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Kryon 2017: Five Deceptions of the Old Energy

Here’s a new channelling from Lee Carroll and Kryon about old beliefs we hang onto assuming the status quo when in fact all has changed. We hold ourselves in the old energy when we keep these beliefs. By recognising them we can work our way out of them. A great way to do this is to start looking for evidence of the change. The more you look, the more you’ll see.

I also did a Mercredan session about a week ago with his view on the current status of the world. Will get onto transcribing it for you and post soon.


From Kryon channelled via Lee Carroll

The future of scienceGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Love has many faces, and compassion is the new energy word we are seeing for an evolving earth.

I’ve spent a lot of time with all of you, giving you messages about what is possible and what you can do in this new energy. The subject tonight is about what WAS in the old energy and the truths that you owned back then. We’re going to call this message “The Five Great Deceptions of the Old Energy”. Throughout all this, we are describing something that was, not that still is.

Dear ones, it’s very difficult to give you a basic premise without it sounding insulting, but Humans are starting to grow up. Even as I sit before these groups and sense your intuition, I can sense the questions you have. I can sense that the value of compassion is starting to show itself, and the very persons here in this room are starting to be elevated beyond what they were four years ago.

There are new questions being asked that are wise and that don’t necessarily reflect an older energy, yet the biggest thing, the hurdle of all Humans who are listening to this message, is how to get out of the bias of the old. It has tainted you, affected you, and has made you less than you really are. So I’m here to identify them so you can move past them. Some will sound familiar.

I’ve never given these items in a package like this. This is a time of celebration because every single thing I’m going to tell you now is an old energy of the past. Yet, you must hear it in order to have a check-off list for you to say, “Not anymore, not now.” This is also for those of you who are beginning to realize, “Well, I know we’ve passed beyond all these things, but I still feel a little of it inside.”

Dear ones, you cannot spent a life in one paradigm only to throw it away and reboot yourselves completely within a few years. You have residuals of the deceptions that you carry with you, and maybe some of you have to hear it.

When children grow up, there is such innocence and beauty in their lives. There are fables and metaphors and stories and beautiful mythology that you will often give to your children to make them feel better about themselves. You give them wonderful things to believe in, and certain seasons with exciting expectations so that they will then be ready for life in a better, more positive way. Then they grow and gradually have the wisdom to drop some of the mythology and some of the stories. They see a more a profound truth. They begin to focus on that which is life and the childish things fall away.

I don’t want to say the words but I have to: The old energy is filled with childish things. They are things that humanity has dwelt upon in a paradigm that was deception, because the old energy paints a picture, a mythology, and I want to give it to you item by item. Each one of these is a celebration, because it’s not there any longer.

The Five Great Deceptions of the Old Energy

Number One: Here is a teaching of the old energy and the teaching goes like this: Everything repeats itself and, therefore, there is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, the future will simply be more of the past, without hope of improvement. It gives a feeling of no hope when you realize there is nothing new. This is mainly in respect to Human consciousness and Human nature. When you look forward, you only have one model for reference, and that is the horror of what has happened in the past.

Dear ones, indeed, this is the way it used to be. All of the things that you had to look forward to were based on things that would come around and happen again. The old energy deception says that you will never climb out of Human nature, which brought you war after war. Many will say that you may be having a nice, refreshing break right now, but then there will, of course, be another war. This is because there always has been before. The argument for the deception is this: Why would you expect something different other than what you had? Why would you feel that Human nature would change? The old energy answer? You can’t expect things that go out of the circle of Human history. Everything is always the same. History repeats.

The deception is in place, even today. As you look around this planet and you listen to those who are talking, what are they saying? They’re expecting the things to repeat from the past! They’re wringing their hands because what has happened in the past will be the pattern of the future, and they are already expecting it.

Dear ones, you’ve turned the page and passed the marker, which the ancients gave you as prophecy. You’re starting to accelerate that which is your intuition and your wisdom, and you are beginning your evolvement into areas that you’ve never been before. This future before you has never been written. It is not on the track of the past at all. With every single one of these deceptions, I’m going to ask you to rewrite them in your psyche. Right now you can say, “Dear Spirit, I understand this. I know that the future has been rewritten and is filled with the purity, beauty, and compassion of new change. I know that I can steer my life into that beautiful, serene ocean that’s never existed before called my future.” That is the new energy that is here! You can also say, “I hereby drop the deception that the future has to be something I’ve seen before. What’s coming is totally fresh.”

Number Two: You cannot get ahead. You’ve tried and you’ve tried, but there’s always something that will beat you up with your goal, including yourself. You feel that there is a plateau that you will reach that is almost there. Then something always happens to rob you of what you need. The reason given for this is because the dark energy of this planet has always kept you in this box. Therefore, there’s a complacency that says, “This is good enough.”

Friends tell you differently. They say, “This, or something better. Be more positive about yourself.” You say, “Well, that’s a nice thing for you, but I know the reality of the paradigm I’m in. I’m not going to be able to go above a certain level. I never can get ahead.”

What a deception this is! It’s built in an older energy to keep you in line, dear ones. The deception is an old energy tool to keep you from seeing a larger truth. If humanity feels it’s stuck, it will be! Do you know how easy you are to control by others when you never think you can get above where you are? Easy.

It is no secret that there have been many who have controlled you for years. They control the planet and whole economies, and you even have names for them. They have been successful for centuries because of an older, darker energy, and because you are deceived to feel you’ll never get beyond a certain point. That’s all it takes – resignation and fear from the public.

The new paradigm developing since 2012 erases that completely and says that you are beginning to awaken, literally, with a remembering Akash. What it “remembers” is that you are powerful and can create another reality. It’s starting to tell you, “There are talents here for you that you’ve never had before in this life, that are starting to show themselves. You’re on a path you’ve not seen yet that will take you light years ahead of where you are now. Anything that you wish to accomplish in this energy is possible, with the wind at your back.”

Here is something to verbalize: “Dear Spirit, I will never give verbiage to can’t again. Dear Spirit, I know that there are things for me beyond which I can imagine. No matter how old I am, I know that I can go further than I ever have gone before. In fact, I’m already there, because I am part of the shift and not part of the older deceptions.”

Number Three: You’re not worthy. Oh dear ones, even some of the most recent channels I’ve given landed upon this theme in a profound way. How do I do this yet again without insulting the child inside of you? How could you ever believe from anybody that you were born dirty? How could you believe this when inside of you is the grandness of the creator? It’s all around you – God inside!

How could somebody say, “You don’t deserve God”? Would you say that to your children? Visualize your child in front of you and say, “You’re born dirty. I won’t love you until you do something to earn it.” Would you say that to your children? Would the creator of love do this to you? How childish this deception is, yet it is the paradigm of a planet within an old energy of unawareness – in the dark – and that is where you’ve been.

Humanity is so willing to believe these un-God-like things, and has gone with it so greatly and so grandly for centuries that even though it has no spiritual logic at all, it is accepted. Again and again we’ve told you that you come in with a bias of unworthiness, and for emphasis, everyone around you who is important tells you that’s correct. Some are so biased that they believe they are not worthy of even being on the planet itself! Then the mantras begin: “God doesn’t love you because you are dirty. All humanity does not deserve the love of God.”

Dear ones, that is a deception. It is the biggest lie from the old energy that has ever occurred on this planet. It keeps you in fear and in the dark. Children might believe this deception, but not an advanced race of Humans who are awakening to the truth of who God is – and the fact that Humans have this divinity within them. This is “made in His image”! You are worthy to be here!

Take a deep breath and say, “Not only am I worthy, I am very worthy.” Never before in the history of humanity have you been as worthy as you are now to solve the problems of this planet and to go into a situation with no world war in the future. You will be a civilization that can start compassionate action. Ignore everything you see on the news! This is because it will drag you down. The news only reports the old energy, did you notice? All that is on your broadcasts are almost exclusively in alignment with the old energy. That is because that particular paradigm has not died for them. In fact, they are married to an old paradigm of broadcast that is slowly dying, and they will notice this soon.

Old soul, you know better. You’re worthy! Sit there for a moment and know that you are worthy. Every master who walked the planet has told you this – God inside! The almighty God that created this galaxy has created you in a beautiful image of itself. So you might take a moment, take a breath and say, “Unlike the old energy and the deception that I had, I no longer buy into that which I was told. I was born into magnificence because I have God inside and all that I see is made from God. I see God everywhere, in everyone, and I honor this beautiful truth. I am worthy to see it, and I am it. Amen.” That was number three.

Number Four: This deception is so profound and obvious that I’ve said it for more than 26 years. So profound it is, yet so misunderstood. Why would you ever take the almighty love source of the Universe and give it Human consciousness? God is not a Human!

There is nothing more pure in the Universe than the love of God. You have no concept of how pure it is. It is beyond your reasoning, beyond anything that you could fathom. The power of love is the creative energy of life itself. Love and compassion are the pure elements of God and there is nothing else. So how is it that “modern” thought has God’s history as featuring wars in heaven, or “fallen angels through disagreements with God”? Then you are told, “God is not happy with you because you did this and that. In fact, God is about to punish you forever because you did this and that.” How Human can you make God? How dysfunctional can you make God? Do you understand the mythology and the child-like consciousness believing that God acts like a Human? Did it ever occur to you that this might be a full deception?

God is the creator of the Universe. God consciousness is light years from the way a Human thinks, yet so much of what you believe or have been told has God revolving around judgment, punishment, and the horror of a torturous afterlife for you and your children. None of these things are from God. All of them are from lower Human consciousness, pasted upon the idea of God. Dear ones, it is a paradigm of an older energy that creates a mythology that God is just like a bad Human father.

Born magnificent and worthy, you are! The image of God, you are! That is the Human Being. You were born into a divine plan that gives you choice between light and dark, free choice to see the God within or not. Rewrite what you were told, who God is, and see it accurately. From the first breath of your birth, God is as a benevolent parent that is so divine that there is only love no matter what you do. You didn’t arrive here to be punished! God gives you only help and benevolence, no matter what you do. With free choice you can do anything, but when you have the free choice to see who God is, your life starts changing and you start to see the immense beauty that has always been there of a true partnership with the Creative Source.

It is impossible for God to judge you. Did you realize that Humans have made God spiritually dysfunctional and far worse to you than you would be to your own children? A Human Being would never do to their children what you believe God is doing to you. Use your wisdom and God-given spiritual logic and awaken to a truth that is magnificent and filled with compassion and love and beauty. Who is God? Is God the creator of the Universe and part of your very cells, or some kind of entity who looks upon you in a way that creates fear and the specter of Hell forever if you fail? It’s time to see this deception and know that the truth is spectacularly different and filled with the splendor of a loving, benevolent, and personal God.

Number Five: Darkness is in control. This is related to number two, but enhanced. You have seen it in the wars and the dictators who seemingly had the full support of evil. You’ve seen it all through humanity when a Human chooses darkness instead of light. Low energy has always been in control, and the Human race has been manipulated for money. You have been told this all your life.

The deception today it that this is still happening, that the Human race continues to be manipulated as it has all through its existence by those who were powerful and greedy and wealthy. Dear ones, the residual of this is still here, as you slowly are awakening to a higher truth. But you should know that light is winning. Darkness is no longer in control of this planet.

The evidence is not subtle, and if you think it is, what happened in the ’80s when you didn’t get your prophesied war? What happened when you turned the corner and you did not have the Armageddon in the year 2000? What happened in the year 2012 with the celebration of passing the marker? You were told it was the end of time! Hardly. It was instead the “beginning of a new time”. This is no longer an earth controlled by the dark. It’s awakening way past any of the old prophecies, yet the deception of control from the dark is still ingrained in you, isn’t it? Conspiracies still abound, even if the core is now missing from their source.

Dear ones, you might take a moment to proclaim this new energy as an affirmation: Like all the other deceptions from the past, you might take a moment to say, “Dear Spirit, I am in control of my life. Light is in control of this planet and slowly it will illuminate the shadows, chasing the dark away like it never has before. Light is winning in this new energy.” You will never think again that darkness is in control, for you will begin to see a planet starting to come into a new way of thinking, where compassion is a far greater element of interest than drama.

There are those who will hear this channel and say, “Kryon is like a ‘Pollyanna channel’. Everything is just fine. The planet is going to be sunny and there will be plenty of light and solutions for everything.” Dear ones, that’s not from me! It is the prophecy of the ancients!

You are beginning a journey into light that was a message of prophecy inscribed onto a multitude of rock walls and pyramids. It’s the prophecy of the Precession of the Equinoxes, and the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. It’s the reason I’m here.

As you pull out the new tools that you are being given, they’re going to be frightening to a darkness that has been in control. There will be institutions who will fight you who continue to be invested in greed and darkness. This battle has begun, and what’s happening slowly is that they will lose ground and you will then understand what I’m saying when you see it.

In closing, I’m going to tell you two things: (1) The old soul has the wisdom to pull this off, (2) but the old soul will also have the challenge of dropping the bias of the old deceptions. The youngsters who are just arriving will not have this bias and it’s going to show. They will look at some of you and actually say to themselves, “What is wrong with you?” They’ve never experienced that which is being unworthy. They have an Akash that is remembering good things. Their goals for future are bright, and they see only that they can create anything. Meanwhile, they look at you wallowing in the corner, worrying about everything, and expecting the worse.

The youth have the perception without the old energy experience, so old soul, it’s about time you learned how to drop the old so you can lead the way. This is what is at hand at the moment. The new energy is changing even as I channel. The battle for dark and light is at hand. We told you it was coming, that there can be no more fence-sitters and light is winning. It’s very easy to say – now go discover it, for it’s there to be seen!

It’s a celebration isn’t it? All the deceptions I’ve discussed are past tense. None of what I’ve said is accurate for the paradigm after the shift of 2012. Go find it, dear ones, in love, and as you do, you’ll see the beautiful hand of Spirit take your own and realize I’m right. I’m right. The center of the Universe has a consciousness of love that is the Creative Source and it lives within you every day. Can you smile with that?

And so it is.



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Gregg Braden: Losing Judgement

I love this interview by Gregg Braden. He’s the one that really brought attention to the ancient calendars all around the world pointing to 21 December 2012 being the turning point of the end of the old world and the beginning of another, not just in a 5,000 year cycle but a bigger movement (a new Epoch as Mercredan calls it) of a 25,000 year cycle which will create a totally different way of living.

In this video he talks about his Cherokee heritage teaching of the Single Eye of the Heart which sees without judgement or thought.

Some more points covered:

  • Many older races on the planet can physically manipulate matter and form through aligning thought, feeling and emotion so they are One.
  • When something hurts you, acknowledge the feeling, ask what the feeling is telling you without judging the cause, then bless it as an experience to bring up the feeling (= opportunity to release the baggage).
  • Base the prayer for peace on a feeling you live all through life rather than something you just do for a moment.
  • Compassion aligns us with the matrix that holds the Universe together.
  • The language of Science is only about 400 years old whereas ancient languages can be 7,000 years old. Science has spent much time trying to prove everything is connected. The ancient languages already know this and have used the time to explore how.
  • Emotions in the heart can heal the body – even cancer
  • No need to go from workshop to workshop. Just spend your time integrating what you’ve already learnt.



Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Euro Collapse Yanis Varoufakis Noam Chomsky

This is a fantastic conversation between former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and American social critic/historian Noam Chomsky in New York. They run through some great history on how many of the current world political and fiscal structures were set up, the power play that goes on behind closed doors and who makes the decisions.

It’s demonstrates perfectly how politicians have pretty much nothing to do with the decisions that run the world politics and economy regardless of which way you vote.

Yanis Varoufakis considers himself a politician by necessity, not by choice. An economist and academic by training, he became finance minister for Greece amidst the country’s financial crisis, creating an image for himself both beloved and reviled. He discusses his complicated role in his new book, “And the Weak Suffer What They Must?: Europe’s Crisis and America’s Economic Future”, and on the LIVE stage alongside renowned academic and theorist Noam Chomsky.

Click here to see another video of Yanis Varoufakis on the Universal Basic Income.

Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Kryon: Higher productivity DNA, Lemurian Sisterhood

the land of mu, Lemuria
I am just recording the journey of exploration here so don’t have much comment to make on them. Have a listen and a read. It will either fly over your head or make perfect sense! Either result is fine.

In summary:

First I came across a recent Kryon post about performance of DNA and how there was a “sisterhood” of women in the beginning (before Atlantis) who worked at a much higher productivity than the rest of the community. They were based in Kauai, Hawaii, where I visited last June/July. The article is below. (Mercredan has mentioned Lemuria – “The Land of Mu” to be a place not necessarily physical so that is a difference in perspective.)

The job of the Sisterhood was to

  1. Heal royalty and important people. Using skills in Quantum healing meant they also benefitted and shared in the experience, thus they tended to live 2-3 times longer than everyone else.
  2. Have clear and instant connection to Source so they became the wisdom of the community. The men honoured these women. It was a great partnership. Their wisdom guided the men so they could always bring home what was needed to sustain the community (e.g. – in fishing where the fish were).

Kauai mountains HawaiiSo then I went looking for what the Lemurian Sisterhood was about. I’d not heard of before and it appears to only recently have been introduced by the people listed below. There was a husband and wife team Sid and Amber Wolf, who work with Kryon and their seminars are an offshoot of his work. There was a lovely guided meditation I found of hers which I fell into very quickly and easily, probably due to the practice I’ve had through regression hypnotherapy over the past year or so. I felt quite different afterwards.

From there I was lead back to some sessions from the last half of 2015 where Kryon specifically addresses a female audience – I’ve not seen him address only women before – and talks more about remembering being in the Lemurian Sisterhood.

It’s interesting stuff and raised my curiosity.

I felt compelled to do a Quantum healing remote session for someone who needed it after that. To my surprise it was as easy and clear as taking the suicide victim from the Grey zone a few months back. I must have been in the right mood/zone/state of mind. Highly effective.

Hm. I think I’ll need to practice that a bit more.

The videos are part of a playlist of different audiences he has addressed, each giving a little bit more information. The first about the original sisterhood, the second talking about how they have continued underground in Greece and at one stage, their power was used for Illuminati. You can learn something new each time.

Below is each of these three things for you to look through if you’re interested. Scroll past the article if you want to view the videos.

Looking on Amber’s website she appears to have taken intellectual copyright over the idea – can you do that from something that has come from a channel?? Apparently you can be initiated by her, for a fee, and become an “authorised” host of Lemurian Sisterhood meetings, for a fee. Hm, sounds all a bit too commercialised to me. Not that I’m against people earning money but if the Sisterhood is a real part of history I can’t see how one person gets to hold the idea as her own property.

The joining of women in union is always an attractive idea, especially when they have powers that the masculine side of society would need to rely upon, so I’m sure she’ll have plenty of customers.

My view is, if Kryon’s channeling is a prompting for humanity to head in this direction again, in order to balance the energy society and reduce wars, why limit it? If the idea spreads naturally, like the 100 monkeys’ theory, I’m not even sure it could be limited.


Kryon article on DNA activation, balance of Light and Dark in the World, the Lemurian Sisterhood

Originally on his blog 20 February 2016 here: http://www.kryon.com/CHAN2016/k_channel16_sarasota-16.html

Greetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The energy of the day is so different than when my first experience took place with my partner. So much has taken place in the way we expected. My partner teaches about potentials verses reality, and when I met him in 1989 the information I presented was as real then as it is now. I told him that there would be no nuclear war at the millennium; there would be a change of consciousness instead and that the magnetic grid of the planet would move. Now science has established a connection between Human consciousness and that very grid I spoke of. Everything I mentioned has taken place.

What I present next is one of the most esoteric things you can imagine: I will tell the story about free choice and where it has taken you and about Human consciousness development. It’s not complex, but if you just tuned in, it may be a little strange.

Humanity has free choice, not just to do what it wishes to do without intervention from Spirit, but it also decides where it takes itself and the energy and level of its own consciousness. Humanity decides how it works and thinks and if it cooperates with itself or not. This is the free choice of humanity. This entire free choice puzzle is not a test of the Humans, but rather it is a test and battle between dark and light.

We have told you that your soul is eternal and that you live over and over and over. Your life experiences on this plant are vast and many. Do you think it’s possible through many generations that you might be able to raise yourself from your bootstraps, increase the consciousness of humanity, and graduate into that which is peace on Earth? If so, it would require a totally different paradigm of existence. Can you change this much? I came in 1989 because that is the exact potential now, and it’s measured by something that I will now speak of.

Your Immediate History

The entire reason that things took place in the 1980s the way they did is the “wild card” that you experienced, which was the fall of the Soviets. This was not only unexpected by your experts, but it was shocking to all of the planet. These big, unexpected shifts are tellers, messages of changing times, and of an increased consciousness for humanity. Human nature is beginning to change, to grow up and get out of that which I call “the playground of consciousness” and move into a more grown-up “elegance of consciousness”. This will be one that creates togetherness and peace, which is just the beginning of a new kind of Human and a new kind of society.

I told you earlier that we might title this communication, “Hearing the Voice of Spirit” or “Hearing the Voice of God”. This, of course, is a metaphor. People who tune in spiritually don’t normally hear a voice from the sky. Hearing the voice of Spirit is a metaphor for being tuned in to the intuition from your own Higher-Self. The Higher-Self is that spiritual part of you that connects with your eternal soul. It is what most seekers strive to connect with and it gives you help with your own life, and in that, helps the planet.

The reason this intuition is so hard to hear or discern is that there’s a low, constant drone, you might say, which is a metaphor for a noise or rumble that seems to obfuscate, or cover up, the message. It’s like trying to hear something while there is a constant noise. It’s the best metaphor we can give of how massive darkness can cover light. But the noise level of this drone is starting to decrease. So, what happens when you get a better, clearer message? You change; the world changes; those around you also hear better and even those who don’t want to hear it will still know there is something different happening.

Again, this hearing is a metaphor. The meaning is really discerning the intuition of what has integrity or not, what’s going on with your own life, and the ability to enhance the feeling of coming potentials. All of that is hearing the voice of Spirit. It’s the Human Being starting to “grow up” and have a higher consciousness.

The Relationship of DNA to Consciousness

Now, the hardest thing for us to teach is what my partner has been teaching for some years. It’s hard because it’s not something that you have been told before in this way. Your consciousness is related to your multidimensional body. The easiest way for you to approach this idea is this metaphor: Your DNA is not working at 100 percent. Instead, it’s working in the thirties percentage area. It’s not even performing at half of what it was designed to do. There is no instrument that is going to clamp around your DNA and give it a percentage reading. But this measurement metaphor is the best we can do to tell you where you are at when it comes to the potential consciousness of humanity. I want to give you some information that you need to understand – how this all started and what happened.

If you had to start a test of consciousness on the planet, the fairest thing would be to have it equal or midpoint of low and high. For this metaphor, you would have to start with the same amount of light and dark. That’s the way it was in the beginning. That is the design.

We have given you the history of humanity in the past. Your entire history is extremely short, for the galaxy and your solar system have been here for more than 4 billion years. Yet humanity as you know it really only started 200,000 years ago. I didn’t say, “Humans”, I said, “Humanity as you know it”, for the entire test started with the creation story, the seeding of the knowledge of light and dark. I’m speaking of Humans with altered DNA – you with only 23 chromosomes. Then there was another 100,000 years to have this develop for all Humans. Then Lemuria and some other “seed areas” helped with the teaching for another 50,000 years. When the seeding was really finished and the test was working, it was only yesterday! You’re new! If you looked at the length of time Earth has been here as a 24-hour clock, then you compare when an “aware” Human got here, you would have arrived at the last second! All of known history happened in the last second of this time clock!

The irony is that those listening to this, and some of those in the audience, have been there for all of it. Old soul, we’ve given you this explanation many times: You remember from your Akash what you think to be Atlantis, sinking islands, wars and chaos. It just means you’ve “been there and done that”. You’ve seen the cataclysms and you’ve been there when many historic things took place. They are etched into a memory you can’t really sort it out well, but you carry it with you. What it means is you are an old soul and, perhaps, you helped start the planet!

The Sisterhood [referring to the Lemurian Sisterhood as created by Dr. Amber Wolf] is a great example. For those of you who feel inclined to come to the Sisterhood gatherings, you will celebrate a beginning consciousness that “rings” within you as a positive ancient memory. It celebrates a time when women were given credit for their intuitive power and were the shamanic leadership of society. Who better to do this than the life-givers of all humanity? It represents a time, in the beginning, of equality and wisdom that was the beginning of the light/dark test.

The DNA, at the beginning of the test, was set at 30 percent. Now, standby because I told you the beginning was equal, but this doesn’t sound equal, does it? The percentage quickly went to 35 – quickly, to create a fair test, because that is where it belonged (35%) to have full equality with the darkness. Now, stay tuned and listen, and you will learn why this is fair. I’ll give you something you should know: These numbers show you the power of light over dark. When you had the 35 percent of DNA working, it was balanced with the 65 percent of darkness on the planet.

Now, for those of you who don’t really understand these numbers, let me explain. The balance of light and dark was indeed equal, but because light is more powerful, it only took 35 percent of light to make that happen. This ought to show you that the dark is weaker than you are. You had less of a percentage of the planet of light, and yet you were equal to a larger percent of darkness. Light is more powerful, and you don’t need as much of it to be equal, even with a lower consciousness.

The Process of Percentage of Efficiency of DNA

Now let me tell you something about what happens at 35 percent of DNA efficiency. It shows up in consciousness as well as biological efficiency. At 35 percent, there is an intuitive understanding of gender balance on the planet – who does what and why. This is what is celebrated today in the Lemurian Sisterhood gatherings. It was a time when the genders of Earth respected one another and understood that the feminine gender is the one that is more in touch with Spirit. Not only were women a bit more in touch with multidimensional things, but they are the ones who mother all of humanity (both genders) as teachers of the children. All men are held and adored and taught by the mother. Therefore, they are the ones who would help guide all the societies of Earth.

With free choice, the percentage of DNA efficiently started to go down as humanity grew. As soon as the DNA started to lose percentage, the gender balance was dysfunctional. If you want to have a test of any society, anywhere on the planet, and you want to know the DNA percentage number [consciousness quota] as a society, there’s an easy test: How do they perceive and treat their women? The higher the DNA functionality, the more the feminine divine is honored. This is the test! Different cultures create different DNA consciousness, even at the same time on the planet. So you can have a culture on Earth at 25 percent and one at 37 – and if you did, they would indeed clash.

In the Middle Ages, or perhaps before, the planet went to 25 percent. If you doubt that, all you have to do is look at gender dysfunction. The women went from being respected and being the shamans to second class, even third class, then they were seen along with the animals. No balance at all! That’s what happens when the percentage starts to dip in a survival mode consciousness. There is no elegance in consciousness during this time and no appreciation for art or culture. There is instead the dysfunctions of war, hatred, uncaring, anger, drama and perpetuation of horror.

Then recently, the average percent started to go up again, and you hit the 30 and 31 mark. History showed that women were finally seen and the respect again began to be rekindled. It happened slowly and it’s very telling. In more elegant societies, women were partially given the right to vote and then it got better. You went to an average of 32. That’s when the Soviet Union fell over, disabling a nuclear war at the millennium. That’s also when you celebrated the Harmonic Convergence, and I arrived to begin to train my partner in 1989.

Oh, dear ones, there are still those on the planet who feature tremendous gender dysfunction. Lower consciousness society can’t “look up” to see anything better. Darkness can’t see the light, and we told you about this back in 1993. Someday you will look backwards in history and say, “What was wrong with us? Why didn’t we see the obvious?” When DNA is at 25 and 30 percent, the strongest win. It’s a survival consciousness and very little else matters. If you wish to see a balanced society working at 35 and above, look at the gender balance. Respect and appreciation will be there.

Learn from the Ancients

Let me give you something else that my partner always talks about: Find the oldest society, the most long-lived culture on the planet. Then look at the teaching of their elders to find out what they believed in the past and did. What do their records say? Let me tell you what the records say: Women were the shamans! It was acknowledged that they had better intuitive ability. Imagine having somebody able to guide you, who could see and feel the voice of God? It was clear to them! That’s gender balance. The men knew it and depended upon it, and the women depended upon the men to do the things that men do best, to hunt and gather and provide. Gender balance! This system is still around in many of the indigenous societies of this planet who have been around a very long time. It never changed.

Continuing the History

When the DNA percentage got to 32, I spoke to my partner and gave him the choice to tune in [1989]. The snowball of an advanced DNA was rolling. This planet was starting to lift itself up on its way to 35, on its way to an equal balance again. Perhaps it will even go to 36, where dark would run the other way.

Dear ones, we told you that 35 percent was equal dark/light, but you’ve never seen that in your lifetime until right now! In fact, it’s getting higher than that and dark is running the other way. It’s coming out of the woodwork, as they say, indicating that it’s being squeezed out of many places where it formerly hid. Imagine a dark army on the planet who can recruit young people even from your own country! This dark army is not recruiting Americans, it is recruiting darkness! This represents Humans who are invested in darkness and have a very young Akash and a very old consciousness. They willingly will be dysfunctional with the others, and they haven’t got a clue about what’s really happening. Darkness cannot look up to a higher level. A fool doesn’t know he is a fool. Listen to me, darkness cannot look up and see light. It’s blind to higher purpose. It only sees the strength of dark. It doesn’t understand light, so it’s not wise and can be defeated. It doesn’t understand that it is going to lose. All it can see is itself. It’s so obvious, is it not?

What is happening now supports what we are saying. What is going on right now on this planet? We said it earlier: Right now as I speak, you have the most dysfunctional politics you’ve ever had in this country. The reason? There is massive change going on! The fighting, drama and seemingly odd behaviors of many represent those who are tired of an old establishment government that is itself dysfunctional. The thought is, “Anything would be better than what we have now and the past!” This is what happens when higher consciousness can see something better as it starts to grow from a lower one that it has been participating in.

This is different for all of you, and it’s because of a continued increase in the percentage of DNA. It’s for everyone, and not just for those who might be in a belief system like those in this room. Integrity, transparency and the longing for systems with integrity that actually work for people is at hand. It is the longing for integrity in high places instead of dysfunction. It’s an awakening! You have a population that is tired of an old energy because it’s starting to hear the voice.

Who “Hears” It?

The voice of Spirit is for all humanity and not for a select few. However, the select few who are old souls will understand it better and be able to discern and know better what the message is about. As the noise, confusion and the drone of darkness start to become more equal to the light, many will start hearing Spirit for the first time. They won’t know it’s Spirit, but instead it will be “the sense of what’s better for us” and an intuition that is new. For the masses who are not interested in being in this room, all it is to them is a new beginning, a new awareness. They don’t know what they’re hearing or feeling. They just know they want change and a new feeling of “what’s right”. Old souls on this planet will recognize this clearer message for what it is and will start receiving messages and guidance from it. That’s the difference! But all humanity is aware of the change at some level.

You’re creeping toward 36. Even with the things that are around you, as you defeat the darkness on this planet, you’ll be at 36. Now, that means you’re winning. It also means the drone of noise that hides the voice of God is going to start diminishing, and things will start to clear up regarding understanding the messages. Intuition won’t sail by so fast as it has in the past, where you are not certain what you heard. Intuition will stick around longer and will speak to you in a clearer voice. You may even be able to stop it and examine it!

The problem with intuition at the present is that it’s covered by the drone-noise. This is a metaphor, dear ones. I hope you understand. Covered by the drone means that your intuitive thoughts are elusive and soft because this underlying energy keeps it from being seen and heard clearly. The logic inside your brain keeps stuffing it down all of the time, saying, “It’s not accurate. It’s just your wishful thinking or your imagination.” This is all part of that which is the lower percentage number of your DNA. As the percentage starts to creep toward 36, everything changes. The logic of your brain changes, because it’s in the DNA. There is an awakening, a more efficient DNA, and you start to think differently. All the things regarding Human nature that you’ve been told about in psychology studies start to morph into something else entirely. Wisdom becomes intuitive, not something that you wish you had. Society starts to change in general. Solutions to the unsolvable begin to appear. New, wiser thought starts to be heard on the media as humanity starts to grow up and graduate from the playground of rock throwing and name calling. Programs to help each other really start to work. Funding is far more available for projects that make a difference for the poor.

You’re at 35. There’s an equality here, you’re starting to see the dark and light, and it’s changing everything. You take a look at history and you’ve come a long way, but it took a long time to get here. Dear ones, we’ve seen this process before and the snowball is rolling. There isn’t anything in the way that’s going to stop it. In the path of this snowball of higher consciousness are all kinds of things that will be run over and perish. Part of this is what you call “the establishment”. Watch for some very big established things to fall over! The snowball will simply knock them down.

Don’t be alarmed and don’t think it’s the end of the planet when certain kinds of things happen that create fear, for this is just about being at 35, going to 36. Remember, the darkness is starting to react and be afraid of the light. The results are a battle where darkness will try its best to beat up your light and make you afraid. However, you’re in the right place at the right time and will prevail. I’ve said enough.

When you walk out of here, I hope you understand this message. Listen to it again if you have to. It’s about that which is the light and dark quotient of the planet and where you are. It’s about the fact that you’re winning, and that’s why I came. It’s hard to talk to those who are winning when they’ve never won before and they have a consciousness of loss. That’s what you’re working on the most. Stand tall when you leave this place and know who you are. This message of Kryon never changes, for it represent the truth.

And so it is.


Amber Wolf Guided Meditation on downloading the Akash

My results from the Guided Meditation

I very clearly saw jewelled sandalled feet under something between a biblical styled dress and a sort of female roman toga. Delicate folds in the skirt, flattering shape, elbow length sleeves. Topped with a mother Mary type head scarf.

I found the Akash library. In my perspective (meaning my vision is not necessarily what others will see) the crystals of the Akash were not in rows or squared off order, more like an arrangement of a beautifully designed multi-level garden.

My crystal was yellow. The first thing I thought was “Oh! That’s why I like yellow so much. Makes sense.”

I physically felt a huge amount downloaded through the suggestion of such but couldn’t tell you any specific details of what that was … I guess they’ll make themselves known at the right moment. This has happened a couple of times now so it doesn’t freak me out too much. I just let it flow.

Kryon details of the Lemurian Sisterhood

This is a whole playlist of Kryon messages to different audiences. Are we attracted to the idea for fantasy and fun? Who knows? I think, as with anything you imagine yourself to be, you can draw on ideas that are in the collective and then use them in a contemporary setting.

It’s got me wondering how this idea will affect what I do and how I think in the future. I can’t prove any of it is true presently but it feels very familiar so, let’s see how it plays out.

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Barbara Marciniak: World Shift Predictions 2016

spirit channeler Barbara MarciniakThis is a summary from a channelling Barbara Marciniak performed in January 2016 covering world financial crash, USA elections with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Iran, life after death and many of the rumours we all question. I know it’s not the big 4 hour one I was going to do but its a good start. I have put my comments in brackets and italics, audience questions in italics and links where appropriate.

I’m not an avid follower of Barbara but she does have a large audience who love her work. Barbara’s channelled messages mostly match with the content of other channellers though there are often little bits and pieces which do not feel comfortable to me – not because they are yucky or scary, but because I cannot feel the truth in them, can’t relate to them. I record all the details from the video for you below anyway as I may feel differently about those bits tomorrow.

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There will be more summaries from Barbara’s work to come and there are links to other posts I’ve done on Barbara’s material at the bottom.


Channelling session from the Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak

Looking into 2016

Recorded in North Carolina, 7 January 2016

Here is the video and my notes with the time code are below so you can scrub forward in the video to find the bit you want to hear. You might want to open the video in a separate window so you can follow the summary and scrub at the same time.


What do you want to add to the adventure of your life in this year?

What do you want to manifest?


Moon is in Sagittarius = expansion of ideas, the big picture. Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days, so you get different feelings and understandings every few days. Moon is a base for ET’s and contains much technology and machinery but you are deeply affected by the moon itself emotionally.

How do you process your emotions? Look to which sign the moon is in to give you some guidance.


Pluto in sign of Capricorn to undergo deep transformation without literally dying.

Personally you can use it to “die” from the old way you’ve been doing things/thinking about things and use it to “rebirth” introducing a new beneficial way to do it.

Globally since 2010, the breakdowns of governments and institutional processes you thought would never die are going. Major changes to do with re-estimating what governments can do along with worldwide revolution leading to various forces who would not normally be on the same team uniting in defiance against the Plutonian Capricorn Big Brother “I know it all, this is the way it’s going to be” mentality.

Rebellious year ahead.


Jupiter in sign of Virgo in retrograde in alignment with north node until May 19 = take the piety inward. Best for all people to move into. Lots of people want to retreat to illusion and escapism. Move inside, look at your own health. May experience deep spiritual realisations about your health or of others around you.
If you are trapped in a quandary or stuck in victimhood, your realisations have not yet occurred. Use your intentions to clearly ask for more revelations to be brought to you for clarity of the why and wherefore regarding health.


Deeply immersed throughout 2016 in Saturn Neptune squares = getting clear between karma and what you have to change. This is a time of tremendous confusion, psychic activation = 1) new abilities but also 2) mental instability. If you see outrageous and nonsense behaviour that wasn’t there before it may be the Saturn Neptune square influence.

Saturn = authority or anyone who dictates your beliefs to you will be giving it all they’ve got to keeping up the illusions. Everyone is going to be hard pressed to figure out what is truth and what is fantasy. This is no easy task because you are trusting.


You have global leaders who truly are perverted criminals, a cabal with very dark energies which have agendas such as forced medications, mandatory vaccinations. They will force things on people that will make many angry.

How do you think European women are feeling about being raped by men from “other cultures” recently introduced to Europe who are not used to the freedoms of the Western world? When they are displaced into another culture where no one is looking over their shoulder, they begin to experiment.

(Note here that the channel does not judge the behaviour but asks us to see it from the view of the displaced one. That does not condone the behaviour but it does explain it. Understanding is the key to resolving many of these cultural issues which is why threatening punishment will never resolve temptations.)

On a bigger scale you are experiencing a clash of cultures. This clash is being “agendized” to deliberately create more turmoil in the world. Still even those who are fighting each other right now may unite to fight the cabal once it is understood.

From 1987 through 2012 and onward are years designed to stir up the need to question everything. This is why so many billions are here.


Financial turmoil

Mainstream media says “Unemployment is low. We are in recovery.” Yet many financial analysts conclude that things are about to blow (date not confirmed though it could have been Sept 2015) there are a few windows of opportunity this year in June and September again in the Saturn Neptune squares. Wall St is in bigger trouble than you can imagine so Bain St is in even more trouble. When financial turmoil comes it will be 1000x worse than Lehmann’s crash 2008.

(Mercredan explained some years back and many groups are joining in saying it is sensible to have at least a month’s supply of food, water and power off the grid you need to heat, cool or cook without any piped in resources into the house. This may sound like a warning for weather disasters but then, if the collapse is so big – think Greece last year – and the banks close, then the shops close temporarily too.

No fear is needed while you organise this, just get it done and treat it like insurance. Ignore people who scoff at you. Live and let live.)

Pluto moved into Capricorn and began the great pruning. In the next 2-3 years, there will be a worldwide financial collapse. US dollar will be worth less and less. Be aware that this election year, same as the last election year 2008, is all about loss.


On the upside it (thank goodness there’s an upside) will be about people helping others out.

(Take a look at this article when Hawaii was out of electricity for a month.)

Psychic energy bumps up and makes you more creative/innovative. Every New moon/ Full moon, write down what you want to experience. Not HOW only WHAT.

Examples of areas to focus on:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Health (optimal)
  • Relationships
  • Type of people you attract
  • Where you live  etc.

Just because the “manure” is going to hit the fan including escalating potential towards war, be realistic. Understand, choose to be alive, observe the world today, help the understanding of why people are in a conundrum.

(Just like our example above, reacting with “shock” as all the magazines tell us to, anger, violence or revenge like the movies tell us to; those reactions will help no one. Violence begets violence, anger or fear begets lower health for you. Seek to understand and look for solutions to the CAUSE not the effect. This may be several layers back beyond what you expect.)


Iran and Saudi Arabia

Question: USA seems to be in cahoots with Iran. Israel seems to be very quiet on the issue. Are Israel seeking revenge by allowing conflicts between USA and the Suni Shiites?

You are describing a political boiling pot. USA is not a reliable friend. Their political system has been infiltrated by non-humans who seem to be under mind control disguised as humans. That means that the Constitution “land of the free, home of the brave” and all integrity went out the window since Eisenhower. The US is not a reliable friend to anyone in the world. Administrations are separated. Oval office is run by “hot dogs” and Pentagon run by old stabilising boulders and they are at odds with one another. US government is filled with blackmail, betrayal, crime and PERVERSION (that word capitalised). They make promises to one, then to another but no integrity backing it. No one is good on their word.

(The source of Barbara’s channellings often brings up the topics of sexual perversion and pedophilia more than any other channel I follow. )

  • Saudis have not stopped pumping oil and it is making everyone angry. They are running out of money.
  • Russia is in a bad position because they are switching away from oil.
  • Chinese economy is grinding to a halt – auto, steel, buildings.


The struggles in each country leads to aggression. Gap between economic collapse in 1929 and war in 1939 was 10 years. Gap between economic collapse and war nowadays is getting closer /faster.

Solution to economic problems in the past is to get the machinery of war moving things again.

Ancient prophesies point to Persia/Iran as the leading factor in creating the Armageddon war and they’ve just been given the go ahead on nuclear weapons.

(So now you can see starting a war with Iran makes a lot of money for the cabal and generally gets the economy moving again. These leaders do not care how many lives are lost in the process. This sounds horrifying yet, there are other channels who have pointed out that other ETs or higher forces have prevented successful launches of nuclear weapons many times already so keep your mind focussed on those who can help with your permission.)

You are finding evidence of nuclear wars on Earth as well as on Mars. The globalists have meetings but then betray each other. They don’t trust one another. They only make deals because they have to. You are dealing with a mass psychosis that could accelerate for a number of years. This is why 2013-2027 are called the Changeover years when things are completely re-organised and have to be tided up.


Climate Change

Question: Is the Sun heating up the source of Global warming? Is it contributing to the global turmoil?

Sun cycles are larger than your lifetimes – tropical ages, ice ages – and automobiles didn’t contribute to these. Eg – There is currently a methane natural gas leak near Los Angeles giving off as much pollution as 7 million automobiles each day. Different factors contribute to planetary changes. Sun changes do affect the solar system and will continue for a few more hundred years.

(Here again I would point out, as I have in other places on the blog that yes, cosmic influences make climate change but we still need to continue cleaning up the mess we’ve made in our environment.)


The Elite

Question: Does the Planetary Elite have a Central control like head of state or is it like a head of snakes?

When planetary elite look to the top it is not one person. It is a committee that secretly works inter dimensionally with “other forces” which are, in general, branches of the Annunaki family. The Anus are under the greatest Systemic threat of losing their colonies through mutiny.

Question: How do we get humans back into balance?

2016 is about the word “imbalance”. Jupiter stays in Virgo till Autumn. Late Summer, early Autumn Jupiter = makes everything bigger, moves into Libra = balance/scales. The world is completely off balance so, by Autumn before elections it will become readily apparent to the whole world how very off balance the USA is. Libra is the sign of “open enemies”. There will be groups unifying against the system but where is the head of the system? That is the problem. People will become suspicious of their corrupted leaders as if the leaders caused the problems.


There is much talk about building sports stadiums costing 1-2 billion dollars. More technology and luxury while you watch sports people banging their heads together, hurting each other. This is your priority? This is during a time when use of Glyphosate – Round Up pesticide sprayed on our wheat and corn (modified Agent orange from Vietnam) is producing DNA markers which speculators say, within less than 10 years, could cause 1 out of 2 children to have autism and mass Alzheimers Disease.

Vaccinations are also a contributor to this. And you’re talking about sports stadiums? A big distractor! The big issue is that people are willing to invest their attention in distractions rather than deal with very painful truths.


January 2016 Mars (go after things) is in the sign of Scorpio = strength to look at difficult things.

Mars is making a Tri with Neptune = potential for many around the world to look at hard truths about every aspect of sex, finance and death. It will be liberating. Sports stadiums are not the answer.


Question: For those of us working for change and looking for truth, how are we doing? Are there enough of us? Are we working hard enough? What more can we do to improve? How did we do in 2012?

It’s not hard work that wins this. You are applying the same misconception that is used for the war on cancer/terrorism/drugs. Wars don’t win anything. It is full of mind control. Look in your own life. Is your life functioning? Are things working out for you? Do you feel safe? Do you have a flow of income? Are you responsible for your actions and thoughts? Are you grounded and present in the moment? Is your larger picture of reality expanding? It is about individuals.

More are awakening and that is the destiny of all human kind. All the things you have learned are stabilising you and paying off. Each of you broadcasts out your own success. If you want to know how the planet is doing, look at your own life.

(This matches Mercredan’s “Start with self” principal. There is no need to be glum that you cannot change the world but the butterfly affect of sorting out your own life has unlimited potential in helping others as the affect ripples out. Don’t underestimate the power of one.)

It’s a nasty job to have to wake up, see you are kidding yourself and have been living in illusion.

(We are the bold ones for taking on that job on behalf of the collective consciousness. Be bold! Find each new truth and react using the intention of a better world using your creativity.)

Propaganda will reach new heights of absurdity this year. Someone who is a psychopath will have no emotion, remorse or conscience that would leave them feeling discombobulated because they told lies. Psychopaths are the ones who are running the world. Don’t try to find them, just raise your own vibration.


Improving your own life is contributing peace to the world. Things won’t settle down just yet. You may be in turmoil for another 10 years – around 2028. There are so many things on the list for things to wake up to.

How do you lower stress levels?

Don’t make yourself nutty.

Stress reduction several times a day.

Rest your eyes on something serene – vase of flowers, look out the window, birds, sunrise, sunset, snow, rain. Have a Soft focus. Rest your head in your hands and daydream. This rests the brain. allow things to slow down. This is so important!! Turn away from the media news. Smell some Lavender, Lemon, Vanilla. Go for a walk. Get rid of the electronics for a while. Be with yourself in nature. Stress levels are going to rise otherwise.


You, who are conscious of the awakening, think you have to go out and save the world, like it’s an obligation or duty. Yet you already affect the world. Just live the best life you can and be an outstanding example. You will get more and more good days compared to bad. There is a way of working things out. Loss is often opportunity on the other side.

Aries, Libras, Capricorns and Cancers are going through the biggest changes this year.


Question: The great forgetting in the time of Atlantis: can you explain that more?

After Atlantis Humanity went through “disociation” due to great trauma. When there is a big trauma, there is a forgetting to help consciousness move forward. Amnesia can be quite beneficial if a group of individuals go through massive trauma. It is tucked away, stored as a memory time capsule in the ethers, in DNA capacity of all life forms in our library.


Future Speculations

In 10 years: Criminal cabal have RT-intel to just do whatever is necessary to get an agenda done. There will be a population decrease eventually and it is less likely by a single event. Everyone being born right now is exposed to radiation, toxicity, Wifi that are damaging the human bio-sphere. The hidden rumours will come out from behind the curtain and will be exposed

e.g. – 5 metre (17 foot) human skeleton recently found at Ayers Rock Uluru. So much information is there that the internet will “let the cat out of the bag” and true history of the earth with ETs who seeded you and the race of giants to manage humans etc. will flower into all manner of controversy. Controversy will be cleared up once some of these giants will be exposed in the living flesh.


Financial flow

There will be recognition about cosmic connections. We see extreme stress on the population and its becoming harder for more people to work on that root chakra and survive. Give thanks if you know how to manage your energies in this area. When you are argumentative and don’t share appreciation from where the source of energy comes from then you are cutting yourself off.


Question: Spinning 33 times, can you explain further?

Spinning can balance the two hemispheres of the brain. Spin left to right 1-3 dozen times balances the chakras. Whirling dervishes and spinning in other cultures show that twirling and spinning and create a vortex of energy. Children love to play on the rides that go around or to be picked up by an adult and twirled around. It leaves them exhilarated and boosts the function system and puts things in alignment.


Life after Death

Question: What became of those who were killed in Japan? (Atomic bombs WWII)

Nuclear explosion deaths are common in the cosmos because it is Annunaki who brought nuclear energy to the colonies just like water. The souls did not know what occurred to them. When souls go out that way, there are special guardians and advisors that help them through the trauma. It is a quick death but takes a long time to process. Any quick deaths where people go together can make the soul shy and skittish because it appears there was no control.

Understand that when you do pass over there’s always assistance of some sort depending on the beliefs you take with you.

eg – say you are of Islam and you are a bit fanatical and decide to be a suicide bomber. You strap on your bomb and blow it up in the name of religion meaning you will go to glory. That predominant belief will be carried over with you and the guides that support that belief may be the ones that the soul will find most comfort from. You won’t be open to a death experience that says “you wasted your life and got it wrong”.

You might be shown a bigger picture and be met by larger forces (which opens the opportunity to learn) but, many people choose to ignore this just as many choose to go to sport stadiums. The advances you make in the body are what are propelled and opens the doors on the other side.

(So if you ever get to the point where you wonder if life is worth hanging around for, just hang in there another day. Focus on “wouldn’t it be nice if…” to lift you into a slightly higher vibe. You don’t have to be tap dancing by the end of it. Just a bit higher and a bit higher. Like she says, things have a way of working out. )


Question: Has anyone in this room been to your planet?

We don’t have a planet.

(This is an unusually blunt, unloving answer. A difference of opinion too. Lee Carroll’s Kryon says the Pleiadians had 3 planets and corporeal bodies living on them. See here at around 7:50 time https://youtu.be/kvJd41gN788)

Question: Will the battle with law enforcement come to an end soon?

No because it is part of the “divide and conquer” issue people must learn to work through. The only way is for people to become more of themselves. That usually involves being more psychic and self referring via intuition which your education systems do not train in you. When you are willing to see corruption and to demand goodness, that is when these things will end.

News Propaganda

There’s so much propaganda that is not true and so much psychological warfare today in mainstream media, if you went to another part of the world, the news about the USA is more informative and expansive compared with what you get here (in the USA). It’s like living in 1984. There is so much propaganda that you still have fears about Russia and communism yet you are living under worse in the USA. They debate issues that are ridiculous because they cannot see what is true and what is not.

Pluto is going to be in Capricorn until about 2024-25 so there will be systemic breakdowns and clashes until then.


Question about Astrology: we look at planets from our own position and they mean certain things. From other planets in our solar system, what does Earth represent to them?

Earth is the living library, a source of love, heart, conflict and life.


Hillary Clinton

Question: She seems to have more lives than a cat and is doing good. Is that for real?

After her husband finished her terms around 2000, she moved to New York state to run for the Senate and set it up. Someone ran an article on her including about 30 photos speculating in 2000 the many faces of Hilary – how could she look so different in so many different places during the campaign. After she got into the Senate she settled into a sloppy hairstyle which she is well known for. Those working at the higher blackmail level were warded with doubles, with RT Intel, with cloned versions.

She said recently “I am not a witch. I don’t have horns. I’m actually Human.” Why would one make those exclamations about themselves?

She is a highly suspicious character with many problems. Skeletons in the closet that would go around the Earth’s circumference. This is a person who has very very mixed intentions and it would not serve the World well at all for her to be given an official position of prominence. You all best wake up very quickly in regards to what’s going on in your country.


Question: Would Trump be any better?

In a larger picture you have no choices, you understand that. Things aren’t what they appear to be.  There are hidden agendas, hidden agreements. As you look into the future the USA is not in a good position. Let’s just say Donald Trump would do what he says what he’s going to do and is what he says he is, let’s just pretend that. Say he gets elected “I will make America great again. I will do this and this and this.”

Donald Trump is a delegator. You do you do and you do. Don’t bother me until it is done. Not the way to run the United States. A company perhaps but not a country. Is Donald Trump going to be better?

Here’s the advantage with Trump. He is a Gemini and Hilary is a Scorpio. Remember that.

We “believe” she is a Scorpio so there’s a lot of secrecy and underhandedness in Scorpio signs. There’s also a lot of resilience, strength and high integrity with Scorpios. You decide which one Hilary is playing. We also believe she has a Pisces moon = artistic, compassionate, also the sign of self undoing. When Pisces is predominant in a person’s chart the person ends up screwing themselves. They mess it up for themselves. That is the nature of it. It is part of the game.


If you go for Hilary, and there’s no guarantee she’s going to get the nomination because between then and now, oh wow, a lot of stuff could happen. They (her staff?) are already dancing like a marionette in the background in case she gets indicted for high crimes and misdemeanours. What do you think the Clinton Foundation is collecting money for? To help everyone feel healthy or get big blackmail? You decide.

For Trump, we do not see him pulling it off. We see that someone’s going to eliminate him if he keeps going the way he is going.

“Vaccinations – we’ll have to look at that.”

“911 – we’ll have to look at that.”

and then the golden ring…

“How can you look at Hilary as a president? Her husband hangs out with pedophiles. Her husband has done things just as Bill Cosby has done.”

Vaccinations, 911, Bill Clinton being a pedophile? What do you think folks? Very dangerous ground.


What does this mean in summation? It means things are going to heat up big time this year. Your challenges grow greater on a soul level which is why you’ve come to the planet to get really clear and we will say that out of thousands of lifetimes, you will have the chance to make massive advances in this one because of the conundrums and the challenges that you face.

Nothing at this point is predictable. Everything is going to be sudden changes and a lot of confusion this year. Watch for it.

Back to our opening statements: Set your goals, use the power of your mind. The power is growing greater. Remove yourself from too much electronic addiction. If’s fine to look now and again but there is so much psychological warfare that if you think you are going to surf the internet to figure things out, you won’t.

If you have to read things print them out, turn off all the electronics, light a fire or a candle. Invite some friends around, have a conversation, cook some food. Have some real experiences and slow down. When you go slower you start to figure things out. Remember the tortoise and the hare. It’s a good motto for this year.

We bid you the very best and you can achieve it in 2016. Remember wise choices are the theme this year. Pleasant journeys and good evening.

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