14 Jan 2013

Be-Do-Have Law of Attraction Exercise

14 Jan 2013

Law of Attraction exercise how to get what you wantLaw of Attraction can be such a broad reaching, vague subject sometimes. There is so much material out there with every man and his dog giving you the theory of it all but, you can read forever and still not completely get the hang of it.

That’s not to say you’re not using it, for it’s there, working every instant of the day like the Law of Gravity. It’s really up to you whether you choose to be RULED by the Law of Attraction or whether you learn how it works and get it working FOR you.

Building your own collection of exercises and tools you can call upon when you need is a great idea. You might note one down and it’ll sit on the back burner for months, even years. Then it suddenly makes sense and feels right to give it a go.

Here’s a nice one I was reminded of from the ground breaking book “The Complete Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch around 1995 (link below).

The Be-Do-Have Exercise

When most people think about achieving, gaining something or making something happen in their lives, they figure it works this way.

Once you HAVE what you want you start to DO things differently.
Once you’re DOING things differently you’ll BE different. Happier, kinder, more loving, more encouraging, more satisfied etc.

So in a nutshell, “Once I HAVE this thing, event, baby, money, person, success; my life will BE happier.”

Then they spend way too long yearning to have that thing and it’s damn hard work getting it into their possession.

Law of Attraction explains it differently though. It is, in fact, completely the other way around.

Sounds weird I know, but stay with me.

Start off by BEING and you’ll very quickly end up HAVING.

How do you figure what Being looks like? Try this very simple exercise. I’ll run an example here so you get how it works.

Step One

Grab a pad and a pen. Handwriting always affects you differently to typing.

Look at what you want – say it’s a baby.

Ask yourself “When I HAVE a baby, what would I DO?”

I would change nappies, fuss over it, read lots on how best to raise it, make a beautiful area in the house for it (like a nursery), look after myself in terms of sleep, exercise and healthy food so I have lower stress and am strong enough to handle feeding it at odd hours of the night. I would mingle with other new parents, dress it in cute clothes, research what food to first feed it when it’s ready to be weened, learn about immunisations and bottle feeding; research day care and elementary schools in the area plus how long their waiting lists are, get equipment I can fit into my budget in terms of car seat, pram etc…

Make this list as long as you want and do it as many times as you like. Often just doing this part of the exercise can raise your excitement which is a VERY good thing. This is raising your vibration to match having that baby.

Step Two

Ask yourself “When I HAVE the baby and I DO all these things, what will I BE?”

I’d be delightfully happy. Sometimes I’d be exhausted but still deeply satisfied that I am raising and loving a new little soul. I’d be responsible, caring for myself, nurturing, excited, fascinated by this new little person, keen to learn more as I go. I’d be open minded as each child needs something different from the next. I’d be intuitive taking all advice with a grain of salt and deciding for myself what is most appropriate. So then I would be wiser. I’d be loving and very grateful for my partner, friends and family who are there to support me etc etc.

You get the idea?

The deeper you go into the psyche the more real the experience becomes.

NB – One thing to note at this point is to check in with yourself and see if it genuinely feels real. Real cannot feel faked and if it doesn’t feel real, you’re not in touch with this goal. Then, the goal may need to be re-assessed as to why you want it. What’s the purpose behind it? If it’s to make you something you cannot imagine yourself to be then you’re chasing rainbows and need to start with something smaller and more easy to imagine.

NB #2 – Second thing to watch is to make sure you’re not constantly telling yourself “I’m doing all this so I can have a baby”. The more you point out to yourself all the things you have to DO in order to HAVE what you’re after, the more you confirm in your mind that it takes a lot of work to HAVE it. What happens then? Law of Attraction makes sure you have to work damn hard and if you push this belief too often, it will make sure you keep yourself apart from it indefinitely.

Step Three

Now you’ve delved deep into what it is you’ll DO and BE when you HAVE it, simply take that list of what you’ll BE and start experiencing that in as many ways as you can.

In the baby example:

  • I’ll start looking after myself better so I can BE healthy, low stressed and strong.
  • I’ll get my finances in order as a step towards BEING more responsible.
  • I’ll do things that I love to do so I can BE more happy and joyful through each day.

So as I spend more time BEING what it is to be a mother I find I am drawn to DOING more things on my list I would do if the baby was already here.

  • I might start planning the nursery, looking at baby clothes, planning what funds I need for a pram, a cot, a car seat; reading up on immunisations…

This doesn’t guarantee the sudden appearance of a pregnancy or available adoption (even though this has happened to clients I worked with) but increases your chances mega times over. Plus you’ll be living a better life being healthier and happier in the process. That can’t be bad, can it?

Buy it on Amazon

I would recommend the print version rather than Kindle here because this is the sort of book you’ll read many times and want to write notes in.

Other examples of BEING before HAVING

1) When negotiating on a house, practice writing out many times your name and the new address together. Make plans to move. Do your research on the amenities in the area, what the community is like. Spend as much time there as you can so you can BE part of the neighbourhood.

2) When you’re looking for a new partner, make room for them in your home. Imagine what they’ll need, how they’ll like to spend their time. Look at everything you want that person to BE and then BE those same behaviours yourself to other people.

3) When you’re wanting improved health, spend plenty of time BEING what it would feel like to be perfectly healthy. Be grateful for your amazing body and the parts that work well, appreciate everything lively around you from insects and birds to trees and grass. Spend time laughing and dreaming what it would be like to do what you want with a healthy body.

Your turn now.

What have you done in the past to BE before you HAVE?

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