and labouring workers went up markedly to entice them because there was more demand than supply. Under the Unconditional Basic Income you may find jobs that were traditionally low paid but highly valued such as nursing and teaching may increase in income as well.

Ease on government spending

According to the Australian Work Health and Safety statistics I last downloaded, which was in 2012, work compensation claims based on the affects of Stress account for more than 10 times the average of all other types of claims.  Stress, burnout, accidents from not being focussed or overtired, rehabilitation, days off work for stress relief – these accumulate as an enormous cost to our country’s Health System. Stress can drive people towards addiction which also strains the Health System. Pressure from not making ends meet can drive more people to theft, violence and domestic violence in the home so, reducing stress on a nationwide scale will reduce cost to the Legal System.

Efficient government

If one benefit replaced many other benefits and was delivered without constant means testing, the amount of workers required to run the system would be greatly reduced thereby freeing up more money to use elsewhere in the federal budget.

Boost to innovation

Lowering of stress and anxiety in the broader society has deep reaching connotations, one of which is that the intuition opens up. This allows a person to make wiser decisions and come up with fantastic new ideas and inventions for problem solving in every area of life.

Finding Purpose

I spoke in a previous post of the idea of each person finding their true natural gifts. When more in the community raise themselves up the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs they get the opportunity to find these gifts which means they will be working at maximum productivity and potential. This results in peace of mind, deeper satisfaction in life and finding their purpose. You don’t have to look too far in the Google Keywords to know finding purpose is one thing many in the world are searching for.

The happiness factor

We currently have no way to gauge the effects of happiness on a society in general but I expect it would make people a whole lot easier to live and work beside. Increased happiness boosts generosity, more would be caring towards each other in the community and more would opt for volunteering roles increasing connection and adding strength to worthy causes.


Summing up, you can’t just look at the monetary gain or loss with a Universal Basic Income benefit. The ripple effect of raising the bottom end of society out of the gutter has a far reaching effect on society as a whole. The Swiss referendum resulted in 23.1% saying YES. The idea may be a little ahead of its time but the fact the discussion has now really started to open up is a big step in the direction of a healthier, happier, more evolved society.

– Annabelle Drumm

Update 15 July 2016

Just noticed this video of Yanis Varoufakis speaking on the necessity of Unconditional or Universal Basic Income

Click here to see another video on Yanis Varoufakis discussing the collapse of the Euro with Noam Chomsky in New York.



Universal Basic Income: What do you think? – The Local

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Guaranteed basic income for all rejected in Switzerland – AFR

A basic income for all – the issue before Swiss voters – Swissinfo—the-issue-before-swiss-voters/42096442


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Reinventing yourself

Love and marriage, relationship managementImagination is the key to changing your future. How good are you at imagining yourself having a better life, love, business and career? Here are some tips to get you started.

What’s your potential?

When I’m coaching, one of my favourite parts of the job is seeing the potential of a client. If they see themselves as small or “just starting out” I see them with their dreams fulfilled, living a much bigger picture than they envisage. If they’ve been massively successful in business or career already, I see them moving other areas of life they have neglected to being beautifully developed and blossoming, thus giving them a more balanced and content life.

When you, or someone else, opens this potential up metaphysically in imagination (4D), the new ideas are given the opportunity to form in the physical world (3D). Thoughts become reality.

Kind of like when someone “believes” in you, they metaphysically support you to fulfil your dreams so you’ll find it’s a whole lot easier to fulfil.

They see it as being achievable. Often it’s you who sees it as a challenge and slows down the process. 🙂

You don’t need a coach or loved one to see your potential, though. You can do it yourself! And providing you get out of your own way, remove the belief that it’s “difficult” or will “take years to achieve”, it can flow to you faster than you expect.

Too often I hear the excuse “I tried before and it didn’t work out so I’m not going down that path again.” Too often, too often. Blah blah blah. Don’t say that to me any more.

What if you had the belief “The world is a very different place today. The rules have changed. This feels like the most natural and fun thing for me to do right now. I know it will bring me contentment to do it and it will make the world a better place.“, how is that going to change your attitude to having another go?

Easy, right?

Being in the flow of what makes you most light and happy is going to bring you ideas, opportunities, people and events that will steer you towards the right direction you need to be heading. Then, once you’re completely on target with your direction, you’ll be flying there so fast it will take your breath away.


Finding your Potential Step by Step

Step 1) What was yesterday’s story?

Take an area of life you think could be better than what it already is.

We are not here to settle for “it’s ok, it will do”.  We can definitely do better than that. We want this area of life to be so good you’re going to love every minute you are alive, grateful that you got to be here and experience it.

Write down a brief description of your life in this area yesterday. Don’t beat yourself up. No regrets. Just state what it is. What emotions do you attach to living that part of life in the old way?

Step 2) What is today’s story?

Now take a fresh piece of paper and re-write the story. Mercredan has made some great suggestions using this analogy of the Writer lately. Pretend you are the Writer of many lives. See all the little characters playing out their roles on the stage of planet Earth and focussing on this little one which has your name and face.

This character is complaining they don’t like what is going on in this area of life. Some of it you wrote for them. Some of it they created for themselves. Never mind. Let’s re-write it.

  • What are the new details?
  • What changes in the character’s personality need to happen to fit into this new scenario?
  • What does this character FEEL like inside once they are living the new scenario on a day to day basis? (Write like you’re the Film Director giving instructions to the Actor on how to play the role)
  • With these new characteristics, how do the other characters that live and work with this one now behave?
  • What else might happen now this character has taken on these characteristics? Embellish the story. Make it bigger than before. If you find yourself getting a bit scared for your character that it’s getting too big, then pull it back a bit and be satisfied you’ve found the new step to development. You can always embellish it later on when you are ready.

Step 3) Trust it is done

Now it’s all up to you. You’re out of the Writer’s chair and back into the body of the little character on the Earth’s stage. Are you going to take the Writer’s direction? Will you trust the Writer knows what is best for you? or are you going to morph back into yesterday’s story because you are familiar with it?

This is always the interesting bit. Not good nor bad, just interesting.

It is possible to make a completely trusting mind shift into the new role and move your life, love and career in an instant. It’s called a pivot point where you change direction and start living along a new time line. If you’ve ever experienced this, you find no one around you is even surprised. They just work with the new you as if you were that before. It’s a fascinating thing to see.

It’s also possible to take a few goes at making the change. If you find yourself falling back into the old story of yesterday, forgive yourself. You may have been playing that role for years, even for your whole life, so it might take some extra encouragement from your Writer to ween you off the old formula. Just keep turning in the right direction. Write the story again. See yourself in the role and if it’s feeling like a challenge, get help from a supported friend or Coach if you need the extra nudge.

Sometimes all you need is a single coaching session like one of these Decision Making sessions.

Sarah Varcas on Finding The New You

Below is an astounding piece of writing from Sarah Varcas I found detailing the cosmic changes that match where we are astrologically. I don’t follow the stars myself but many who do are talking about this coming few days being a powerful combination of:

  • the third and biggest Supermoon (full moon) of the year,
  • Equinox – summer or winter, depending on where you are on the planet,
  • and a total eclipse of the Sun.

When you read the article, don’t be afraid or wracked with anxiety about leaving things incomplete. As we learn to focus each moment of the day in the present moment (no memories, no judgement) we can wipe the slate clean and start afresh on our view of this ever-changing world and re-inventing ourselves to match what is possible.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Synchronising Hearts

This total solar eclipse occurs at 9:47 a.m. GMT on 20th March in the final degree of the zodiac. (In Sydney Australia this is 8:47pm 20th March AEST and we don’t have a lot of sun at that time unfortunately.)

An eclipse here speaks of completion on a grand scale. Things within reach that we failed to grasp disappear; opportunities postponed for a ‘better time’ dissolve; riches hoarded lose their worth. This degree of the zodiac brings to a close great cycles of time and change, major life themes and patterns. An eclipse here reminds us the cosmos has its own timetable, weaving its design through our lives with or without our consent. We are faced with the choice to synchronise our timepiece of the heart with that of the heavens or occupy our own time zone – sometimes in synch, sometimes way out of it, struggling to impose our own schedule upon the unfolding of sacred creation. The endings we face now, be they losses, disappointments or liberating closure, remind us of the need for deep and abiding alignment with the god-force from here on in, as it threads its way through our lives.

The cycles now ending offered certain challenges, opportunities and emergent wisdom. They required choices, the distant outcomes of which we now face. Those made in alignment with the evolutionary imperative of awakening reveal powerful new beginnings on the near horizon, crystallising as we speak. Past courage will reap rewards of freedom and deep peace. Decisions made out of fear, from a defensive heart, reveal now the fading of a future self even as we gaze upon it: opportunities lost, the time for action passed. We may feel burdened with shame or regret, sadness or grief. But no matter the pain this moment may hold, there is comfort and hope at hand.

This eclipse connects us with 1997, bringing to a close cycles begun then. Whatever life asked of us at that point, the cosmos now echoes back to us the answer we gave. As we approached the dawn of the new millennium many were speaking of disaster, others of liberation. Life was taking on a sense of urgency and the energies which have tested our mettle to the max in recent years were tentatively beginning to make themselves felt. An eclipse on 9th March 1997 released into the collective consciousness a vision of completion, of enlightenment. A flame was lit in the human psyche, brighter than before, which called us to draw near and remember our original face, just visible in the dancing shadows. A deeper knowing was awakened in many and the seed for it planted in many more. We were changed from that moment, even if we didn’t know it. Since then our task has been to know it, to live intimately with the divine, with the universe, the god-force. To discover just how deeply we are guided and led by forces whose influence stretches far beyond anything we had previously known. In 1997 we were conceived in truth, at this eclipse we are born of it, stark and undeniable, beautiful and nourishing, truth in all its guises and glory: harsh and gentle, in darkness and in light.

Don’t look away. Whatever you see at this time, in the symbolic darkness of an obscured Sun, don’t look away. No matter what, it cannot diminish the authentic self within. This Real Self has power, it carries weight. It challenges the very foundations of life as we know it. It refuses to conform to mindless notions of right and wrong, to dictates of value and worth that dishonour inner wealth. It sees through artifice, laughs in the face of shame and denies everything but the bold and beautiful truth. The world is not ready for the Real Self and yet still it emerges, in you and in me, in the collective psyche which twists and turns to accommodate a deeper knowing that nothing is as it seems. The Real Self emerges every time we stop and wait, sensing the integrity of the moment, the deep, pulsating beat of the unified heart, time-keeper of our collective awakening. It grows in strength and fortitude each time we honour its wisdom over and above the expectations and demands of the external world which denies all but that which can be counted, compared and traded. The Real Self knows that to think one’s own thoughts is the only path to freedom, whilst the world demands unthinking conformity and the False Self agrees.

The power of this solar eclipse will remove rose-tinted glasses and veils that hide the truth. We cannot stop it nor can we choose to postpone our own awakening. This – right here, right now – is the end of denial, the end of artifice, the end of avoidance. This is life in all its terrible grace and terrifying beauty. For this we were born: a visceral, unavoidable, undeniable confrontation with the very heart of All That Is. We may greet this eclipse in mourning or ecstasy, in freedom or bondage, but wherever we find ourselves we are living the life shaped by choices made, commitments honoured, promises broken and betrayals enacted since the collective spirit was shaken awake never again to sleep. Each moment since then has been a step upon the path to awakening. Whether those steps have taken us deeper into truth or into shadow has no impact on their power. Each one has shaped who we are and the relationship we now have with the authentic and sacred self within. We are precisely who we have caused ourselves to be. The extent to which we have denied the truth or sacrificed its pursuit in favour of security reveals the extent to which we must now change and grow in ever more vital and transformative ways.

The past is gone. Never was this statement more true, for second chances – third and fourth – have all dissolved. Opportunities missed may never return. We had our chance and did with it as we saw fit. Now here we stand at the grand closure of a cosmic cycle, reviewing its shape in our lives, invited by the cosmos into deep reflection on how we best move forward from here. Let it go: regret or shame, sorrow or sadness for chances now gone. They were not for you or me this time around. New ones await us the other side of the darkened Sun. They hold promise of wisdom and hope of freedom from all that held us back before. The cosmic clock continues to tick-tock its way through our awakening as our hearts synchronise to respond, this time without hesitation, heeding the call of the divine to prioritise truth above all.

Sarah Varcas. Click to visit her website here.


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Kitegirl on Your Career HQ

business mojo expert coaches mentors expertsAnnabelle Drumm was interviewed on Your Career HQ today as one of their featured Expert Guests. She talked about getting your Mojo in order to expand your career and business opportunities and smooth out your Work Life Balance.

Your Career HQ is a wonderful new site to support you in a contemporary mix of Career Strategy, Leadership and Conscious Living advice. There are online courses, articles and interviews to keep you up to date with the latest concepts, plenty of free material or become a member for full access to their expert trainers.

Listen to the interview here

Efficient Personal Energy

workplace and job stressThe news has plenty about conserving national and global energy, finding more efficient ways to create it or distribute it but, what about our own personal energy? When you allow energy to leak all day and all night you can feel “low on gas” most of the time which limits your productivity, libido, focus and great ideas.  Let’s look at how to plug some of the leaks.

I add libido to that list because, let’s remember, your sexual and creative energy are one in the same. When one dwindles, so does the other. Keeping this unified energy happy and healthy adds vitality to all areas of your life and cannot be under-estimated.

So, you’re tired a lot of the time? That’s a damn hard way to live and sucks out all likelihood of you coming up with the solutions you need to get over obstacles holding you back. Sometimes you’re so tired you don’t even have the energy to dream up what you’d prefer from the hell you’re living or working.

By plugging the energy leaks you can start to feel vital again and those good ideas start flowing back.

Worry and Fear

We all know the basics in stress relief about caring for your body making sure you get enough sleep, deep breathing, laughter, exercise, fresh air, water and nutritious food. When any of these are depleted life is going to be harder. What about our minds though? MUCH energy can be lost in how we choose to use our minds and what we choose to think about.

Sure there are things to do throughout the day but there are literally hours of time between those activities where we can choose to stew on whatever we want.

What do you stew on?

What turns up over and over again for you to think about?

Here’s a Law of Attraction reminder:

As you add your conscious thought to a topic, you add strength to it.

Consciousness adds energy to what it is directed towards.

(Is it any wonder that cyclones the international news channels advertise for days before they hit land in front of millions of people grow in size?)

If the thing you’ve chosen to stew about is a worry, then you will grow that worry into something bigger and more solid. You may even create it all by yourself when it wasn’t there before.

Check the words you’re using when you worry. Generally a worry is a fear of what might happen in the future. You might worry about something that happened in the past but you’re basically fearing the consequences of that action so its pretty much the same thing.

Take a look at your attitude to the way things could turn out. Are you focussed completely on the worst possible outcome? If so, is it any mystery as to how Murphy’s Law works? No.

How about looking at ALL of the possibilities, knowing what you can cope with and what you’d need to alter if you got a less than desirable outcome. Then trust that no matter option comes to pass, you’ll at least have some sort of plan and know how to handle it.

Then let it go. If you think of it at all, imagine how good it would be if it worked out the way you wanted.

When you get practiced at doing this without being attached to having your own way or dying, things will move to your advantage more often than not.


People struggle every day against things. Their competition, poverty, success, the need to be someone, disease, a safe environment, their mother-in-law…

Whatever it is that you “struggle” against in your mind also makes it a bigger, more plausible problem.

What if you saw that there is nothing to struggle against until you think about it that way?

What if you could see there is no competition, just opportunities to collaborate along your own path to success?

There is no poverty when you give up struggling against it and start to look around seeing how many ways you are offered help?

There is no struggle for or against success, fame or recognition. These things can naturally emerge when you are in the flow of life and career.

You don’t need to struggle against disease when you fully understand how quickly cells can re-generate back to their normal state of health when they communicate with each other.

You need no protection from an unsafe environment when you open your mind to intuition which always leads you to where you are safe.

There is no struggle with the mother-in-law once you’ve seen and understood the world through her eyes.

We live in a world where we all talk and continually agree that we are sick, unsafe and struggling because every one else is. This is what is known as a Virus of the Mind. Something we spread to each other and accept as normal when it doesn’t have to be that way.

When everyone around you continues to struggle and be exhausted all the time, yes, you will probably look very airy fairy when you float around being optimistic. I’m happy to accept that criticism when I see the results I get compared to those who continue with the struggle for the rest of their lives.

It’s your choice. It’s always your choice.

Give up struggling! Just stop and resign.

It has to be the biggest leak of personal energy we have. I know it has been for me under various topics through my life. Now, when I feel my mind getting busy with all that negative stuff I yell at myself “STOP! Just stop.” and it feels like such a relief.

By plugging the leaks and drawing that energy back inside, you can build your inner resources back up which grows your inner strength. This will give you the juice you need to generate great ideas and solutions.

Then, once it’s bright enough and dense enough like a fireball, it can be thrown at something worth aiming for.

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