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Attracting The Right Lover

Single on Valentines DayValentine’s Day has passed and there seems to have been more than the usual amount of discussion on this video I did a while ago about being taking for granted. The common topic is the problem of giving-giving-giving to someone and then being disappointed when either nothing is given in return or the givers are deliberately spurned.

Here it is if you haven’t seen it before.

It often comes back to that uncomfortable question: Well, what do you deserve?

This might be uncomfortable if you think the answer is “nothing”. But, rather than throwing your bottom lip out and heading for the ice-cream in the refrigerator, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to say “Hey, check that out. If I think I deserve nothing, is that really true? What if I looked for the evidence to prove that wrong?”

Of course you can find evidence against that statement but, if you’ve been thinking it for a while, you will also have evidence to prove it true. What we’ve learnt so far through Law of Attraction is that the evidence proving you don’t deserve love / money / luck / fair treatment etc. actually comes as a RESULT of not feeling worthy. The feeling of unworthiness is not the reaction, it’s the cause.

Turn that feeling around over and over confirming that you are worthy and you will start to see the world feeding back evidence of your new belief.

Check out this recent post by Channeller Jennifer Hoffman linked to Valentine’s Day on finding the right romantic relationship and different types of love. I have posted it below. Her website link is at the bottom.

There are so many who have been living single while stepping through their spiritual advancement and wondering if they’ll ever find the right one. If that feels like you, it’s worth forgiving yourself. You don’t have to meet anyone else’s expectations. Plus, I agree with the idea that if you set out into the energies a description of some amazing partner you’ve dreamt up, that partner will only come into your life when you have become the partner they are attracted to.

Enjoy the post.


Read Kitegirl’s article on being single on Valentine’s Day here.


It’s All About the Love Now

By Jennifer Hoffman

Do you dread Valentine’s Day, with the pictures of the happy couples who will surprise each other with thoughtful gifts, give or receive flowers, have a romantic dinner date, and spend the day in joy because they are receiving love from their  special someone? Who did you remember on Valentine’s Day, the ex-partner, old heartache, or the empty seat at your dinner table?  Valentine’s Day is a celebration of emotional love, which is different from the energy of love. This is the difference between ‘doing’ love and ‘being’ love. We are always in the being-ness of love, even if we do not have an example of emotional love (the ‘doing’ love) present in our life.

From a mind/heart level, we yearn for the expression and emotion of love because we’re physical beings. If we can’t see, hear, feel, taste, and touch something, it doesn’t exist for us in our physical world. But emotional love is created from energetic love, and we always get it backwards. We think that if we have a partner to show us love, then we have love. But the only way we can create that partnership in its highest aspects is to be in the energy of love, which can then manifest as physical expression of emotional love.

Any time we make a love connection through our emotions, without first being in the energy of love, we invite healing. The last ten to fifteen years (or longer) have been hard on our romantic lives. Relationships either ended or disappeared. It feels like being on our spiritual path plastered a big ‘Out of Service’ sign on our forehead, letting everyone around us know we were not available for relationships. And even if we tried, the relationships we attracted were always healing or hard, brought up ours or someone else’s (or both) deepest issues that, once they were over, made us happy for the peace and solitude of single life. Any time we seek love through the emotions first, we connect with love that heals our emotional wounds instead of love that expands our love energy.

By now we’re asking ourselves if we will ever have a committed love relationship and the answer is ‘yes’, we will. To answer the question of ‘when’, which is what we always want to know, it will happen at the right and perfect time. I know that sounds like a standard answer but we don’t want just ‘any’ partner, we want the right one. And we have to be aligned with and in integrity with the kind of love we want. Think about the kind of love you want to receive from someone and ask yourself if you are giving that exact measure of love to yourself right now. If you are not, you cannot expect to receive it from someone else. Everyone is our mirror and that includes a mirror of love.

Our new love paradigms, which set the foundation for all of our relationships, must be equal in giving and in receiving. We can no longer be the giver and hope that eventually, someone will be healed enough to love us in return. Or that we will love them enough that they will love us out of their gratitude and appreciation. We need to go into relationships as healed and whole, in order to also attract healed and whole partners. All of the work around love and relationships that we have done does not get confirmed when we can practice it on someone else, it begins with us. Can we love ourselves first, so we can create that level of love in our lives? That’s the first step to creating love in our lives. Everyone reflects our self love back to us and if we don’t have any, that mirror will be blank.

And the kind of relationship we manifest will also reflect our boundaries, our level of frequency and vibration, and mirror our exact level of self love back to us. Just as you don’t see someone with different hair and eye color when you look at yourself in a mirror, you aren’t going to connect with someone who is more loving towards you than you are towards yourself. It all begins with us, and we have said that we want to be more powerful and connected, and this is the integrity that this level of connection requires. Now, can we believe that relationship we want is moving towards us and continue to believe that even if we do not see immediate results? That’s where our faith and trust get a workout.

Set your intention for a relationship that is a sharing of energy, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, where both partners are grounded in the energy of love. Love energy is a powerful force that, when shared from a point of our empowered being, will bless us with the relationships (and love in action) that we want. When we love ourselves, which means fully accepting ourselves and knowing ourselves as perfect and already loved, and begin from the point, we are moving energy to manifest as love in the physical world.

Your self love expands the energy of love in the world, and that’s a great reason to begin loving yourself as much as you want someone to love you. And when you do that, you also send out an invitation to receive love that the right and best person will notice and respond to with exactly the amount and type of love you want.

Read more from Jennifer Hoffman on her website here.

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The Picture Says It All

wedding photo masculine feminine balanceI came across this beautiful wedding picture on Facebook this morning and had to share it. It seemed to match what I am learning about the ultimate masculine and feminine from Mercredan and other great teachers. The masculine focussed into one singular point of creation. The feminine all encompassing. They are all the rest, everything there is to be. Here’s the original link

The reason I haven’t been writing much over the past few months is that Francis Evans (the channeller of Mercredan) and I have begun a book. So I’ll be adding insights and learnings from other areas here on the blog but you may not hear anything from Mercredan for a while as we put the book together.

Stay tuned! The world is getting more and more exciting as we unfold its true potential.


The Balance Between Masculine and Feminine

masculine feminine divineIn our continuing search for the meaning of the Feminine Divine and how it balances the Masculine Divine, let’s take a look at a few different points of view.

From the Male Perspective

Here’s a very enlightened viewpoint from a male, Bryan Reeves, who’s done his homework in the article “6 Things An Evolved Man Wants From A Woman.

I love the classic paintings he’s used throughout. In essence, he describes the evolved man wants her to be herself, not bend to match expectations; to be truly happy, to be wildly in love because she is, not because it is demanded of her or may bring reward; to communicate openly, to surrender in trust and sex which has come up a few times in our Mercredan sessions (even though it took me a while to calm down and really understand what was being said). I like the way it’s written. Good fun.

From the Feminine Perspective

Alex Myles posted this description of “Traits of an Awakened Goddess” on the elephant Blog Site.

She speaks of women losing their inhibitions, finding their inner beauty/wisdom and using it for the benefit of all. She has no problem emphasising the importance of sex – this ideal really needs a major overhaul in the Western world. Judgements about women being sluts and whores if they are free in expressing themselves in that manner just have to go. We would never have judged a woman that way unless we were taught to.

The Tantra Perspective

Below is the video featured in Alex’s article which I’ve nested here for quick reference. It is the Tantra description of the difference and balance between ultimate masculine and feminine.

I love this description below the YouTube video…

“Once, Parvati asks Shiva to chose the one form among her 10 forms which he likes most. To her surprise, Shiva reveals that he is most comfortable with her Kali form, in which she is bereft of her jewellery, her human-form, her clothes, her emotions and where she is only raw, chaotic energy, where she is as terrible as time itself and even greater than time. As Parvati takes the form of Kali, Shiva lies at her feet and requests her to place her foot on his chest, upon his heart.Once in this form, Shiva requests her to have this place, below her feet in her iconic image which would be worshipped throughout.

The Shiv tattava (Divine Consciousness as Shiva) is inactive, while the Shakti tattava (Divine Energy as Kali) is active. Shiva represent Brahman, the Absolute pure consciousness which is beyond all names, forms and activities. Kali, on the other hand, represents the potential (and manifested) energy responsible for all names, forms and activities. She is his Shakti, or creative power, and is seen as the substance behind the entire content of all consciousness. She can never exist apart from Shiva or act independently of him just as Shiva remains a mere corpse without Kali

i.e. Shakti, all the matter/energy of the universe, is not distinct from Shiva or Brahman, but is rather the dynamic power of Brahman. Hence, Kali is Para Brahman in the feminine and dynamic aspect while Shiva is the male aspect and static. She stands as the absolute basis for all life, energy and beneath her feet lies, Shiva, a metaphor for mass, which cannot retain its form without energy.

How interesting is that? So the masculine – Shiva – represents mass. In the atom this is the chemical element that makes it different from the next one – e.g.. carbon vs hydrogen. The only thing that expands the mass of the atom so it can exist at all is energy and this, in Tantra terms, is the feminine Shakti.

So it very much matches with the studies we’ve done here so far. Not just that Shakti has conquered Shiva’s heart by his own admission, but that he cannot survive without her creative energy.

The video images are a bit repetitive and do have some disturbing ones in there. Without reading further (yet) my observations are:

  • the severing of her own head might be to remove the brain/thinking side of ourselves and be pure in consciousness / intuition in what we share with others.
  • there are a lot of symbolic snakes in the images which may be to do with the Kundalini energy which spirals up the spine to the head in a divine sexual act.
  • the images have a continuous connection with nature, even one image there with roots down into Mother Earth
  • The half and half image – half dark half light being the fusion of Shakti and Shiva (male and female) – something we humans can look forward to in the future dissolving duality.
  • I love the image at 2.11 and 2.20 where she becomes like the sun. All encompassing, with less material form.
  • Some images decked out in all the material trappings of fabulous gowns, thrones and jewellery, then others pure and simple with only flowers and pearls to decorate.
  • The vast majority of poses are with the thighs open – so very different to how we Western girls have been taught to sit by constricting ourselves.
  • Shakti is often elevated off the ground, levitating, no longer held down
  • Would love to know what the moon and the tongue are about
  • The third eye on the forehead showing sight into intuition just like the Egyptian Eye of Horus.
  • Love the wild dancing image at 5.22

Another article from Elephant: Learning Yoni massage to find the Feminine Divine.

So there are a few perspectives on the Feminine Divine and how it balances – is not equal to – the Masculine Divine. They are not the only perspectives but the more we view any topic from as many viewpoints as possible the more deeply we will understand it.


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Money: The Great Dining Table of Life

money law of attractionHow do you view money in your life? Do you understand that your relationship to money is what determines how much of it comes in? It has little to do with what anyone else thinks of it unless you choose to have the same sort of relationship to money as the others around you. How can you change that relationship in order to get a different result?

I was reading this lovely article yesterday by channeller Meredith Murphy. Titled “Part 1 of 3” it’s clearly just the pre-cursor to a bigger lesson which will come from this Author later. Just setting the scene as it were.

There are some lovely affirmations in there which will work a whole lot better than if you are struggling with finances and have tried to plaster a grin on your face saying “I’m rich in my head, really!” which just makes you feel like a fraud.

LAW OF ATTRACTION TIP: Whenever you’re in a negative state of mind and the joyous positive vibes feel too far away – simply focus on reducing the negative emotions back to neutral. That will bring you instant relief and head you in the right direction.

Here were some of her examples which I prefer to change to a self empowerment point of view, for it’s not up to an angel or anyone else to change me. It’s up to me to change me:

  • I AM willing to wipe the slate clean of all I know about money.
  • I AM ready for a fresh start.
  • I AM ready to meet money directly and re-imagine my relationship based on what money really is.
  • I AM going to understand this directly from within because money, like all energy forms, has an originating structure.

Often I get the best access to multi-dimensional thinking just as I’m waking up. It’s that twilight zone you go to when under hypnotherapy or deep meditation.

This morning, as I was waking, I came back around to thinking about this article. If I am to understand the energy of money and it’s originating structure; and it is essentially made of the same stuff as me, what would that look like?

I immediately saw my first image. Me standing side on. The wind blows paper notes of money up against the side of my body. Because we are made of the same stuff it starts to absorb into my body.

“That’s different” I thought “Let’s see where this goes.”

More and more money blew up against my side and absorbed until my body was full. I didn’t intend to get any fatter so, from there forward, as money blew up and absorbed, notes started to “leak” out the other side which I could give to someone or just let it fly away on the breeze.

Interesting, huh? So, as Gluttony stores more than necessary and stops the flow of energy, if we allow the resources to fill us up, then only once we have a full pot do we let it overflow to others. That’s what keeps us fully satisfied.

Satisfaction. That was the word that brought up the next image.

I saw myself sitting at a long narrow outdoor Italian table with a large group of diners. All of them happy, loving family and friends.

The person at the end of the table was serving up. They would put food on the plate and pass it to the right. I was starving but passed the plate on to the next person once it got to me.

Ah! Now I get it! How many of us in life have things passed to us and consider it virtuous to continue passing it to someone else even though we are starving? What if the table never ends?

How many times have you passed on or brushed away offers of help, money, compliments, great opportunities, work, comfort, useful advice and even true love?

We are brought up to believe it is admirable to be tough and do it all on our own. To carry other people. To carry all our burdens ourselves. To carry other people’s burdens.


Connecting is what this World Shift of Consciousness is about.

You may be ready for a big lesson: Discover you are worthy, just as worthy as anyone else, because you are a member of the same species and you CAN accept what is offered to you.

As the plates are passed down the table, if you are starving, put the plate in front of yourself, say thank you, EAT your fill, then pass the next plate down. If someone complains, hand them the next plate and tell them to eat.

You are not doing anything more than feeding an empty stomach. You are not stopping the flow of plates. You will in fact have more energy and willingness to pass plates for even longer afterwards once you are nourished.

So take a look today at where you are forgetting to eat. In what department of life are you hungry? Love? Money? Friends? Social life? Work? A handy man for a job around the house?

(Hungry for a handy man? Wow, where is this article going?…)

Identify where it is and then use those affirmations above.

“I AM willing to let go of all I believed about —”

“I AM willing to be shown a new way to relate to it. Willing to see how much there is of it in the world.”

“I AM willing to accept it when it is offered, set it down in front of me and say Thank You.”

You are worthy of nourishment.

Always remember that.


Additional reading from Meredith Murphy. 

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Mercredan: What the future looks like

World shift in collective consciousnessI loved this session from last Monday. There’s some spiritual stuff, a bit about Lucifer, reincarnation, karma, some Quantum Physics and learning about the Field of Love. 

How funny we passed through the end of December 2012 throwing our hands in the air saying “well, that shift didn’t make much of a bang” but now we are getting a clearer picture of where we are heading, it’s certainly going to be a very different world and a different way of living.

Want to speed our progress towards it? Start with self. That was always the first instruction. What can you put into practice in your own life that would be different to how you lived before?

Take a look a the topics in the conversation below and read up on the explanations. Always feel free to ask me about it on Google + or Facebook if you need help in understanding.

  1. Who do you need to make peace with? Are you brave enough to start thinking about them as if you had already made peace?
  2. How can you support the children in your neighbourhood? Is there something you can organise within the community for them?
  3. Give up thinking being independent is the best way to live. You were designed to integrate with another person. What needs to be resolved in order to let someone in?

That’s the big one for me right now as you have seen below. Have a think about those points and talk to me if you are looking for a Business and Life Coach to take you through the Shift.



Mercredan channelled by Francis Evans interviewed by Annabelle Drumm

11 May 2015


Garden of Eden, Lucifer the Tempter, masculine and feminine divine, the field of love, the end of being destructive, how sex can be used to create or to destruct, reincarnation now only happens in the past, the future being are genderless with physicality exploring expressions of love, looking from the view of the Author, Ascended Masters are Descended Masters, only 9 Masters currently on the planet, the spiral of evolution, letting down the boundaries to accept someone into the field of love.

Prior to starting Francis and Annabelle were talking about 

  • the role of Lucifer as the bringer of light – mentioned in a previous session 
  • being impatient with each other (falling asleep) in the last two weeks and not being able to do a session
  • and the role of feminine divine.



M: In your book of instruction it is that in the Garden of perfection the masculine and the feminine stood in all their naked glory and suddenly as the Temptor descends, in order to begin the great unfolding, the evolution of consciousness, brings with it the light.

And suddenly, the manifest find itself shamed of its own bodies, shamed of its ability to pro-create and so it covers itself up. So it is then that masculine and feminine have remained both separate and paradoxically tied to one another.  One loves the other and yet cannot trust. So it is that those two polarities stay in separate ends of the spectrum.

And it is from the light then, that is you have asked to comment on Lucifer the light bearer, the light giver, what its called the Gift from the Divine. Because it is always the gift to penetrate beyond what is so much on the surface. To discover, what is it that this “fall”, as it was called, brings into being? What is it that Luciferian energy? That is, the Temptor, what does it do but protect so that only those with enough foresight, enough insight, enough to go beyond the obvious can enter in to the garden that is called the Heavens? You understand what I mean? When you stop pretending, when you look at what is in front of you and you understand you see it for what it is without the shades, without the guilts, without all of the negativity that One places on Self and on Other, the polarity leads integration. The polarity must come together before procreation can occur and yet you are scientifically attempting to usurp that divine principal so that you can pretend you are one without the other. Is that enough to begin a conversation?

A: Absolutely, yes. I want to go back to the Temptor being the Bringer of light. How is it that we have mis-interpreted this to meaning something which represents evil?

M: Because what happens is you take that thing, if you give in to the temptation, what is it unless one has the discipline? One will become trapped. You understand? Let us look at it in the basic form. Then One’s sexuality, when One comes together in love, that One is truly entering into another not to take from, not to use, but to give; then One can surround one another in the field of love itself and create more of that love. One can truly engender it and One is not guilty, One is not jealous, One is not taking it as ownership or any other thing like that at all. But, if One wants to use that for One’s own end, what occurs is something that is destructive and eventually becomes criminal and warlike and so on. So, One can create or One can destroy. The Creator and the Destroyer are one in the same. Energy and power used in different dimensions. One to take from, one to give to. So it is, how will you come to that? How will you address your own ideas about your sexuality? You understand? Because you have been given so that it will not spread. So that love will not go beyond, because while you have then One’s own biological family, then it is one family against the other. But if there is no biological family and all children are the responsibility of all people, all of society, then suddenly your society becomes whole.

A: Mm, so it’s spreading the love.

M: And of course it is to fulfil it all and there is so much involved in that because so much then seems to require a biological intervention rather than a spiritual one. From the spiritual perspective a child will not enter in to a destructive environment unless it has karmic ties to fulfil.

A: Are we getting towards the end of our karmic ties though?

Karma only played out in the Past now

M: That is the case. As I have said there are no more re-introductions beyond the physical as you stand in the present time.

A: So does that mean that families that are in a spiritual destructive place will not bear any children?

M: In that case it is evolutionary. Those that require to finish, those that are necessary to finish their Karmic cycles will indeed do so in a past as in relationship to your present moment. Then a new evolutionary shift is not into physicality as you have understood it.

A: Could you repeat that for me again? You’re saying those are finishing in the past?

M: That is those that wish or need to finish a re-incarnative cycle will do so within a past context to your selves. The Present then, is the final conclusion of that cyclic pattern. The new age, the new epoch is an evolutionary path at a far higher vibrate force. So it is then that Humans learn to come in, shall we say, only by invitation.

A: It feels like there’s a lot to learn about this. I need to know more detail.

M: Let us say because One is learning how to operate at a higher perspective. One is not then any longer the identity. One is learning to truly become the Author of One’s destiny. We have given that analogy before. Now One is the consciousness of the Author and each identity, each character in the unfolding story is one distinction of “The Whole”. Everything in the end is always One, so it doesn’t matter. One is beginning to experience, explore and entertain Oneself as the Author not as the identity.

A: Yes, I do understand that. I’m just trying to understand the completion that you are speaking of. Sorry I’m going back over the same thing again but to go back… so when you say it is completed in the past, from what you have told me each of the identities are on chapters in the book…

M: Let us put it this way. At the present time as I have described, One descends into the identity and begins to explore different options and then forgets One is indeed an identity. One has forgotten one’s Authorship.

A: Yes, I understand that.

M: What I am saying is that once that happens, the Author from this point forward will only ever be writing shall we call it an historical novel. Only then if One descends into the character, it is only ever in the past context.

A: Does that mean we end up with more lives in the past? If we decide to come back in and experience a bit more we can only create those lives in the past?

M: Of course and, paradoxic as it sounds, they already exist.

A: Yes, because we can’t end up with a bigger and bigger population in the past. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Parallel Universe of changing Histories

M: Because as I have pointed out, One is only ever “in resonance” of it. The Author has already written the novel. The chances are however the parallel universe allows a different pathway to be organised.

A: Right . So if a life already exists in the past but we make different choices within that life, this is when you were saying right at the beginning of our sessions, is that we continually alter history from here forward.

M: Of course. The point is is that the massiveness of it is infinite. The matrix is simply on beyond human tracking. One might have an intuitive grasp but not an intellectual one because then One has to have a viable matrix of unlimited dimensions.

A: Yes yes. I get that.

Brain is structured like the Matrix

M: However One can intuitively understand the complexity of such a structure. It’s very similar, if you like, because the brain, as it is, is based on it. With every new consideration, when One reviews a memory in One’s mind, anything that has followed from that memory will indeed alter the memory itself. And, not just that but create new neural pathways. You understand, so it is an infinitely changing structure.

A: So it doesn’t continually improve until we have a perfect history, does it? It just continues to experience and expand.

M: Let us say it is constantly reviewing itself and, as a result, naturally brings more evolution into place, more perceptiveness and eventually will have completed it’s entire purpose for existing.

You understand, so, Humanity is on the perpetual evolutionary cycle. I want to point out the paradox even of that statement. So it appears as if One returns to the same. The reality is that One returns to the same at a higher plane of existence. Does that follow?

M: One’s cyclic nature is in fact an evolutionary spiral. 

A: Yes, I’ve heard that before that it is a spiral. So in coming back in in… well, do we call it the future, I guess, on our dateline of the Earth, if we come back by invitation, under what conditions is that?

M: Under the conditions of the pro-creativity of the Author. You understand, at that level of existence, a different framework is in place so that polarity does not exist as such, as men and women, as male and female, because what has occurred is the integration is no longer one of pro-creating the species as it is of filling in the fields of love. You understand?

A: No, I don’t understand that. So the future Beings have no gender?

M: Future Beings as such have the same descent – that is each one exists within the storyline proposed by the Author – but in most cases, the Author is exploring the nature of love, not the nature of rebuilding the physical population because it is no longer being destroyed through wars and so on.

A: Right.

M: You understand?

A: Yes I understand. So the Authors are no longer creating characters that are destructive. Is that what you are saying?

M: That is the case. They are beginning to understand the nature of polarity and how, when it is truly in alignment, it does not need the baby to hold it together, but requires the love to bind it into its natural relationship, building and expressing the nature of God, that is love. The divine made physical. Made into a field in which all things will and must love. Such a plane then, has only illumitive periods of existence before the evolutionary shift to yet a higher domain.

A: As we move up, and I understand that’s not going to happen in my little identity’s lifetime, in the future, as we move up to a higher plane on this planet, I am wondering if we would actually have telescopes that see a lot of other planets and stars that are in that higher dimension already.

M: First of all, when One, in One’s own lifetime, loses the attachment to the physical identity, One can immediately perceive the entirety from the perspective of the Author. The Author can create within its novel anything it likes. Let us say it can decide to improve a new design of telescope that can see another myriad of your stars and planets and so on. But of course, it is all a part of the storyline. None of it, as such, is in existence because the nature of the Author’s environment is entirely (defined?) You understand, even the Author. Because until you can reside in the experience of the Author One cannot even begin to consider what is beyond that.

A: Mm. How many people in this present time 2015 can see from the perspective of the Author consciously?

M: There are two answers to that question. First of all, there are far more than you think that can perceive from such a position, however not continuously. When one can perceive continuously from such a position then there is little reason to descend into physical creation.  —-

A: (laughs)

Nine Descended Masters

M: You understand. So at this point and from all times in history there have been a continuous stream of those that take on that position. So, we could say at any one time, there are 9 of such Ones. Such higher potential obviously is there only to touch with those and encourage those that can temporarily see from such a position into increasing the continuity. Because then One will find truly enlightened Ones. The great… what you call the Ascended Masters, I am going to call them the Descended Masters.

A: (laughs) Descended into three dimensions.

M: Of course, because they are not ascending out, of course they could at any moment, but they are descending in because they have a purpose, a willingness and an excitement in being in that position. Walking amongst and occasionally tapping someone on the shoulder.

A: Mm, I would like to be tapped on the shoulder. (laughs) I would like to meet one.

M: Of course, you will only very rarely recognise them. Sometimes of course One is in the temporary position of the Author, suddenly meet such a One and recognises them before what we can say is “falling yet again Asleep”. You understand, all of this is simply about remembering to be awake. Constantly remembering to be awake, to be alert, for signals to be awake. You understand? So being present to life is trying to remain alert.

Finding our own way back to being the Author

A: Yes, our dear friend (Francis the Channeller) and I were just speaking about that before this. The last couple of weeks when we met here, as we do, that we feel we had fallen asleep.

M: You understand this great truth also. As I have said all along, it is not my purpose, nor my job to interfere in anybody’s reality. So even my Dear Friend, I must allow the opportunity to fall fast asleep. Even if we are still in contact, even if we are still using his vehicle, that it is important because it is the nature of the physical world. So important then to be awake, alert and recognise that you are not your identity. You are not who you think you are. You are not your name. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are none of it. You are the Author of it all! And that is not the Divine itself. Of course, it is on the Pathway but not “The Whole”.

A: Yes, so there are many Authors, aren’t there.

M: Of course but you are the only Author of your own Universe.

A: Yes

M: The complexity of this interaction, that is what we’ve spoken about.

A: Mm. It feels like a complete lesson today.

Opening the Field of Love

M: You understand, the importance of understanding polarity. The most essential part in relationship, the most important of that is to recognise that One is not capable of true integration on one side of the polarity. One has to allow another to integrate. One has to give love without needing to be entirely fulfilled.

A: I am feeling at the moment like I must only give and not expect anything in return right now.

M: You understand the giving is not so to the Being but to the field in which you are operating. Because when someone enters in to the field of love they can only be accepted. Either that or the barrier will keep them out. That is, the boundaries of One’s own field will keep somebody in or out.

A: In this particular case though, there are still barriers there.

M: And One has to evaluate whose barriers they are.

A: (laughs) OK

M: You understand what I mean.

A: (laughs) Yes I do. I do.

M: Because One essentially gives out one message and then mediates it with yet another, moderates it yet another and then One is left confused.

A: Yes, it’s not surprising is it?

M: Only when One is ready. Only then, can One can truly begin to lighten the boundaries. Let them become more fluid, more flexible. You understand because it is the feminine that is fluid. It is the feminine that is flexible. It is the feminine that allows.

A:So it is up to me to find my “fluidity” again.

M: In the end, consider the dance. Consider how it is in the dance because all things in relationship, one to another, indeed are represented as a dance. Enough for today.

A: Thank you so much Mercredan.

M: And thank you for your time, your willingness to explore the entertainment. (laughs)

A: (laughs)

M: Then thank you and good morning.

A: Good morning.



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