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Training for a 5D World Shift Using Holograms

5d world shift 2016Check out this fantastic new TED talk just released from Microsoft techie Alex Kipman on the future world of holograms using their HoloLens and how they can be incorporated into our lives. The current holograms are just for audio and visual but Microsoft are already working on adding exchange of energy with humans into their holographic experience allowing us to use our other senses such as smell, taste and touch.

What does that mean?

In terms of gaming it means you could literally be in that gun fight from the game, providing you had a big enough room to run around in. We’ve all seen that demonstrated on Star Trek, X-Men and any number of Sci-Fi films and TV shows.

But, what about every day life? My first thoughts are that, considering the mind is far more powerful than we currently imagine, I would like to know how far holograms could take us in terms of working towards a 5D lifestyle. That is, among other things, making a solid world from our imagination.

Healing the body through the mind

For example, surgeons have already found from their placebo experiments that they can operate on a patient’s knee and, regardless of whether they complete the procedure or not, the chances of that patient improving afterwards has equal likelihood. (Hypnosis can be used to heal ailments with no physical manipulation from a health professional at all.) What if that means that you could get a hologram doctor or dentist to work on you and your body would respond as if they had done the work? The body part or tooth would mend on its own.

Getting the services of a holographic sex worker would be a whole lot less risky unless you imagined an STD came with it. 🙂

You could hire a holographic masseuse that could be there instantly when you ordered them. Get your nails painted, a hair cut.

Could they do your housework and you would see it as done? Hm, I like that idea! You might think that your holographic cleaner could show up over and over and eventually you’ll start falling over the dust and dirt on the real floor.

You might say, oh, that’s Annabelle living in La-La Land. Meanwhile, in some long forgotten dusty room, she is sitting cross legged on the floor in meditation ready for someone to walk in and slap her over the back of the head.

That scenario would only make sense though, if 3D is our starting point.

What if 3D isn’t the starting point?

What if the starting point is not physical and 3D is a projection of the mind just like 5D?

Our minds are all connected, not separate as we assume. So, a collective of minds could certainly create a 3D framework in which to share an experience and understand more fully through multiple perspectives.

Let’s not forget, Quantum Physics scientists tell us the vast majority of mass of each atom in the universe is Source energy, not a chemical element. If you manipulate the energy of a real atom then it’s no big deal to alter the chemical element as well.

So we may find the 3D world no longer necessary and it dissolves just like a day dream disappearing as you move your focus onto something else.

Split into 2 Worlds

Is this where the two worlds separate as they have told us? Perhaps you could come back and visit 3D in order to connect with those still living there. A rough example of that might be when a celebrity appears on the Simpsons TV show. They lend their voice and a 2 dimensional line drawing of them is added to the show to converse with the other characters. It is more limited but fits the framework of the storyline. Once they step out of the recording studio they are once more the full version of themselves.

We’ve probably already had this going on for ages with multi-dimensional beings coming to visit who gently make us aware, without freaking us out too much, that there is more to us than meets the eye.

Adding other senses to the experience

Coming back to the present moment, if the future Microsoft holograms start to incorporate the energy of taste, smell and touch, what if you could use the HoloLens to create the most magnificent meal, eat it and feel full? There goes the problem of food shortage around the world. Clean, pure water that quenches the thirst. A magnificent bunch of flowers sculpted for your Mum as you knock on her door. Get her the technology too because she’d be disappointed if she couldn’t appreciate it.

This is when the Age of the Artists and Inventors begins. If anyone can have anything they imagine then a great  imagination would become the most valuable talent in the world.

What if you could design clothes for the day and everyone could admire what you were wearing – a bit of an Emperor’s New Clothes story there of course. What if you could architecturally design your entire house which feels warm in winter? Could you convince your body that you are warm and comfortable? It’s possible.

The borders between what is real and what is imagined becomes blurred. Brains are spectacular at adjusting to a new scenario, even in the most rudimentary terms and you could live there indefinitely.

3D to 5D Living in the Future

Mercredan has spoken about technology being the pre-cursor to our new evolved way of being. This holographic experience might be our training wheels in truly learning how to sink our full focus into a preferred situation.

Presently in Law of Attraction we talk about visualising your preferred option. Dream it up. Put yourself there. Use all your senses in your imagination to really get the feel of the result you are looking for and it powerfully brings you closer to the possibility of it happening in your future. The more laser like your focus, the more likely it will happen and the faster it can come into being.

If the holograms can take you there in an even more real way, you will be more confident in your imaginary skills until you no longer require the technology. You really will be able to paint castles in the sky as Mercredan had said once before.

I bet the children will be far better at this than us oldies!

Still, if I can use my imagination to create a new reality, why would I need to be old? And if I was convinced that I still had my 23 year old professional dancer’s body, would I actually slow the ageing process? That matches what the Channellers have said about being 150 years old before we start to age in the near future.

Mind Control

Being in control of the preferred result is our goal. Of course you can write many different Thriller films of evil technology nutters who use it to their own advantage. That is also a possibility if you choose to allow that into your imagination. Even now, one person’s perspective of reality is not the same as the next so it won’t effect all of us.

The Channellers have also pointed out that you don’t want to have this power too early. Not until you have complete control over what your mind is creating. Even the slightest instant of imagining the worse case scenario brings the potential of it into being. That’s got to be cleaned up!

Summing it up

This technology advancement is very exciting to see, will be even more thrilling to be a part of and good encouragement for all of us to keep working towards complete discipline of the mind. Focussing on the BEST outcomes and being completely present to the now, so the busy mind doesn’t interfere, will give us the optimal results as we head towards living fully in a 5D world.

UPDATE: 14 May 2016

Here’s another one I’ve just spotted, the Google Tilt Brush. Under hypnosis I had a vision of me doing this in the future. Very similar though no Google 3D glasses needed, just hands or a “light” brush.

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Free Apple Watch

free-apple-watchGreat video by Tom Evans on how to get your Free Apple Watch every day. Highly recommended.

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The Future of Science

Just want to make a quick note of this wonderful channelling session through Lee Carroll on the prediction of what we will discover about Physics over the next 500 years.

Topics include: quantum physics extension of the God particle, the drawing together of all religions, free unlimited energy source, the intelligent design of the Universe, a plasma lens to view multidimensional energy, two new laws of physics and human evolution to end all wars.

Sounds pretty good to me!

I love the analogy of how we humans handle nuclear power like the alien who likes the sound of a piano being dropped from a two storey window. So inelegant! haha




Perspective on the power cuts

Chicken Little (2005 film)

Chicken Little (2005 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, thanks for the emails about my last article 2 weeks ago on the power cuts guys. I wondered how any one thing could affect cities “all around the world”. Looking at yesterday’s news from USA where 1 million people are now without power (see ) I’m wondering if maybe world areas will be hit one at a time rather than all at once. My heart goes out to those who are struggling to cope with the lack of services.

I’m not naturally a Chicken Little so that was a hard article for me to distribute.

However, almost all feedback I got was positive. Several considered me brave for daring to offer such a warning when most will not believe it. Others decided to update their emergency kit which gives me some relief. As I said before, if we don’t end up using the kit by the end of the year, we can laugh about how Mercredan got it wrong and simply use up what we stashed – it’s no lost or waste.

I noticed several people on the internet talking about large scale warnings like “The end of the world”  and comparing it with the warnings of planes falling out of the sky in the year 2000 where, in the end, “nothing happened”. This is secretly an hilarious example to me and I’ll tell you why.

In 1998 I was pregnant with my first child. Obviously dancing, acting and modelling opportunities, which was my career at the time, were fairly limited for someone with a bun in the oven, so I took a contract working with an airline on their Y2K project.

The project was split into two divisions. One tested every single part of every aeroplane model owned by the company. The other division checked compliancy for all non-aeroplane gadgets. These were things the company used in their offices, airports, control towers, catering, training facilities etc. We’re talking everything here, like right down to the filter coffee machines.

Anything that failed the Y2K test, or whose compliancy couldn’t be guaranteed, needed to be either updated by the manufacturers or replaced. It was a huge project and every airline did it, sharing information with each other along the way. I believe they met in 1994 or 1995 to get these projects started (though I don’t know the exact date), so they were happening all around the world and took approximately 3-4 years, planning to finish at the end of 1998.

I understand all the airlines agreed they would not report any failings to the press as this would cause people to freak out and reduce their flying. Consequently, when the year 2000 came around, everything was well tested, replaced (and there were some BIG things that needed replacing) and as the skeptics would say “nothing happened”.

The project taught me something I’ve always remembered.

Meticulous preparation can avoid, or at least soften the blow of, possible disasters.

Power cuts and aeroplanes falling out of the sky are possible physical problems which we can prepare for physically. “End of the world as we know it” scenarios, which are generally considered spiritual world changes, need to be prepared for spiritually. And this we can talk about more in the next post.

If you want to tell me you’re not a spiritual person and don’t think it relates to your business or career, I would say don’t confuse spirituality with religion. They aren’t necessarily the same thing. And as each of us finds our spiritual side, business and career get clearer and more improved anyway, so this is not something you will want to ignore.

Stay safe and keep smiling. 🙂

Annabelle Drumm

It’s official! Models do have brains

Photo of a model taken from Miami Fashion on w...

Image via Wikipedia

What do you think of when you see the words “fashion model“? Great looks, no brain. Living off her pretty face but not capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Although this is the popular cliché we use to keep ourselves smug, the fact is that the most successful models understand they are in business and need a good amount of business nous to survive.

Pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Relying on photographers and agents to run their life is not enough for those who want to get ahead. Like any self employed and highly motivated person, being organized, in the loop of the latest news and on top of everything will keep them in full throttle, well ahead of the competition who all believe that original cliché themselves.

Let’s take a sneaky peak into what apps you’d typically find on a successful model’s iPhone. Click this article to view my Squidoo Lens.

Model iphone app

Model.(Kitegirlapps) – When an agent pays a model they automatically generate an invoice on the model’s behalf. This iPhone app allows the model to keep track of the jobs they’ve done, see what net total they’ll get after commission and check the jobs off as they are paid.

iTrans iphone app

Itrans NYC Subway(Adam Ernst) – Whichever city a model is located in or heading for, timetables and maps of public transport are crucial to get around go-sees, auditions, shoots and shows. Apps like this give you the routes, street maps and times of arrival into each station.

Calvetica Classic iphone app

Calvetica Classic(Mysterious Trousers LLC) – A model cannot live without a well organized and detailed calendar of appointments. Calvetica allows for time zone support, pop up notifications with a snooze button, color coded events, multiple calendars and integration with iCal and Google.

my style fashion assistant iphone app

My Style Fashion Assistant(New Vision Interactive LLC) – an easy to use wardrobe organizer and trip planning packer. Models can use this to swipe through photos of garments to build their next audition outfit or plan what to pack for a trip.

marieClaire iphone app

Marie Claire(Zinio LLC for Hearst Communications Inc.) – This is a free app with in app purchases to buy monthly digital issues of Marie Claire fashion magazine. There are articles with matching videos a paper magazine can’t offer, plus all the superb tips and photography you’d expect from a top class magazine. Particularly impressive on iPad.

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