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Devouring Life: A New Year Resolution

How to set goals in 2017For a long time now I’ve had my sights set on finding the perfect project to sink my teeth into and the perfect partner to sink my teeth into as well. I’ve helped so many clients over the years achieve and even surpass their own fantasies I figure I should be able to, not only achieve the same but, hey, why not upstage everyone and do it even better for myself.

The result has been like the pursuit of the holy grail. I set an impossibly high level of expectation on myself and on others which has distracted me from truly appreciating what I have in front of me at any given time.

Great insight!

So, Annabelle (I say with my coaching hat on) how are we going to change this view to get more benefit?

Enjoy the journey?

Nope, stretch it further.

OK, how about:

Devour every morsel of life

Much better.

From the higher perspective, human life is short, so short it is almost the blink of an eye. You can go through many lives living out the same lessons and not getting the answers. Making the same mistakes, being the victim, saying it’s the circumstance or somebody else’s fault or the elite or the weather – whatever you choose to blame – but you’ll keep being handed the lessons until you find your way through them.

Goal Setting in 2017

For me, it seems really strange that I’ve allowed myself to fall for that old fashioned goal oriented mindset. I’ve known for some years now that the way goals are set with coaching clients has changed dramatically. They are no longer reaching for a milestone to hang their hat on. The “goals” are now focussed around a direction to head, a deeper purpose to fulfil – which can be fulfilled in a number of different ways – or a feeling to feel on a regular basis.  So I feel like a bit of a wally that it’s taken me this long to bend my own goals to something more up to date.

What does “Devour every morsel of life” mean?

In Mercredan’s session last November he talked about moving up to a higher perspective while we are here on the ground. We get all excited by technology able to produce the “3D effect” via a pair of virtual reality goggles or at the cinema. Then we go outside and fail to recognise how magnificent this Earthly framework really is.

By devouring every moment you are alive with your senses and your appreciation you make a very different experience from what you’ve been living.

It’s just Mindfulness blah blah

You think you’ve heard it all before. “I must be more mindful… yeah whatever.” But, it has more impact than you think.

When you are tuned into the past, the beliefs and your emotions attached to those beliefs to create something similar in the future. The same old story.

When you are tuned into the future, you are missing all the amazing opportunities offered to you right now that would steer you towards what you want.

We talk about being present as if it’s just a fad diet, something trendy to talk about that doesn’t really have a lot of substance. Yet the opposite is true. You’ve asked for a lot of things in your life. The Universe is walking along side you jumping up and down to turn here, talk to this one over here, look at this word on this sign. It is working over time to give you all the clues and, without presence, your chances of picking up those clues becomes slim. Is it any wonder why you question the Law of Attraction works?

How often do you walk down the street absorbed in what’s coming up next in your schedule or stewing over what happened in the past? What if you simply noticed the 3D reality you are in?

How you view it makes a difference as well. If you judge the dreary people, the barriers, the pollution, the broken bottle, the smelly rubbish bin and decide this is getting you down – then you’d be right. It’s all a matter of choice. Law of Attraction “like attracts like” kicks in to draw into your life more of whatever you were focussing on.

On the other hand you could tune into:


See the light and shadow an artist sees as they draw or paint. See the textures, the colours in layers, the contours, the synchronicity, the gravity and lightness. When you look from an artist’s point of view there is beauty in the soft and the gritty. Without one you could not describe nor measure the other so, why judge it?


Lose your judgement because these smells are the smell of life, the smell of the neighbourhood, the smell of the city and the smell of the era we live in which would have been a different smell to 100 years ago.

From a dancer’s point of view I always thought it odd how people hated BO (body odour). I would always retort “That’s the smell of a live person. They would smell a lot worse if they were dead.” In fact, the smell of fresh sweat was very satisfying to me. Getting up close and personal with other sweaty dancers was not only familiar but it was a way of recognising them without sight. You could tell how close they were to you on stage by smell and by heat. Sure, some elements can influence the smell like nicotine, alcohol, garlic, asparagus etc. but generally each person had their own signature which allowed you to get to know the essence of them better. So, smell without judgement.


This has become my favourite way to turn the brain off when I want some meditation time. Just listen, again without judgement. What do you hear? What do you really hear underneath that? There was a great book someone lent me once, I think it was called “The Silence” which taught you to acknowledge a sound, then lift it on a layer of cloud above your head and listen to see what else you could hear underneath. As you lifted the layers away you could listen deeper and deeper. The world got more quiet until all you could hear was your own heartbeat. Awesome exercise. But the sounds around you don’t have to be lifted all the time. Just notice them. They are real, they are life.


This one goes without saying. Mindful eating has been encouraged for a decade or two now. If you eat with your mind on something else – particularly a digital device – you miss the whole experience of eating and can end up hungry or you don’t notice when your brain says you’ve had enough and you keep on eating beyond what the body needs. Eating with gratitude that there is food on the table is a valuable exercise.  When was the last time you appreciated your coffee or tea like a connoisseur? When was the last time you followed the cold water down your throat and into your torso? So much is there!


The textures or temperature are something we don’t often identify or describe to each other. With so much reference to what is on the internet these days we reduce our observations to sight and sound. What do you feel? Can you feel your clothes around your body right now (assuming you are not reading my blog naked), the floor beneath your feet. When you walk down the road do you feel the sun, the gentle breeze on your cheek, the change of weight as you shift from one foot to the other, the heat in a restaurant as you pass by a door opening. When was the last time you stopped and felt the rain? Again, so much is there which we ignore.

Sixth senses

Yes, there is more than one. Tune in to the mood of the environment, the vibe a person is giving off, the peacefulness a tree offers. Read between the lines of what someone is not saying. This increases your emotional intelligence.

Can you tune in to the emotions of the people who were last sitting in this chair or talking in this room? When it’s strong it is obvious. Were they arguing? Was one of them really sad? Were they hot for each other? It’s quite fun to check into the recent history you can pick up. This is what psychics practice regularly to find their answers. They are just doing what each of us has the potential to do.

Note I did use the word “devour” too, not just to eat, take in or consume your morsels of life. Rather than using your senses to draw in the details like a scientist, how about throwing everything you can into the experience with passion and enthusiasm? Think about what it is to devour something. The passion is barely controllable. Why control it?

Rather than be embarrassed that maybe other people will think you’re a little off your trolley crying over the beauty of a sunset or moaning in ecstasy over an ice cream, be the inspiration for them. Even if they laugh, they will remember it and you know already that the effect will ripple out to others in ways you cannot imagine.

Make a difference

All of these descriptions have been about observing what is already there but another thing to consider is, what are you creating? Are you waiting for the experiences to come to you or are you going to create some of these experiences? If you spend your days running by a tight schedule leaving little or no time for creativity or spontaneity, you’re setting yourself up for a pretty shallow day. If you have no expressive outlet you can find yourself taking it out on your loved ones or simply feeling like a walking zombie without feelings or emotions.

Tune into those emotions. Stir them up! Get them out.

If you’re grumpy or sad or anything negative you don’t want to be taking that out on someone else for the damage can be far beyond what you think. So find another outlet. Write it, paint it, dance it, sing it, run it off at the park, scream into a pillow. Releasing it gives it less opportunity to create illness in your body.

Summing it up

Coming back to my original changing of goals, we know through Law of Attraction that when you ask, it is given. Sometimes it arrives quite quickly, other times, what you ask for fits into the time line a few years later. If you ask again, you are confirming in your mind that perhaps the Universe didn’t hear you the first time and – uh oh – now the Universe gives you exactly what you believe which is that they didn’t hear you and nothing arrives.

So, once you’ve asked, know it’s on its way. Then, avoiding all fierce looks and determination – we’ve decided this time it’s not going to be hard work, right? – get in the flow, follow the queues and devour every second of the journey because you’ll never be in this spot at this time ever again.

Every day

1 – devour life with all your senses

2 – find a moment to be playful or to laugh

3 – find a way to express yourself honestly

4 – be the artist and create something beneficial or beautiful that wasn’t there the day before

Pretty simple? Go on, give it a try.

UPDATE: Here’s another great example of devoting yourself to the pleasure of existence.


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What if you were exceptional?

law of attraction love advice tips mentor teacher

I was told one time through a channeller “It’s time to give up believing you are average.” Understand, all the things channellers say to me which I share on this blog are not personal to me. If you are reading this right now, it probably applies to you too.

What does the saying mean? In Law of Attraction rule number one is “Your thoughts become reality.” Whatever you put your focus on is what becomes real for you. The words you use in your thought patterns and what they mean to you will vary the result as well. This is what NLP coaching very much relies upon.

In order to move on from the idea of being average I used this 2 step process. I did it this morning and I loved the results. It was a very different result from what I expected. Grab a pen and paper to do this exercise.

1) At the top of the page write:

If, in this moment I gave up the belief I was average, how would I live, behave, think, act? What is it to be exceptional?

Just stew on that for a wee while. If you were beyond average, if you were exceptional, what would be different in how you lived your life? How would you care for yourself? How would you spend your time? What would you focus your thoughts on? How would you deal with people? The exercise is about using your imagination to drop who you are right now completely and start again. Some find this prospect quite scary and yet, nothing has to change afterwards if you don’t like the result so there’s no harm done.

There’s something important to note here about the words in the question too. I am not asking you to write what it would be like if you “thought” you were exceptional. People who think they are exceptional generally think other people are not exceptional so they tend to look down on others, get a bit arrogant, maybe a lot arrogant. That’s not beneficial to them nor to the people around them.

I’m asking you to see what it’s like to BE exceptional. A very big difference. The people I’ve met who just are exceptional simply are. They don’t spend any time comparing themselves to anyone else. They just get on with doing exceptional things and being an exceptional parent, child, sister, neighbour, co-worker, friend…

What was on my list this morning when I did the exercise? Here’s what I listed in being exceptional

  • Current issues on my plate would be dealt with logically and efficiently. I would waste no time in self pity, blaming, being a victim or beating myself up.
  • I would spend no time being miserable that I don’t have the answers I need right now. (that was a curious one)
  • I would be able to stir up a great whirlpool of energy in a short space of time around what I want to achieve drawing in all the right people to help and support.
  • I would not waste time stewing about the lack of support I was getting from those I thought I could rely upon. No time!!
  • I would revel in my leisure time! I recognise work/life balance is what makes living fun and energising.
  • I would care more for the body and mind: dance, sing, sweat, stretch, breathe, smile, love.
  • I would take a chance when I see it without questioning if I deserved it.
  • I would obey my intuition without questioning.
  • I would take on new challenges with gusto. Even if I do a crappy job I would take the benefits of the experience and apply that to future challenges.
  • I would shorten the To Do list either completing important-but-not-urgent things or simply deleting them if they are not important. A regular de-clutter around the house and desk is useful here too.
  • I would minimise the amount of focus I put on only earning what I need to cover the bills. Get it done then put more focus on expanding the new project.
  • I would gracefully bow out of time spent with pessimists and complainers. My time is precious and I am of more use to the world when I am doing and being the positive.

What’s on your list?

2) Put it into action

Certainly, it is useful keeping your list handy so you can read it and imagine yourself as that exceptional person on a daily basis. That’s a good start. Keep doing that until you’ve hardwired a few of these traits into your new personality. You can also write the first 3 steps I’ll do today which match this new exceptional you starting either today or tomorrow depending on what time of the day you are writing it. They can be baby steps if you choose and then, as you build your confidence, you can take larger steps.

Jack Canfield always says it takes 30 days to install a new habit so don’t give up on this because you did 3 days and then missed one. Keep going. Celebrate the times when you expressed your new exceptional personality and if you didn’t do what you’d aimed for that day, do the imagination exercise and set 3 new steps for the next day.

Doing this for 30 days with a friend so you can encourage each other can be very precious but if you don’t have anyone to work with there is no excuse to not do it.

Your persistence will be rewarded.

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Mercredan: USA elections, life after death, shifting self

Francis Evans Mercredan spirit medium psychic channeller channelingBelow is a Mercredan conversation with our American friend Susan. The opening topic of the USA elections is one she and I have been talking about. From my point of view I think the whole circus of the elections is magnificent. Why magnificent? Put it this way.

By having someone who has made themselves a cartoon character of extreme opinion for the purpose of gaining attention, one who has all the money necessary to wrap the media around his little finger; his topics of discussion have brought to the surface the prejudices in all who have had them simmering under the surface. Now everyone can see them in plain daylight.

Not only that but it has made me here on the the other side of the world, and hopefully a large bunch of Americans too, take a look at how presidents are elected in that country. When I discover that the public do not vote for the president or the party leader, only “delegates” get to vote them into power,  (who votes in the delegates? who pays them? do they truly represent the opinions of their electorate?) then all the world can see this is not a democratic process.

This process has been in place for a very long time yet, it is only with a crazy cartoon character powering his way towards the Top Dog seat that exposes how that process works. Whether he gets in or not will depend on how many people from all levels of society choose to reach for a different process from here forward.

So, in effect, even though everyone is horrified that he has got as far as he has and like to judge the opinions he expresses (let’s not forget they may not be his personal opinions at all, he is simply working the crowd) we can pretty much thank him for playing a very important role in this whole world shift in consciousness.

If we had “ordinary” personalities going for the presidency we might never have noticed the undemocratic way a president is elected. We might never have seen the true fears of people and the prejudice they use to express those fears. We might never have seen how separate society has become. Only when we truly understand the extent of it can we make moves towards opening communication, mending fears and reducing the lack of trust within their communities as well as on a global scale. If we can’t see the problems we cannot clean them up. Make sense?

Living in this moment I can appreciate the roles each is playing and you can’t even judge them to be “bad” or “good”. If you are an actor playing a baddie in a film, you are not classed as a bad actor. You play the role to the best of your ability in order to move the story line forward.

So, enjoy the following session. It was frustrating for Susan at times. I know what that feels like because Mercredan will never spoon feed you the answers, only guide you in the direction you need to find them yourself.

I’ve put a few comments in along the way in italics. Feel free to comment on the Facebook page or Google Plus page if you want to discuss any particular parts of it.

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Mercredan session

Channelled by Francis Evans
Interviewed by Susan Worth

Topics: USA Elections, polarised opinions, awakening, growing up, religion teaching unification, illness linked with the mind, Life after death, Jehovah’s Witness viewpoint, Shifting self, unconscious guilt, finding luck; The battlefield of life, finding value in life. The Author writing your life, Separating into two worlds, Separating into two worlds, Working with wisdom, Wasting less time, putting learning into practice


M:  Good evening.  Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.  I just want to begin by heading in the direction of the shifting nature of reality.  Because it is important to recognize that reality does not alter free of the driving force of human consciousness.  So that is enough to begin a conversation.

S:  Could you explain that last part again? You said reality does not change?

M:  As we have always said, one creates the reality that one focuses attention on.  And so it is as you watch the shifting natures of the world as you see it, that it portrays the shifting nature of human consciousness.  So humanity is changing its viewpoint, and as we pointed out, it is separating because it is polarized.  And the greater the polarization, the quicker and the more effective shall be the shifting nature.  So the two universes are moving rapidly in different directions.

S:  I completely understand what you’re saying, and if I use our country as a microcosm of that and look at the polarity between our two political parties…

USA Elections, polarised opinions, awakening, growing up, religion teaching unification

M:  It is not so necessarily between the two parties as it is between the nature of the populations.  And the different needs and requirements as human beings have to consider that they are not kings and queens, but they have responsibilities for the survival of all species.

S:  But to me the two political parties in our country do represent the separate ideologies of what you’re explaining; that one group doesn’t understand that and the other does.  Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

M:  Of course, but if you look at it, your political parties are not even one party, they do not even represent the same things.  So many people, many of the population indeed, are not standing for a party as much as they are standing for what is in their self interests.

S:  I understand.

M:  And so it is that one puts one’s attention in the inner framework of one’s mind, on what is important in your own nature of consciousness.  That is, what have you ascertained as being of importance?  What is the dream that you hold for your planetary evolution?

S:  Are you asking me what my dream is or…

M:  I am simply reminding one not to focus the attention on the disparities, but to focus your attention on what is your greatest hope, shall we say.

S:  So for example, instead of looking at the news and focusing on the differences between our two political parties, I can focus more on the good stories like what the Pope is doing, and the reconciliation between the US and Cuba?

M:  Of course, and one can remember that the reality is only what one puts the attention on.  What is happening in your country might be considered as disparate.  However if you consider it in another light, you discover that for the first time your whole country is beginning to realize it has responsibilities,  And it cannot simply make waves in a wider context, within the wider framework of your entire planet.  In the past, it has isolated and become very self-indulgent, self-centered, and now it is beginning to realize there is a wider context that is much bigger than itself.  For a long time, your whole country has considered itself king of the castle.

S:  Absolutely.

M:  And now it is beginning to realize that if one puts into place someone who wants to make it once more the king of the pile, it might not be as readily accepted, and one might end up in confrontations that is is unlikely to win.

S:  Exactly.  And that’s why I have a problem understanding when you say our country is realizing it has a responsibility to the rest of the planet, and yet it seems like at least half of the country doesn’t see that yet.

M:  That is the point.  And as it evolves, as it begins to take stock… Even whatever one votes into place, ultimately has to deal with the rest of the planet.  And even bluster and the rest of it will not change that.  In fact, what it will point out is, the more your bluster, the worse you dig a pit.  And the pit is one that, in the end, will require the falling out and the removal of that one who does that.  And one could say the benefit is the waking up call.  Not just to a single group as such, but as the wider framework begins to awaken, it fully awakens.  So what seems to be difficult, bad and all the rest of it turns out to be a wonderful opportunity.

S:  Yes, that’s the way I see it; as an amazing opportunity with lots of discussion, but some seem to be going in the other way…

M:  Even if what you think is the worst were to come into being, even that brings an awakening, and perhaps I would suggest even at a faster rate than if it were to flop in the other direction.

S:  Yes, I completely understand that, and I can feel the awakening going on as this process occurs.

S:  For the first time, you are looking at yourselves in your country as opposed to blaming the rest of the world for problems and trials and tribulations.  You are having to wake up to the reality that the very fact of religion is a guidance to build better connections and more understanding between those of different faiths.  Because a faith is the beginning to understanding the nature of oneself.

S:  I thought you were going to say the nature of the Divine!

M:  The Divine is so misunderstood, because it is beyond the words that you have.  So you cannot understand it through logic.

S:  Right.

M:  You have to penetrate that hidden mystery, and that is why it has always been the realm of the mystic.  The mystics of all religions were always hunted down and murdered because they were trying to penetrate the depths.  And that is political suicide.

S:  Got it.  Interesting.

Illness linked with the mind

S: I’d like to ask you a question about my Vietnam friend.  You’ve met with him before, and he now has cancer in his throat.  I told him that I thought all his negative words contributed to that.  I thought that might help him, but was that a bad thing to say?

M:  One has to ask the question, Is the truth always beneficial?  Because while it might seem to be ruthless, in the end one has to weigh that up against, Is it necessary?

S:  So was I too ruthless in what I said?

M:  Not at all!  Because what does he want?  He wants to live or to die.  Because one is stating a reality.  It may not be the absolute truth.  Absolute is a very difficult thing.  But it is a good enough approximation for it to be enough of a waking up, a call to arms if you know what I mean.  Because you can continue on in your illusions for how long?  Because at the end of time, one has to meet self.

S:  Right.  And I’m trying to help him to do that, and I think I’m helping myself at the same time…

M:  That is accurate.  Because you also have to look at self.  And always it is the hardest thing when one is truly reconstructing a new life, and you are no longer willing to hold onto old ideas.

Life after death, Jehovah’s Witness viewpoint

S:  Right.  I’m trying to be fluid about that.  I’d like to ask you another question about what happens to each soul after they have crossed the veil.  We talked about the Jehovah’s Witnesses and you said that they would all wake up together because of their shared belief and expectation of that. Do they not then go through the unfurling and the life review?

M:  Of course they are going through that.  They must!  At must review the life.  At the end of the lifetime creates judgment.  They have to review their lives and pass commentary.  The Judgment Day is when you stand in front of yourself and own up to all that has passed.  All of the things that you have lived in denial of, all of it must be reviewed.  That is the first step once one has removed oneself from the physical body.  One has to accept one’s nature, one’s senses, and so on.

For some of those that have been pretending to belong to an organization because they simply want to belong, will wake up and realize that belonging is no longer necessary.  They were never alone!  And as a result of that sudden improvement in awareness, they will reconsider their positions.  Others, then, who are certain that they are going to be called, will fall once again asleep to wait for the ending time, for the herald of the angel to bring awareness.  And so it is that in the fullness of time, such an awakening will occur.

(This is unusual for Mercredan to talk about angels heralding. I expect this has been put in for one of you reading the transcript for whom it will mean a lot more and are used to biblical texts.)

S:  Okay, and then those people who believe that, who will fall back asleep, they will not have another incarnation then until the fullness of time?

M:  Always when the time is right.  It is not always the same for everyone…

S:  Oh!

M:  … because when one is convinced, one has conviction, one has dug a deep grave.  But over a long period of time, boredom most often sets in.  And so you become bored with waiting around and eventually you are a little dispirited that what you were waiting for isn’t happening, so you will wake up and begin to look around, asking, “What is it I am waiting for, where is the angel?”   And then you begin to realize what a delusion it has all been.

Shifting self, unconscious guilt, finding luck

S:  And that feels exactly like what I’m feeling now.  I’m sitting around waiting for the shift to be complete, and for everything to be separate…

M:  And that isn’t how it happens, is it?  It is always that one has to shift oneself!  One has to take stock, one has to begin the journey.  One has to be committed to the evolutionary shift in consciousness that changes your perception, and changes it enough to realize there is nothing to be afraid of.  There is nothing that is permanent.  So your friend wants to have the cancer, but it is not permanent.  It is as permanent as you make it.  So you are always in charge.  It is always your creation!

S:  Is that why he keeps flipping back and forth between having some malady and then getting better, and then having another life-threatening malady?

M:  Of course!  Because he is carrying such a load of guilt, as we have already pointed out.

S:  Is there anyway that I can help him to let go of that guilt?  I’ve encouraged him to talk to his therapist, but is there anything else I can do to help him let go of that?

M:  Because he has carried it longer than it seems.  You think it is something…  It is locked in to his military past, but it is much older indeed than that.  And there are many things in that life prior that have caused such a disturbance that he is unwilling to review.  And of course, this is one who has not created a lucky streak.  Because if he knew that he was lucky, if he thought for a moment he was lucky, then he could awaken his luck!  He could find something that he could attach towards that would say, “This has turned up because you are a lucky person!”  But he is not a lucky person, he is an unlucky person.  Everything is a struggle, and so how possible is it for him to awaken?

(Mercredan is talking about the most basic premise of the Law of Attraction “Your thoughts become reality.” Whether you think you are lucky or unlucky, either way you are right.)

S:  Well, that’s my question.  Is he just too rooted and deep into the pit to have a hope of it now?

M:  Your purpose is to hold that he will discover his luck.  How lucky he is that you are in his life!  If he can discover just that, then he can begin to accept there are other possibilities.  But this one continues to rabbit on without thinking for a moment what he is saying, what he is laying down as a path forward.  So where is the consciousness?  And at the same time, you think that death is somehow to be avoided.  And who said that it is to be avoided?  Isn’t it just as lucky to wake up on the other side and discover that one has been living a deluded life?  Then suddenly awareness strikes One, and you begin to realize that you were always loved.  And a result is that awakening is as good as awakening in the moment.

(I am always tickled by this idea that our mind continues on after death. We can review our lives but we can also learn, be healed, gain understanding, forgive, find ourselves. It is possible to do all these things after death but, hey, why wait till then when we can do it now?)

S:  I understand that.  Has he just undergone countless lifetimes where he’s had the same life review and still stays in the same mould?  When does he make the discovery?  When does he find out what he’s doing to himself?

M:  Nobody can determine that.  One has always to self awaken.  The angelic forms do not come and rescue someone who is as yet unready.  Because it is not a gift to be awoken roughly from a deep sleep.  Because if that were to occur, you would not awaken in a very good mood!

S:  Right.  I totally understand that. So given the fact that on our planet there’s this new species developing, then people like my friend, when he goes to the other side, he will not come back again here?

The battlefield of life, finding value in life

M:  As we have pointed out, this one has had a number of lifetimes in battle.  Dying in battle.  Quite a number of times dying in various battles.  Over time, then, as the awareness began to drift through, he has come to the conclusion that being in the battlefield itself is not that safe!  And so in this lifetime, he has brought himself to a higher degree where he has created a life where there is not the battlefield exactly.  And yet, in all of that, he has spent more time on the battlefield of life than he has in any other lifetime.  So for this life, then, he understands finally what battles are about.  And he has learned that he does not want to move in that circle any longer.  And as a result, in the final unfolding, this one will review lifetimes within the battle and will experience how lucky he was to have the position that he did, that he hated while alive.  Do you follow what I mean?

S:  I do.

M:  So that is an awakening.

S:  That’s right. It just happens to him on the other side…

M:  And as a result, the benefits for humanity as a whole are quite extraordinary.  It is not that One’s sins are foisted on One for all eternity.  Even to your religious tormentors, your terrorists, are not given to the darkest pits for all eternity, because it is nonsense!

S:  I understand that also, thank goodness.  So what will happen to a soul like my friend’s that will awaken on the other side and yet not come back into this lifetime.  Does he go into another framework and experience another evolution?

The Author writing your life, life after death

Click here to learn more about the Author’s perspective

M:  For this one in particular…  Shall we say this:  Because I like to come back to the viewpoint we have said of the Author.  There is an idea that once you pass through the veil, there is nothing but to return into physicality.  But there is a lot to learn in the inner realms as well.  So one of such a type might spend some considerable time observing in the writer’s collective, sitting with an experienced writer and watching how they are doing that, how they are creating the forms, how they are managing their characters.  And in a good apprenticeship such as this, often one might be given one of the characters to work with in someone else’s novel.  So you have a mentor that offers advice so that you begin to have a bit of experience in managing a character, not from within the character, but from within the collective.  So it is not for those that have truly awakened and are ready to take on the viewpoint of the writer, but one who is being guided along, being prepared not in the physical world, but in the creative world.  And a lot of that is already happening.  There are many, many consciousnesses that have individualized and have taken on a single character within the novel.  So often they do not seem quite as relevant as other people seem.

S:  I’m not sure what you mean by that.

M:  Shall I suggest, then, that there are characters that do not take a big part in any storyline.  They seem to be extraordinarily ordinary, with very little influence, and often live lives that are so ordinary that one would even miss them if you met them at your supermarket.  They do not have a big personality, they are not aggressive or placid or anything, they are simply gray.

S:  Okay.  And they’re here to give advice…

M:  They are simply there so that apprentices can practice without getting into trouble.

(I’ve met someone like this who completely fascinates me. They are so much the wall flower they barely speak and have been judged by others to not have “much depth”. Yet, when you strike up a conversation you discover immense wisdom. Don’t ever assume the quiet ones have little value. They are often the great observers and can see much more than you or I.)

S:  Got it!  I understand now.  That is very helpful.  Thank you so much.

M:  When we flesh out the entire picture, it is quite awesome!  Because as we point out, everything is inter-connected.

S:  Exactly, and I keep thinking of jigsaw puzzles with all the different pieces and shapes that need to go together…

M:  Your jigsaw puzzle is perfect!  There is always a bit of sky.  It is just blue, it isn’t any particular color, there is always lots of pieces of it, but they do not add anything much to the picture.  They are just background.

Separating into two worlds, finding the funny side

S:   And can you tell me, as the two universes separate and from each side it will feel like the other dissipates, is that just because we change our focus?

M:  Of course.

S:  And it still seems that the collective reality that we’re sharing is starting to disintegrate, but still in super slow-motion almost, it feels like.

M:  You understand, nothing is as it seems.  It is the way that you make it to be.  It seems to be that way only because of the way you look at everything.  It looks as if it is all likely to go into free-fall, but in the end, as a bit of a joke, Superman will come and rescue you all!  It is just as I pointed out — life is for experience, life is for education, and most of all it is for entertainment! [laughing]

S:  I am definitely entertained these days!

M:  And that is the point!  If you look at it as what a wonderful story this will be to tell the grandchildren!  You will think back and remember what a funny time we lived in!  When the world was tottering and everybody was worried and suddenly… and then, along comes Superman!

S:  So who is Superman?

M:  I am making a joke!

S:  That’s what I was afraid you were going to say; there is no Superman!

M:  Of course there is!  You are Superman!!  You are the one that decides.  Superman is decisive.  This is a man of action!  This is the one who never changes his purpose.  He is committed, even when the world is against him.  Even when they are so stupid they cannot see who he is!  He is not going to give up on them because they are stupid.  Because what sort of Superman would he be?  And so it is that you must become focused and alive.

Creating more pain with focus of attention

S:  Okay.  That leads me to my next question.  As you know, we talk about my pain in my body and I’m always frustrated with not finding my rigidity.  My newest thing is sciatica in my leg; can you help me understand that, figure it out?

M:  Always you are figuring things out!

S:  But how do I make it not be there unless I can find out why it came?

M:  You are wanting something not to be there.  So where is your attention?

S:  It’s on it, when it is painful.

M:  Of course.  So if it is on it, what is it going to create?

S:  More pain!

M:  There you are.

S:  But why am I doing that?

M:  Because you want to get rid of it!  That is what I say, it is always a joke!

S:  But who wants to be in pain?

M:  You are wanting to know that you create your own reality.

S:  Yeah, but why did I create this sciatica?

M:  Because it points it out.  It brings it to your attention.  You cannot escape it.  You cannot say it is something else.  And it is only when you realize that you can remove it by ceasing to create it, not by creating its disappearance.

S:  Okay.  I understand what you’re saying, and I know that I’m still missing something really big and really important, because I created it in the first place…

M:  You are wanting a new creation.  You are wanting to have that you are missing something, so that you can eliminate the thing that you don’t want.

S:  Can you say that again?

M:  You are trying to eliminate the thing that you don’t want.  But of course it is impossible, so you then create that you are “missing some important insight”, so you are still wanting to get rid of it.

S:  But I still don’t understand why it came in the first place!  I was going along feeling just fine, and all of a sudden it seemed to come.

(Having these conversations with Mercredan can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. He speaks this way as a coach does. He is there to make you think for yourself because your own insight is a hundred times more powerful than anyone else’s advice given to you.)

M:  If one asks the question:  Do I really create my own reality?  Let us ask the question.  Immediately you are asking the Divine:  Demonstrate!  Demonstrate whether I do or don’t.  So you demonstrate it, and then you don’t like the demonstration!  And it is exactly the same thing when you came into the physical plane.  You descended and forgot that you were not from this place.  And then you pretend that you are missing something, and so it goes on.  Entertainment.  Do you follow what I’m saying?  The creation has to be stopped!  One has to stop feeding something.  If you continue to feed it, it will continue to grow.

S:  But I don’t know where I’m feeding it. I don’t know what’s feeding it.

M:  You are trying to eliminate it by trying to figure out where you are feeding it.  And you are still thinking that it is out of your control.  You want to think it is what you call a recursive loop.  It goes round and round in circles, self proving itself to be what it is.  And if one simply realizes that it will continue on until you are ready to let it go, and in the meantime I’d better learn to enjoy it!

S:  Okay.  Well, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing.  I’ve not been totally successful, but…  Sometimes I leave these sessions feeling kind of depressed and frustrated.  And I know that you’re trying to help me as much as you can…

M:  The whole nature of that is because you want to progress without fundamentally being different, and it isn’t possible.  Then if you recognize that if you want to be free of pain, one has to endure movement, to start the system back up again.  You can’t expect it to simply improve of its own free will, without you realizing you have a physical body in order to explore physical reality.

S:  Okay.  All right.  I’ve got to get up and go!  Move!

M:  And you have to stop thinking that your working life is finished!  Do you understand what I mean?

S:  Not entirely.

Working with wisdom

M:  Because you are moving into a different state of working.

S:  Could you explain that further?

M:  Every organization has a stratum.  I don’t want to call it hierarchy, but a stratum, so that people start at the bottom learning the skills, and as they develop more skills they move up the layers and take on more responsibility.  And of course as you get older in that fashion, then you get wiser.  You integrate more lessons.  You begin to see and you become more patient.  And as such, you then realize that you cannot move as fast, but you use your energy much more wisely than you have used it.  You are not wasting your energy, you are using it to progress.

S:  Okay.  I’m not sure how I can use it to progress more than I am now, in some ways.  Are you saying to spend more time focusing more on the Toltec material (this is what Susan is studying at the moment)  and less time doing puzzles?

M:  I am not going to speak on that, because you have to answer your own question.  Everybody can waste time, and sometimes the universe smacks one’s hands a little.

Wasting less time, putting learning into practice

S:  Okay.  Because it feels like when I try to use my brain and focus and study and try to learn more things, then I’m not just letting the flow happen to me.

M:  That is correct.  You have to shift your viewpoint from learning in a structured, organized, logical, linear fashion, and tap in to the universal nature that is the fields that surround.  That is tapping in to what is truly available.

S:  Okay.  And yet I say that I struggle to do that, and that’s a problem, too.  I can’t just be passive about it, and yet when I’m proactive about it, that seems to also be not constructive.

M:  Paradox.  Everything is a paradox.

S:  And so what is one to do?

M:  When one is actively passive.  That is, one is doing nothing, but one is highly alert.  One is in total attention, watching, but not making decisions, not analyzing, not making ideas and saying, “This is how it is,” but waiting for the universe to acknowledge that.

(Mercredan has described this some years back about how cats sleep as well. They appear to be fully relaxed, eyes closed, but in fact they are highly alert to all that is going on around them. If we can learn to do that without analysing it all, we become very present which is the optimal state of mind to connect with the wisdom through your intuition.)

S:  Okay.  That’s huge.  I think I’m finally understanding.

M:  So it is that you are putting your attention, but you are using your inner guidance.  Is that enough for today?

S:  It’s perfect, as always.  Thank you so much.

M:  Then once again, thank you for your time and your attention.  And let us go well until we speak again.  Thank you and good evening.




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Attracting The Right Lover

Single on Valentines DayValentine’s Day has passed and there seems to have been more than the usual amount of discussion on this video I did a while ago about being taking for granted. The common topic is the problem of giving-giving-giving to someone and then being disappointed when either nothing is given in return or the givers are deliberately spurned.

Here it is if you haven’t seen it before.

It often comes back to that uncomfortable question: Well, what do you deserve?

This might be uncomfortable if you think the answer is “nothing”. But, rather than throwing your bottom lip out and heading for the ice-cream in the refrigerator, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to say “Hey, check that out. If I think I deserve nothing, is that really true? What if I looked for the evidence to prove that wrong?”

Of course you can find evidence against that statement but, if you’ve been thinking it for a while, you will also have evidence to prove it true. What we’ve learnt so far through Law of Attraction is that the evidence proving you don’t deserve love / money / luck / fair treatment etc. actually comes as a RESULT of not feeling worthy. The feeling of unworthiness is not the reaction, it’s the cause.

Turn that feeling around over and over confirming that you are worthy and you will start to see the world feeding back evidence of your new belief.

Check out this recent post by Channeller Jennifer Hoffman linked to Valentine’s Day on finding the right romantic relationship and different types of love. I have posted it below. Her website link is at the bottom.

There are so many who have been living single while stepping through their spiritual advancement and wondering if they’ll ever find the right one. If that feels like you, it’s worth forgiving yourself. You don’t have to meet anyone else’s expectations. Plus, I agree with the idea that if you set out into the energies a description of some amazing partner you’ve dreamt up, that partner will only come into your life when you have become the partner they are attracted to.

Enjoy the post.


Read Kitegirl’s article on being single on Valentine’s Day here.


It’s All About the Love Now

By Jennifer Hoffman

Do you dread Valentine’s Day, with the pictures of the happy couples who will surprise each other with thoughtful gifts, give or receive flowers, have a romantic dinner date, and spend the day in joy because they are receiving love from their  special someone? Who did you remember on Valentine’s Day, the ex-partner, old heartache, or the empty seat at your dinner table?  Valentine’s Day is a celebration of emotional love, which is different from the energy of love. This is the difference between ‘doing’ love and ‘being’ love. We are always in the being-ness of love, even if we do not have an example of emotional love (the ‘doing’ love) present in our life.

From a mind/heart level, we yearn for the expression and emotion of love because we’re physical beings. If we can’t see, hear, feel, taste, and touch something, it doesn’t exist for us in our physical world. But emotional love is created from energetic love, and we always get it backwards. We think that if we have a partner to show us love, then we have love. But the only way we can create that partnership in its highest aspects is to be in the energy of love, which can then manifest as physical expression of emotional love.

Any time we make a love connection through our emotions, without first being in the energy of love, we invite healing. The last ten to fifteen years (or longer) have been hard on our romantic lives. Relationships either ended or disappeared. It feels like being on our spiritual path plastered a big ‘Out of Service’ sign on our forehead, letting everyone around us know we were not available for relationships. And even if we tried, the relationships we attracted were always healing or hard, brought up ours or someone else’s (or both) deepest issues that, once they were over, made us happy for the peace and solitude of single life. Any time we seek love through the emotions first, we connect with love that heals our emotional wounds instead of love that expands our love energy.

By now we’re asking ourselves if we will ever have a committed love relationship and the answer is ‘yes’, we will. To answer the question of ‘when’, which is what we always want to know, it will happen at the right and perfect time. I know that sounds like a standard answer but we don’t want just ‘any’ partner, we want the right one. And we have to be aligned with and in integrity with the kind of love we want. Think about the kind of love you want to receive from someone and ask yourself if you are giving that exact measure of love to yourself right now. If you are not, you cannot expect to receive it from someone else. Everyone is our mirror and that includes a mirror of love.

Our new love paradigms, which set the foundation for all of our relationships, must be equal in giving and in receiving. We can no longer be the giver and hope that eventually, someone will be healed enough to love us in return. Or that we will love them enough that they will love us out of their gratitude and appreciation. We need to go into relationships as healed and whole, in order to also attract healed and whole partners. All of the work around love and relationships that we have done does not get confirmed when we can practice it on someone else, it begins with us. Can we love ourselves first, so we can create that level of love in our lives? That’s the first step to creating love in our lives. Everyone reflects our self love back to us and if we don’t have any, that mirror will be blank.

And the kind of relationship we manifest will also reflect our boundaries, our level of frequency and vibration, and mirror our exact level of self love back to us. Just as you don’t see someone with different hair and eye color when you look at yourself in a mirror, you aren’t going to connect with someone who is more loving towards you than you are towards yourself. It all begins with us, and we have said that we want to be more powerful and connected, and this is the integrity that this level of connection requires. Now, can we believe that relationship we want is moving towards us and continue to believe that even if we do not see immediate results? That’s where our faith and trust get a workout.

Set your intention for a relationship that is a sharing of energy, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, where both partners are grounded in the energy of love. Love energy is a powerful force that, when shared from a point of our empowered being, will bless us with the relationships (and love in action) that we want. When we love ourselves, which means fully accepting ourselves and knowing ourselves as perfect and already loved, and begin from the point, we are moving energy to manifest as love in the physical world.

Your self love expands the energy of love in the world, and that’s a great reason to begin loving yourself as much as you want someone to love you. And when you do that, you also send out an invitation to receive love that the right and best person will notice and respond to with exactly the amount and type of love you want.

Read more from Jennifer Hoffman on her website here.

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